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Manager Safety

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
QAR. 12,000 per month package
March 14, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae’




Doha, Qatar


Dedicated Health, Safety & Environment Professional with over 30+ years of working experience in different massive multi-million dollar construction projects in Qatar that engaged in multi - international construction firms renowned around the globe.Career experience involved in various construction (vertical & horizontal) projects such high-rise tower/buildings, stadiums, airport, infrastructure, Commissioning, Fit-Out, Tunneling and road works, hospital, petrochemical plant, MEP and Underground tunnel such as Doha Metro / Qatar Rail



-Bachelor’s Degree- BS Criminology (University of Manila 78-83) ( Under Grad.) Manila, Philippines.

-High school- Isabela School of Arts and trades,1973-77 ( Ilagan City, Isabela, Philippines)

-Elementary- Flores Elementary School- 1966-72 Flores, Naguilian, Isabela, Philippines

-Industrial Air-Conditioning-Vocational Diploma-(1986-1987, ICS, Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA).


-Gender / Age : Male / 59 Years Old

-Nationality : Filipino (Philippines)

-Passport : P2221125A ( 09-03-2017 to 08-03-2022 )

-Contact # : +974******** (Qatar)

-Email :

-Home Address : San Fermin, Cauayan City, Isabela, Philippines,

-Current Location : Doha, Qatar

-Qatar ID : 259******** (NOC available)

-Qatar Driver License : Validity 25 May 2023


-To obtain a challenging career in a dynamic organization that will provide training and offer specific opportunity and personal advancement.

-I am a forward-looking individual who values hard work and integrity and has a burning passion for excellence and creativity, and can work under pressure, even with minimum supervision and can deal with people of various persuasions and orientation.


COMPANY : Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI)

Date of Employment : 09 May 2017- Present

Position : Senior HSE Officer

Address : West Bay, Doha, State of Qatar

Project : Doha Metro, Qatar Rail, Tunnels, Track Works, Energy and MEP activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.Monitor the full compliance with all applicable legislation, QR. / QCS 2014 and best industry standards

2.To provide Management with continuous advice and support to ensure that HSE remains an integral part of the Project equal in priority to operations and profitability.

3.Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of project HSE Plan,

4.Assist HSE Manager with policy and procedure development and implementation

5.Review Method statement / Risk Assessment

6.Coordinate with Sub-Contractors HSE personnel and monitor their activities.

7.Organize the daily deployment of all HSEO’s in RLN.

8.Review all Equipment TPC’s including lifting accessories.

9.Arrange the workers of the Subcontractors who are require general or specific safety training.

10.Conduct daily Safety Patrol and record any safety violation on the site of the employees or workers,

11.Address all HSEO RLN-UG-EAG daily observations to all Construction team or any MHI Subcontractors and follow-up for the immediate closed out of the issues.

12.Prepare Weekly Observations Tracking Log and Live Activity reports of RLN-UG-EAG and send through email to HSE admin.

13.Prepare Monthly Self Assessment / MoLSA.

14.Prepare Accident and Incident Investigations report.

15.Facilitating emergency / Fire evacuation drills RLN-UG-EAG

16.Joint with PMCS / QR walk through.

17.Organize a walk through with Subcontractors regularly in RLN-UG-EAG.

18.Maintaining files documentation of general requirements

19.To assume other HSE duties as may assigned;

COMPANY : Ghantoot Construction and Transport Development

Date of Employment : 15 June 2015 25 Feb. 2017

Position : Senior HSE In-Charge

Address : 7th Floor Al Reem Tower, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Project : 24thflr. +MF+GF+B1+B2+B3 Civil and MEP

Commercial Tower Building, Plot Marina Mix 26, Lusail City, Qatar

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Reporting directly to Project Manager / QHSE Director

2.Implementing, monitoring and developing Quality OHSE Policy of the company.

3.Conduct Safety inductions to all new comer employees, and weekly TBT, to maintain and exercise the effectiveness of site HSE implementations.

4.Review Method of Statement and preparing Risk Assessment (JHA).

5.Prepare all permits required for excavations, as per general requirements of QCS 2014.

6.Prepare and maintain daily / weekly HSE Inspection, Statistics, Dash Board and HSE Monthly performance reports.

7.Attend weekly progress meeting with construction team / Client / Consultant and Subcontractors.

8.Investigating and reporting all complaints of Hazardous working conditions to the Project Manager / QHSE Manager.

9.Evaluate the effectiveness of OHSE policies, plans, programs and procedures.

10.Conduct weekly evaluations and surveys to operative’s activity safety programs and procedures to determine the levels of compliance with safety regulations.

11.Implementation of Standard approved QHSE Plan referred to (QCS 2010-2014).

12.Capable in Roads Traffic Management Systems, alongside project area.

13.Capable in Equipment and Vehicular visual inspection and document registrations.

14.Provide Internal Training to all workers in various HSE topics.

15.Preparing a weekly look ahead activity programs, Monthly Health Safety and Environment reports to Lusail City, HSE, Security and Logistic.

16.Prepare/ conduct thorough investigation to every incident / accident events on site.

