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Software Marketing

Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
March 13, 2019

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*tellTM Solutions, LP, Toronto, ON, Leading provider of platform technology

solutions that optimize the financial, energy and environmental performance of the Built Environment.


Brought on board to work closely with the President and Board in understanding the operational and legal reporting requirements for in-field assessments in order to translate those requirements into a supporting state-of-the-art technical infrastructure.

• Increased Uptime: Spearheaded migration of the on-premise environment to Azure Cloud increasing uptime from 98% to five 9s.

• Enhanced Infrastructure: Refocused the company’s development infrastructure bringing the iPlan technology platform to an enterprise ready and capable system by moving to FedRAMP moderate “in process” designation.

• Business Transformation: Transitioned the company to Agile and Kanban methodologies transforming business logic to be customer focused versus a “build it and they will come” ideology.

• Forward Thinking: Reengineered software in 18 months bringing in new technology advances producing increased development output by reducing process time from six months down to two weeks. Providing Technology Value

Across the Organization


PhD in Computer Sciences, 1992, Monash

University, South Africa

MBA, 1998, University of Phoenix

Schools of Tactical Experience

Continuing Education Directive

Using Webinars/Seminars in related

Technological, Managerial and Marketing

fields to enhance product and methodology

awareness to changing trends,

markets and cultures.

Tom Hopkins Seminars

General Sales Training –

How to Master the Art of Selling Anything

General Audience Self-Development

Professional Affiliations

Board of Directors – Focus One Consulting

Board of Directors –

locatenowGPSTM Corporation

Board of Directors –

Wentworth Condominium Corporation 66

Innovative Technology Driven Executive who catalyzes organizational and technology transformation delivering solutions through visionary thinking and strong business acumen. Extensive experience working within small to medium-sized businesses, including multiple Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Adept at identifying business needs, incorporated change management, and driving sustainable technology solutions. Invaluable mindset of Co-Founder and Entrepreneur brings about an extraordinary understanding of the uniqueness of building new business from old processes. Proficient management experience partnered with the ability to inspire colleagues to think outside the box and past traditional methods with proven success in training and working with all teams across the organization. 416-***-**** • • Julio Da Silva... USING MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXPERTISE TO BUILD STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT VISION AND UNPARALLELED RESULTS

Optimizing Performance








Contract Reviews












Customer Satisfaction Methodology


Project Management




199*-****-**** 200*-****-**** 200*-****-**** 201*-****-**** Neatt Corporation

Chief Information Officer

4tellTM Solutions, LP

Vice President of Technology

WorldScout Corporation

Chief Technology Officer

Production Data Corporation

Chief Information Officer Vice President Operations locatenowGPSTM Corporation

Founder President

Strong Visionary

locatenowGPSTM Corporation, Stoney Creek, ON, A provider of high availability web-based GPS Management Tracking Solutions used by transportation, law enforcement, utility, taxi and Telematics businesses around the world. FOUNDER PRESIDENT, 2014 – 2017

Launched the business to focus on Corporate and personal travel and safety creating the locatenowGPSTM Platform. The locatenowGPSTM solution is device agnostic allowing larger customers to incorporate both personal and asset tracking in one solution.

• Developed a cloud-based tracking application integrating systems with large risk management and security companies.

• Collaborated with developers in Sweden, Denmark and India creating the locatenowGPSTM tracking platform for use by people and vehicles meeting the Lone Worker Law requirements.

• Pioneered smart phone tracking software with developers in Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic and India launching in eight weeks with a

$1.2M budget enhancing the Lone Worker application.

• First company to work with Protectas Europe and G4 Security Worldwide, linking into their systems for enhanced security reaction times to global crisis situations.

WorldScout Corporation, Vaughan, ON, A company focused in the Automatic Vehicle Location, Personal Location and Asset Management industry under the omniscoutTM brand utilizing both Global Positioning Satellite and GSM wireless technologies.


