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Project Manager Construction

Cumberland, RI
March 13, 2019

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James Lawson

Cumberland, RI US


Cell: +1-401-***-****


Challenging position that required additional skills to meet mean and method to achieve the ultimate goals of completion of a project that meets or beats the allowed time frames to afford time saving which ultimately leads to cost saving and beat construction time frame Estimating-Project Management Manpower sequencing in an order fashion to achieve the ultimate goal of meeting or beating the proposed schedule

Skilled in On Line Estimating System, Priority Estimating Systems, Conceptual Estimating and like with the ability to fast track the estimating time frame for projects with results that excess industry averages

Project Management background in fast tracking projects by sequencing working in a pattern to exceed schedule

Hand on managed commercial project from Florida to Massachusetts ranging from $100,000 to over $5 Million


Dean Associates

Cumberland, RI

Project Manager-2018-2019

Presently representing the Developer Directly on contract basis with Federal Express

Managing PM overseeing all function of construction including selection of subcontractor’s, purchasing material, on site filed management and interaction with corporate office for FX construction

Addition and Alteration to existing Federal Express Distribution Center

$5,000,000 Addition including site work, concrete, metal building, mechanical, framing, drywall, electrical, HVAC and Plumbing etc

BT Drywall, Norwood, Ma -Commercial Estimator and PM

Start up Division of Basement Technology

May 2018 through December 2018

Commercial Drywall, Framing, Acoustical and Painting

Startup division of large-scale waterproofing and residential and new development of Commercial Metal Stud, Drywall, Painting and Associated

Generated 2.0 Million Dollar for a new division of Basement Technology with work scope of Commercial Drywall, Light Gauge, Acoustical and Painting in 8 months from a work base of zero

Work area: New England, Mid Atlantic and other area

Generated up to 100 new Commercial projects proposal each month

Work with all major GC’s including Whiting Turner, EMJ, Graycor and many other companies from New England, Mid Atlantic and other area

Establish working system of over 100 commercial bid opportunities

Presently work on over 100 bids a month

Major work included Federal Express in Cumberland RI (GC work and section5400- 920*-****-****

Hotels-New England, Mid Atlantic and South East from $2-5 Million

Municipal Projects throughout the Northeast

State and Federal Projects

Retail-Big Box and skills working with major GC’s


Presently know to over 700 different GC within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Area

Project Management Skills and work history

Independent Estimating and Project Manager for third Party Companies

March 2014 thru May 2018

Performed independent backroom estimating services for several commercial companies located In New England and the Mid Atlantic in addition to some independent Project Management as required

Established computer based estimating program related to commercial buildings and the components of same

Build and maintenance in Microsoft cloud-based data base of over 2000 clients with contact information and mean and methods to streamline estimating system for clients that perform a commercial base approach within building for Metal Studs, Drywall, Acoustical and Painting

Maintained a data base of over 1500 companies with 3200 contact information

That was the basic for generating over 100 plus estimates a month.

Established and generated over 100 bid requests per day from companies known with the anticipation of providing them a cost estimate for the General Contractor needs in seeking a project that both parties would work on in sequence to establish a new customer

Maintained support system for several commercial painters and drywall/framing companies as their main source for revenue and work with the commercial marketplace in New England and the Mid Atlantic. Working as a backroom support system for seeking new projects and developing cost proposals on there behalf

Maintained a data base of approximately 4000 General Contractor generating on average over 100 opportunities each day

Ass’t client with there work scope with onsite overseeing work performed including setting up schedule of work, fast tracking work scope, Ass’t client securing third party labor to manage and executed work scope on Government and Private work scope,

Estimating and Project Management

LGS Group, LLC

December 1998 — January 2011

Commercial Light Gauge-Wood Framing, Commercial Light Gauge Framing, Drywall, Acoustical, Painting and Related Work Scopes

Estimating and Project Management

Load Bearing Light Gauge, Wood Framing, Fast Track Construction

Working in various states from Massachusetts to Florida

Project Management, Estimating and Manpower allocation for fast track to specific construction schedules

Commercial Painting Systems

Operation management for project over a large area

Coordinate field Project Manager, Supers and like individuals including third party labor

Work area included all of East Coast from Massachusetts to Florida

Project Manager


July, 2012 — August, 2014 (2 years 1 month)

Start up working for a Developer Scott Rousse Started as estimator and assumed Project Manager also working out of Rousse facility in Providence, RI from opening in Generated and Managed over $9 million in revenue as Estimator and Project Manager in 2.3 years acting as the Project Manager, Estimator and General Manager

Estimated, managed developed over $4 Million per years between New England and Mid-Atlantic

Hired in house and third-party subcontractor to actively produce a 5% net project. Project included a $1 Million new LA Fitness to $3 Million load bearing structure in Washington, DC for Hoffman Developers for Residential Use in an existing warehouse that was altered to include an addition 3 floor of living space over the existing building.

