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Data Assistant

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
March 12, 2019

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Strong background in Machine

learning and statistical modelling.

Fluent in visualization software.

Expertise in Linux and windows.

Expertise in database development

and Geospatial mapping.





3398 Angel Pass Dr,

Mississauga, ON, L5M7K5


University of


Aug. 2013 to

Oct. 2018

PhD Geophysics 2018

University of


Jan. 2017 to

Jan. 2017

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Indian Institute of



July 2003

to June


B.Sc. ExplorationGeophysics


Virginia Tech,


Aug. 2009 to

Aug. 2012

M.Sc. Geophysics 2012


Department of Geoscience, University of CalgaryCalgary, Alberta Database Developer Nov. 2018 to Current

Updating and maintaining database of geomechanical data for graduate level Data science course.

Integrating tool, testing, and developing database in Oracle, SQL server and PostgreSQL.

Scraping data from Geoscout to integrate with QGIS. Remote

ML application and deployment in beta startup

phase Oct. 2018 to Current

Used keras running on Tensorflow to implement methods such as LSTM and crf to automatically tag job postings. Tagging accuracy of 70%. Used sketch cloud (UI design tool) to update skills and migrate codes to Seralab platform.

Used requests and beautifulsoup for web scrapping various job posting sites indeed, monster etc.

Migrated ML models to database.

University of Calgary Calgary

Research Assistant Aug. 2013 to Apr. 2018

Time series analysis of teleseismic earthquakes to investigate the structures inside Earth.

P and S waveform modeling.

Numerical modeling of Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary. Experience in writing technical and non-technical papers. Visualization Lab Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA Virginia Research Assistant May 2010 to Aug. 2010

Developed python scripts and x3d code to run bid datasets in high-performance rendering cluster.

Tested visualization efficiency of Paraview on distributed system Developed python scripts to convert data to efficient vtk files Oil and Natural Gas Coorporation India


• Interpretation of Well Logging data

• Learned about various logs and forming new logs from raw data Towards Data Science, Medium

Technical Writer Nov. 2018 to Current

Research and develop codes to apply machine learning and test scripts by applying to a dataset. well-log-data-58ebb6ee2bc6

Sustainable Alberta Calgary, AB

Software maintenance Oct. 2015 to Jan. 2017

--Cleaned dataset based on mySql.

-- Edited PHP codes to link with database.

-- Participated in ATB booster challenge.


BIG DATA: 2+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN APACHE SPARK USING PYSPARK AND SCALA:: Machine learning certification, Project repository URL, Hadoop, Hive, PHP, AWS

GEOSPATIAL MAPS: CREATED VARIOUS GEOSPATIAL MAPS WITH SHAPE FILES: Integrations of shape files with python and GMT, Developing QGIS database and integrating with database, Algorithms like Delaunay triangulation or Voronoi partitioning for gridding missing data DEEP LEARNING:2+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: TensorFlow, keras, scikit-learn PYTHON: 7+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. IMPLEMENTED VARIOUS ML PROJECTS (SEE GITHUB):: Developed a ML model both front-end and back-end development, Creating ML models for and integrating with database, Paraview, Computing ML models in AWS platform SKILLS


ML models applied to Geophysical logs

Comparing between various unsupervised ML methods and interpret how efficiently lithologies are categorized Project based on pyspark on big data Oct. 2018 to Oct. 2018 Learning Spark Datasets and Dataframes

Work on Spark SQL, and build binary classifiaction models using Spark ML (with some MLlib too) Create a filter to detect ham spam emails based on various NLP techniques Nov. 2018 to Current Data set of 90000 emails grouped into ham and spam NLP analysis such as LDA (topic analysis) is used to classify the emails Use CNN with word embedding to test the efficiency of NN. Present accuracy 80% on validation set AWARDS

UFCW Local 401, Alberta · Grant Notley Memorial Scholarships Apr. 2017 India · Secured top 0.5% rank among ~600000 Joint Entrance Examination examines. 2003 ACTIVITIES


Association for India's Developement · Program coordinator Blacksburg, USA

-- Evaluated various micro credit projects.

-- Organized talks and cultural programs.

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