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Sales Manager

San Diego, California, United States
March 13, 2019

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James P Roe


Coronado, California

I am a global, strategic, innovative and well connected sales manager with state of the art knowledge of the U.S and International Military, Federal, SLED, Law Enforcement. Local Government and Enterprise high-tech security software, Robotics. Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, Surveillance,Ai-SaaS,SaaS, Cloud based platforms,Storage and hardware solutions along with manufacturing in the following environments: Unified communication, Microsoft Collaboration,Video walls, Cyber Security, Command and Control Rooms, Cyber Command Centers, Network Operations Centers, Emergency Operation Centers, Port Security And local Law Enforcement, I have a history of partnering and selling for over 10 years to the DOD, DHS, SPAWAR FMS, NATO C5ISR and Enterprise totaling upwards of

$75M in revenue.

My knowledge of Direct, VAR and Reseller Channels in the U.S. Canada, EMEA &, LATAM have enabled me to facilitate lasting teaming partnerships. Year over year I continue to exceed quarterly/annual sales goals on an average of 130% and winning multiple sales awards in the process, average is 10 to 15 $ US million in annual sales I also work directly with various counties. Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Italy, France and the Middle east. Up to date US Passport and visas. 100 % Road Warrior.

Director North America Global Sales

Company Name BrainChip Ai, Artificial Intelligence Location US,AU, Europe. Aug 2018 -

Forensic Object Search and Facial Classification www.brainchip.Ai for Law Enforcement, Intelligence agencies and DOD

I can track a Tattoo, Handbag or a mustard stain in minutes on any combined live CCTV video or archived video.

BrainChip Holdings Ltd. (ASX:BRN) is a leading provider of software and hardware accelerated solutions for Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. The Company's revolutionary new Spiking Neural Networking Processor (SNAP) learns autonomously with a small sample set and provides real-time information for data analytics in image and video processing applications. The Company provides software and hardware solutions that address the high-performance requirements in Civil Surveillance, Gaming, Facial Recognition and Visual Inspection systems. BrainChip Studio and BrainChip Accelerator are video analytics solutions that aids law enforcement and intelligence organizations to rapidly search vast amounts of video footage for identifying objects or faces Regional Sales Manager

Company Name Kustom Signals, Inc.

Dates Employed Oct 2015 – 2018

Serving Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Department of Defense and department of Home Land Security agencies in/out CONUS on GSA. Superior Product performance With Eyewitness wireless HD IN-Car touch screen Video, Eyewitness Data Vault. Cloud SaaS, Vantage Officer worn video with wire transfer, Data storage. Lidar,Radar and LPR

Visit all law enforcement agencies to assist needs in various departments. I work with and on all levels of the departments. Traffic, Command & Control, IT, Contracts/ Department of Justice grant funding and GSA maintaining a long working relationship from the Patrol officer to the highest levels of the Command.

Manager, Federal US Western Region, Latin America and South Africa Company Name SMART Technologies

Dates Employed Apr 2008 – Oct 2015

Employment Duration 7 yrs. 7 mos

Location Coronado, California

SMART is the only DoD GSA certified 3 D Interactive multi touch Microsoft Lync SMART board for DoD/DHS "Command to Command" Collaboration, Communication and Interaction .DVIT Digital Video Touch Technology. Collaboration at its best! SMART boards network to SMART boards all over the world !

Global Sales Manager for the U.S. Western Division, channel sales management in 22 US Western states, along with Hawaii,Guam,S.Korea Japan, Latin America, and S Africa with NATO, FMS, DOD All 5 Military branches,( Land, Sea and Air). ATF, USBP, DHS, ICE, US Customs, DIA, DOJ, DEA, CIA,FBI, Secret Service. SPAWAR,SEALs, AFRICOM, DISA,NPS,DLIFLC,,DAU, DoDea, NASA.,V.A

(TeleMed),DOE. FAA, IRS, U.S Embassies & Consulates, All U.S. .Law Enforcement Agencies. EOC/FD/PD, P.O.S.T, SWAT, FLETC and all DOD/DHS Contractors .Raytheon,General Dynamics, Boeing, VT MilCom,ESRI, Blue Tech, New Tech Solutions, Prosis, HP. WestCon Group.

ON GSA and certified on ALL US military bases, . C5ISR Collaboration, Command & Control -On site Training..DoD/ for Command and Control Rooms, Cyber Command Centers, Network Ops, Emergency Ops.Port Security. SMART Microsoft Lync specialist

Contracts Officer.

I also work directly with Countries in Government, Military, Navy, Army, Police & Emergency response teams. Current ongoing projects. Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, South Africa, Italy, Spain, France . World Cup Security, Olympics, various CIC,EOC, Command Centers, Port Security, Police, POST training programs, Well connected, tenure government Contacts & Contracts in NATO, EMEA,CALA.

Skills & Expertise

• International Sales and business development.

• Digital Video Touch Technology, DVIT/VOIP/Video walls.

• AiSaaS,VSaaS

• Command & Control/ Enterprise interactive Collaboration

• SMART certified trainer

• P.O.S.T. Academy law enforcement instructor

• IPTM Law enforcement instructor

• OEM,SI manufacturing Rep.

• Data hosting /Storage/intelligence/Cloud/Ai

• International SME & Speaker— Microsoft Lync Collaboration Solutions, Emergency/Disaster response

• Program & project management

• Channel sales manager for U.S. Canada, EMEA &, LATAM

• DoD/DHS GSA contracts officer

• Up to date US Passport 100 % Road Warrior.

• Security Clearance (Inactive)

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