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Power Plant Engineer

Waterford, WI
March 13, 2019

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Email: Phone: 414-***-**** Location: Waterford, WI



Experienced analytics professional proficient in a variety statistical analysis software. Ability to easily learn and apply any analytic software including a variety of business process management. Led several projects to create and maintain complex databases to extract statistically valid data used in the development of key management initiatives.


We Energies

Senior Energy Project Analyst June 2006 - November 2018

-Led interdepartmental effort to ensure that settlements are properly accrued into financial statements. Using BPM (Visio), developed various workflow processes to design and fine tune the final products. Consistent, timely and accurate data for forecasting and financial reporting is a leadership priority.

-Developed and fine-tuned statistical models(BPM software PI) to automatically review and find outliers in the hourly data to identify potential issues.

-Identified key metrics and developed tracking systems that provided an “early warning” if key metrics were outside specific parameters.

-Responsible for hourly settlements in the energy market with neighboring utilities with great regularity. Insured that database and reporting were updated within one business day.

-Scoped and Implemented new vendor software for settlements accounting that resulted in significant production efficiencies by using BPM practices to analyze and automate the workflow. Effort led to 20% cost decrease. Developed training manuals for this project. Finished on a 2 year timeline.

-Timely and accurate completion of month end reconciliation with neighboring utilities and market.

-Negotiate and resolve differences with neighboring utilities concerning energy transmission, implement design changes internally and externally for product improvement, and work with IT, Finance, Legal and Power Generation to insure consistent energy reporting throughout We Energy.

-Ensure compliance with a variety of local, state and federal agencies.

Senior Environmental Engineer July 1998- June 2006

-Charged with negotiating major air pollution permits for the construction of new generation facilities and modification of existing sources with federal, state and local agencies including development of application, negotiation of permit content and participation in public hearings.

-Created and analyzed database to determine actual emissions over previous 5 years to determine hourly emission rate for new permits using a variety of statistical tools including Excel and SQL.

-Developed database to determine quarterly emissions for reporting pollution to Federal and State Programs.

-Negotiated and managed outside contracts including the SAP accounting process for the monitoring of pollutants in compliance with the local city agreement for power plant construction project. Project came in $400,000 under budget.

-Member of Environmental Department’s Audit Team as Air Contact to Compliance Section.

-Responsible for the development of auditing protocol and conducting formal review for the operation permits. Prepare the final audit report identifying issues, recommending appropriate action and follow up. All facilities were found to be continually in compliance.

-Accountable for all air compliance issues for 40% of We Energies generation). Annual governmental inspections found WE units, to be compliant with air permits.

-Implemented compliance and regulatory monitoring systems for gas and coal fired power plants and developed and delivered end user

-Developed strategy for permitting the beneficial reuse of coal ash to avoid the cost and long-term liability of land filling the coal ash.

-Responsible for over 400 submittals annually. All submittals on time and complete.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Environmental Engineer, Permits July 1993 - July 1998

-Analyze various plant’s emissions and determine appropriate emission limits consistent with State and Federal regulations. Create enforceable continuous compliance demonstration plan for each facility.

-Member of the team that developed and implemented the automated, online Federal and State operations permit application program. Project created and submitted permit applications to the department electronically. Generated and presented curriculum for statewide permits implementation to affected industry.

Responsible for issuance of operation and construction permits including Major pollution VOC sources and power plants. Wrote operating permits for over 50 facilities.

-Member of statewide operation permit team as representative for Southeast Region.


-Conflict Resolution



-Process Improvement

-Project Management

-GAAP Accounting


-Regulatory Knowledge

-Financial Instruments







-Energy Industry

-Environmental Industry

-Public Policy

-Microsoft Excel


-Database Management




-BPM (Visio and PI)



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Master’s in Business Administration

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Bachelor of Science in Economics

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