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It Java

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
March 12, 2019

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Personal details

First name: Levison

Surname: Mubayiwa

Residential address: Unit 4980



Contact Cell No: 064*******

Email address:

Current employment: Self-employed (buying and selling) Availability: Immediately

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Date of birth: 1972/11/11

Passport no: CN000869

Permit Status: Work (valid until 2021/12/31)

Race: Black

Gender: Male

Religion: Christianity

Home Language: Shona

Other languages: Ndebele, Xhosa and Zulu

Hobbies: reading, fishing, watching games

Academic qualifications

O level Cambridge General Certificate in Education - 1991 SUBJECTS PASSED

English language C, Religious Studies B, Geography B, Science B and Agriculture B Professional qualification

Diploma in Information technology

Year completed: 2018

Institution: Unisa

Aims and objectives

I wish to work in any IT environment to gain hands on experience. I would appreciate getting a place which can allows me to create certain working applications that can be used in the communities to solve problems.

Examples of such applications are those that can help track stock in wholesales. Every day you find businesses deploying workers to do stock taking in shops. They do not have a proper way of controlling their inventory. So creating applications such as this will solve problems. Some applications can be used to detect certain conditions and give warnings or may even stop certain things to happen.

The interesting part in IT is that it seeks to solve certain problems in human life. It is teaching societies to do things differently.

My position in this regard is to become one of such people who can turn things around. 2

The following are some of the courses that I am interested in but not to:

Web development using PHP, HTML, and CSS

Business analysis


Systems administration


As an IT graduate, I can proudly point out a lot of skills:

Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Using internet effectively

Installing and using some applications on a computer, such as XAMPP, that works as a Server when creating websites and applications, locally.

Programming using different languages such as PHP and MySQL, HTML and CSS, Visual basic, Java, Eclipse, Java script etc.

Uploading a website on the internet so that it can be accessed by users.

Make use of accessories such as Notepad++, notepad, paint, etc.

Being able to understand global connectivity and how the world is taking advantage of the internet to do business.

Being in a position to understand and make decisions that secure Company information to avoid possible attack by hackers.


My journey in IT has given me opportunity to demonstrate my capability in diverse.

Through assisting/tutoring learners in modules I had passed, it helped me to build certain skills that can count as experience.

Teaching IT in schools.

Serious involvement with other learners to work out various challenging tasks.

Projects at the University has given regular training that could be counted as experience

Creating simple personal applications that I could show some people to seek advice and information on how to do things in a better way.


Hard worker

Pay attention to detail

I am mature and well disciplined

Willing to learn

Comfortable to work either as team or as an individual

Interested in solving problems

Willing to take extra when required to do so


Comfortable working in a team and as individual


Students at Unisa :

Bantwini Zukiswa - 076*******



1. Der Van Merwe (Project implementation)

Telephone no: 011*******

Email address:

Schools taught in South Africa

1. Good Shepherd English School – The Principal Mr Mundeta 2. Khanya Private School – The Director – Mrs Nomnganga School taught in Zimbabwe

1. Mabvuregudo Secondary school – The Headmaster - Masukume 2. Nyadi secondary school – The Headmaster - Masara Total number of teaching experience: 6 years

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