Hired to support the development of hardware- and software-based systems utilized in the consumer and fleet markets across multiple continents with a broad-based communications infrastructure.

• Collaborated with China and Taiwan developers to partner with Systech developing hardware to be built in vehicles and personal tracking device establishing company’s main revenue-generating devices.

• Renegotiated contracts with principal technology cellular data vendors reducing data costs by 80% and widening customer base with more affordable rates.

• Directed contract negotiations to sell data along with devices pioneering new technology which tracked vehicles and people that was to be used by law enforcement.

Production Data Corporation, Thornhill, ON, Direct Marketing and Database Management Company utilizing the latest of technologies to enhance the objectives of Fortune 500 companies, including Technology Companies, Financial Industries and Not-For-Profit Societies.



Julio Da Silva


Q How would you describe your

leadership style?

A. Many factors influence my leadership,

including deadlines, culture, team

objectives and the characteristics of the

team I am leading. By nature, I lead in a

democratic or consultative style, making

everyone participate, letting me focus on

empowerment and accountability, creating

a far better result. Rarely do I need to use

a more authoritarian style but will lead that

way if required. I always lead by example

and instill confidence, stability and focus,

both in the organization and clients.

Q Why are entrepreneurial skills

valuable in a large organization?

A. When large organizations don’t think,

move and work as smaller, more nimble and

reactive companies, they simply fail, losing

market share. By utilizing entrepreneurial

leaders, large organizations are given the

opportunity to keep with changing times

and must have leaders that value and

possess the vision, agility and elasticity to

respond quickly to customer demands.

More so, entrepreneurial leaders need

to have the acumen for creating market

space, allowing large organizations to

deliver game-shifting initiatives.

Q How do you motivate people to

perform at new levels?

A. Often overlooked in an organization is

the importance of the employees. Start by

implementing a recognition program that

creates an emotional connection between

employer and employee, which fulfills our

basic needs of esteem and belonging within

a group. Give teams autonomy, which

demonstrates trust in your teams, creating a

highly engaged company. Explain the WHY

of the organization’s direction, you’ll get

much higher buy-in from your employees.

Lastly, never pit the employees against

each other. Any system designed to pit the

performance of one individual against the

rest of the team is bound to fail.

416-***-**** • • Co-founded the company to lead the industry with innovative technology to the business of direct marketing and database management, providing complete North American marketing plans for companies like IBM with a new approach to customer retention in the automotive industry.

• Developed direct B2B and B2C marketing software using unique algorithms reducing market plan duplication rates to less than 0.5% often manually verified at less than 0.05%.

Neatt Corporation, Thornhill, ON, Web-enabled, Interactive Kiosk Network with touch-screen technology to be placed at key points such as points-of-purchase and cosmetic counters within select stores across Ontario. CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, 2001 – 2002

Directed the acquisition of Kiosk systems and related technology partners to provide the latest in touch-screen media technologies.

• Negotiated new contracts with due diligence as part of the negotiating team for hardware, software and maintenance services creating software that could be updated remotely.

Julio Da Silva


Q What distinct advantage will you

bring to your next employer?

A. The most distinct advantage I bring to

any employer is my work ethic. However,

once working together, you will find that

along with my work ethic, I bring initiative

and enthusiasm. Couple this with creative

problem-solving skills, you will find I contribute to profit, while building long-term potential.

Dynamic Results

and enriched


acquisition methods increasing customer base

by 20% within six months.

technological- and

process-driven IT

environments producing a 300% increase

in time-to-market strategies while reducing

customer costs allowing for higher ROI.

and implemented

systems and corporate

redundancies along with appropriate

monitoring across three continents, advancing

the company to a rating of five 9s.

and maintained

strict contracts

resulting in >80% cost reduction with GSM

carriers and an overall 45% cost reduction

with supplier contracts increasing net profit






416-***-**** • •

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