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Software Engineer Java Developer

New Delhi, Delhi, India
12 LPA
March 13, 2019

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SHUBHAM GARG Permanent Add: H. No ***


iOS & Java Developer Muzaffarnagar (UP)-251002

+91-952*******,989-***-**** Experience – 3 years 8 months Temporary Add: Pune-411027 Career focus:

To work in a creative and challenging environment using new technologies where I could constantly learn and successfully deliver solutions to problems.


Senior Software Engineer Stratawiz Technology, Pune June 2015 -- Sept 2018 Senior Software Engineer Mobiliya Technology Oct 2018 - Present Technical Exposure:

• iOS Framework: Good understanding of iOS & Cocoa Frameworks and Static Libraries.

• iOS Apps: Good knowledge and hands on experience Swift and Objective C iOS Apps.

• Design Pattern: Awareness of MVVM, MVC, Singleton and other design architecture.

• Push Notification: Indepth knowledge of iOS Push Notification Using APNS, FCM and GCM.

• iOS UI: Hand on experience on iOS App design specially using Stack and Auto Layout.

• Database: Indepth knowledge SQL, SQLite, CoreData and HDFS.

• Multithreading: Friendly with Multithreading environment in Swift, GCD and Java.

• Agile/Scrum Methodologies: Experience on working with Agile using JIRA, Trello.

• Good Understanding of Http, Xmpp, Xml, Json, I/O Services both in App and Backend.

• Understanding of unit testing, XCTest, TestFlight, Test Fairy, App upload and iOS Certification.

• Git and SVN: Knowledge of Continuous delivery and integration.

• Understanding of a few AWS services, Google API like: google Maps API and IBM services.

• Spring MVC: Understanding of web browser-based application, Java, Spring, Rest API. Projects:

Mobiliya- Working on Tata ConnectNext and DrivePro app which connect to Infotainment system of Car via Bluetooth, USB, WIFI and Apple Car Play and provide connection status and other details like distance covered, fuel detail and Trip Detail etc.

Contribution in Development:

• Associated with developing an attractive and user-friendly UI. Stratawiz-Rapport: Rapport is an inhouse product of the company which delivers effective sales engagement and productivity platform for sales teams in healthcare industry. Contribution in Development:

• Involved in architecture development for iOS App to obtain information from our domain system also use Core Data for local mobile Database and other third-party libraries.

• Associated with developing an attractive and user-friendly UI.

• Worked along with team in building polls, magazine and broadcast which are some of the vibrant features available on the app.

• Involved in architecture development of REST web service for the UI application to pull our information from our domain system.

StringFlow iOS Framework: StringFlow is an xmpp server, which serves mobile apps with lightning faster and fast fraction of your cost even when you scale. This server allows 100000 connections from single instance and also provides within built connectivity to APNS, WPNS, GCM for notifications. Contribution in Development:

• Engaged in developing iOS Framework which help to connect iOS Apps to StringFlow Server.

• Involved in constitution of xmpp chatting environment. Beach iOS App: An iOS chatting app using StringFlow Server and XMPP Protocol. Contribution in Development:

• Worked on development of an App faster than any other chat App.

• Involved in building attractive and user-friendly App. Pitch Perfect-iOS: Efficiency and Knowledge enhancement app for team. Contribution in Development:

• Involved in architecture development for iOS App, create attractive and user-friendly UI, build main functionality.

Vgreet iOS: Vgreet is an interactive e-greeting app for sending videos and wishes, here you can edit the video, add sender and receiver names with the required content. Contribution in Development:

• Involved in creating attractive and user-friendly UI.

• Involved in building main functionalities for edit, display and send videos. Rapport QuickGather iOS: QuickGather is an iOS App use for managing events and conferences. Contribution in Development:

• Developed app since wireframe to Client.

Gutcare iOS: Gutcare is an iPad App. In which user can check about acidic and non-acidic foods and get good food habits.

Contribution in Development:

• Involved in creating attractive and user-friendly UI. Epoll iOS: Epoll is an iPad App, which having some quiz. Contribution in Development:

• Involved in creating attractive and user-friendly UI and publishing App.

• Also use test fairy for Adhoc testing.

Tic-Tac-Toe iOS: Tic-Tac-Toe an iOS gaming and General Knowledge App. In which player need to answer correctly and complete the Tic-tac-toe by correct answers. Contribution in Development:

• Involved in building of logic of Tic-tac-toe and developed full app alone. SwiftXMLParser: SwiftXMLParser is an open source Library written in swift. It notifies its delegate about the items (elements, attributes, CDATA, and Text) that it encounters as it processes an XML document.

Contribution in Development:

• Written, Managed, Create an Architecture and also Developing a demo app. Eventwatch : Eventwatch helps you establish and mature your supply chain risk management program and expertise. It enables you to collaborate, connect and respond in real time with your suppliers to efficiently manage supply chain disruptions and resolve ongoing supplier issues. It continuously monitors events like: Volcano, earthquake etc. and update customer Contribution in Development:

• Involved in development of attractive and user-friendly iOS app which help to monitoring Events and indicate the areas where the parts, sites, products, suppliers, are impacted instantly.

• Knowledge of areas where potential revenue would create an impact instantly.

• With the help of google API was involved in tracking impacted locations.

• Build web services (REST API) using Spring-Boot java and PostgreSQL. EcmService: Service use to save and retrieve files like images, pdf etc. Use Hadoop file system to store file and PostgreSQL to store file information.

Contribution in Development:

• Worked along with team to retrieval interface is Spring based REST Web Service, worked on the REST web Service that fetches information for files.

• Required to save files to HDFS then save information and location of files in PostgreSQL. Cricket Tournament Management System: Software which help to organize a cricket tournament. Provide information about matches, register team etc. Contribution in Development:

• Used Core Java, Hibernate, Html, JSP, Spring languages. Academic Credentials:

Qualification Institute Year of Completion Percentage B.Tech Institute of Technology, GGU, Bilaspur 2015 6.93 CGPA 12th SVM, Muzaffarnagar, UP Board 2009 71.00%

10th SVM, Muzaffarnagar, UP Board 2007 68.33%

Achievements & Associations:

• Recognized as a key member of Rapport and Stringflow .

• Technical advisor for Equilibrio 2K15 Techfest and Junior executive in Hospitality team in Equilibrio 2K14 Techfest.

• Achieved a gold medal in Tug of war in Establishment day celebration 2014.

• Participated in various events in school and college.

• Secured 461 score in Gate 2015.

• Secured 88 percentile in quant in CAT 2014.

• Secured 91 percentile in Math, 83 in Reasoning and 69 in English in E-litmus.

• Secured 27995 All India rank in AIEEE 2010.

• Secured 330 All India rank in C-CAT -Dec 2015.

• Answers on GitHub, Stack Overflow and other.

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