Commercial Light Gauge-Wood Framing, Commercial Light Gauge Framing, Wood Framing, Drywall, Acoustical, Painting and Related Work Scopes Skilled in Mechanical and General Contracting Means and Methods Both Private and Public with extensive experience with US Government Facilities and Seasoned in Fast Track construction

Project such as Holiday Inn, Perry Florida, Dorms at James Madison, VA, Staybridge Hotel, Stafford, VA, Residences at Washington, DC, Menilite College Dorms, Harrisburg, VA, Comfort Inn, Gettysburg, Pa, Hampton Inn, New Jersey

Drywall and Painting Estimator generated over 100 opportunities per day

Project Manager -Purchasing and Subcontracting

Project Manager-Estimator

General Contractor & Estimator

Project Manager and On-Site Manager

Daigle and Company

January 1990 — January 2001 (11 years)

Daigle & Companies - Sandwich, MA General Contracting, Estimating and Project Management National General Contractor mainly servicing United States Government with specialties with the Navy, Army, GSA, Post Office and related Agencies

Provided Estimating and Project Management for Federal Facilities from Boston, Ma to Ft Lauderdale, Florida on Navy Facilities, Postal Service, GSA, Army Reserves, Air Force Installation and related work assessments

Work included but not limited to NSA Jackson 2.1 Million, Ft Lauderdale Postal Services Center, GSA Facilities in Richmond, VA $800,000, GSA Facilities at 10 Post Office Sq, Boston, Coast Guard Facilities at Boston, Navy Facilities in Panama City, Florida $3,1 Million as estimator and Project Manager and Related work scope on numerous Government Facilities

Additional work performed on Bank of Boston Regional Facilities in Worcester, Ma among numerous private and public project such as Taco Bells in various states in the North Eastern Mechanical Maintenance of several facilities for the GSA including the McCormick Bldg, Coast Guard Building, and Federal Buildings in Charlottesville, VA, Richmond, VA, Buffalo, NY, Ft Lauderdale, Fl etc.

Partial List of Projects work on as a General Contractor - Estimator and Project Manager for Daigle and Company, Reconstruction of Naval Facility at Panama City, Florida Remodel of 1419 at NAS Jacksonville. Remodel of Main Office at Ft Lauderdale Postal Facility Construction of Bank of Boston Regional Office in Worcester, Ma Term Contracts for US Postal Services, Richmond, VA, Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, Term Contract for Postal Services in Charlottesville, New Construction of Bldg.

1214 at Indiana Head Maryland Partial list of project worked on as a Metal Studs-Drywall Subcontractor as an Estimator and Project Manager Load Bearing Hotels at Reston, VA and Perry Florida Load Bearing Condo for Hoffman & Associates, Rhode Island Ave Washington, DC Dormitories for James Madison University, Old Dominion University, Menilites College, Harrisburg, VA and others Hotels in Reading, Bethlehem, Pa, Milford, Ma, Perry Florida-Load Bearing Light Gauge Structures in Milford, Ma- Woburn, Ma- Orlando, Florida, Bethlehem, Ma CVS Pharmacies in Eldersburg, Md, Towson, Md, Albany NY, Reading, Pa United States Government at Indian Head, Md, Naval Yard, Washington, DC, Va Hospital in Tulsa Ok, Oklahoma City, OK- Panama City Florida and others Extensive knowledge and estimating and project management skills in both General Contracting and Load Bearing and Interior construction and hand on knowledge of mechanical and structural construction


Management Bryant University


Degree date: 1989


Skilled in Fast Track Construction Mythology with access to large amount of manpower over the past years

Ability to organize and manage fast track projects in various states from Massachusetts to Florida

Knowledge of local building codes, ability to organize a project from inception to completion on a fast track method to control cost and deliver a project in a time frame that exceed and beats the allowed time frame for completion.

Conceptual Estimating

Project Management skills in fast tracking projects from inception to completion

Adapt at On Line Estimating System including On Line, Preoperatory estimating, and others

Limited Project List

LA Fitness at Providence, RI

Staybridge Hotel (Light Gauge Load Bearing)- Reston, VA

Webster Library, Webster, Ma

Narragansett Regional High School

Holiday Inn Gettysburg, Pa

The Rockingham, Washington, DC

James Madison Dorms, Harrisburg, VA

Menilite Dorms, Harrisburg, VA

Middletown Elementary School, Middletown, Ma

Hampton Inn, Brunswick, NJ

Holiday Inn at Milford, Ma

LA Fitness, Gambrills, MD

Building 678 at Panama City, Fl

Moody AF Base, Jacksonville, Fl

GSA McCormick Building Boston

Coast Guard Building, Boston

Federal Building, Richmond, VA

My Salon Richmond VA

Burlington Mall-Burlington, Ma

And many more

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