17.Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness Safety in the work site.

18.Maintaining Welfare Facilities adequately and high standards of hygienic conditions.

19.Coordinating the training of employees in different areas such as first aid, CPR, fire wardens / marshals, equipment operators for third party trainings.

20.Facilitating emergency evacuation, Fire drills, quarterly as per QCS 2010 / 2014.

21.Monitoring environmental conditions together with chemical storage as per ( MSDS ), waste management system ( WMS ).

22.Good knowledge in construction activities from Excavations, Structural, MEP, Lifting operations, façade, permitsystems and testing and commissioning.

23.Maintain IMP/IMS records for internal and external audit.

24.Strict implementation of QCS 2010-2014, HSE Plan, ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and OSHAS 18001:2005.

COMPANY : Egis Rail

Date of Employment : 01 May 2015- 14 June 2015

Position : HSE Officer ( PMC )

Address : 4th Floor Aamal Building West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Project : Doha Metro Green Line Elevated

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Monitor the full compliance with all applicable legislation, QCS 2014 and best industry standards

2.To provide Project Management with continuous advice and support to ensure that HSE remains an integral part of the Project equal in priority to operations and profitability.

3.To maintain the management and implementation of all procedures, policies and standards, striving for consistent and sustainable Service Delivery excellence.

4.Responsible systematically and continuously improving safety of Project personnel, service delivery, overall efficiency and effectiveness of the operations, protection of health of the project and personnel including sustainable development and protection of the environment.

5.Monitor, review, and analyze proposed changes in safety/health laws/regulations, performance standards, and industry standards/practices potentially affecting the Project and provide input and recommendations for addressing such changes.

6.Raise NCR Observation to be closed by Contractors / subcontractors.

7.Review Method statement / Risk Assessment

8.Coordinate with Contractors HSE personnel.

9.Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of project HSE Plan,

10.Conduct scheduled HSE Audit, as per plan ISO 9001 2015- Quality Management system / ISO 14001 2015- Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 2007- OHS Management.

11.Be assisting the PMC HSE Manager to provide a safe and effective work environment.

12.Work collaboratively with the EHS Team, Client, and Contractor to examine potential health and safety issues and assist with controls.

13.Assist HSE Manager with policy and procedure development and implementation

14. Provide safety/health technical support and assistance to Project and coordinate safety/health requirements with construction/site managers, (sub) contracts H&S managers, project engineers and other project personnel as required.

15.Assign work responsibilities and duties to safety staff assigned in the Project and provide technical support and direction on work products (e.g., Project HS Plan and site-specific medical and evacuation/emergency plans).

16.Collect data, review incidents, analyze trends, and recommends corrective and preventive actions.

COMPANY : Bouygues Batiment International

Date of employment : 15 June 2012 - 30 April 2015

Position : HSE Officer

Address : West Bay Area, Doha City, State of Qatar

Project : Qatar Petroleum District Office Project,10 towers building, + Energy Center and 2 Substations + MEP

Duties and Responsibilities;

1.Reporting directly to HSE Manager;

2.Developing, implementing and monitoring Occupational health and safety policy and procedures by company top management;

3.To increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the organization; Ref: QCS-2010 & 2014;

4.Review Method of Statement, Risk assessment

5.To investigate and report complaints of hazardous working conditions to the HSE Manager.

6.Establish, coordinate, direct and evaluate the effectiveness of HSE policies, plans, programs and procedures.

7.Ensure all equipment are in good conditions, registrations or any 3rd party inspection certificates are not expired, all power tools are randomly check by competent person and must be color coded;

8.Conduct a weekly Safety evaluations and survey’s to operatives activity safety programs and procedures to determine the levels of compliance with safety regulations, directives and instructions to evaluate the effectiveness of safety programs and procedures;

9.Conduct a weekly TBT tool box talk in order to exercise regularly and reminds all operatives how to act and properly execute any forms of safety conduct;

10.Increase safety awareness through appropriate promotional methods and channels of communication;

11.Plan, develop, participate and evaluate employees safety training in coordination with cognizant, training groups, officer and organizations;

12.Inducting new employees in order to provide them information about site procedures, regulations and tour in site locations;

13.Maintaining records of every accidents/ incidents occurring on work place;

14.Monitoring hygienic welfare facilities, housekeeping procedures, check and monitor drinking water supplies adequately;

15.Monitoring proper execution of MEP activities

16.To assume other HSE duties as may assigned;

COMPANY : Rizzani de Eccher S.P.A.

Address : Al-Fardan Bldg. Al SaddSt., Doha, State of Qatar

Position : Health Safety and Environmental Officer

Date of Employment : 12 Feb. 2008 – 24 May 2012

Project : Al-Udeid, USAF Air Base

:Runways, Taxi ways, Tarmacs, Hangars, Roads, Military Accommodations.

Duties and Responsibilities

1To implement and monitor occupational health and safety environmental policy and procedures;

2Conduct regularly site inspection and liaise with the construction team with regards to environmental implementations and Compliance as per approved method of statement and client requirements.

3Perform regular on site monitoring within Air Base project jurisdiction.

4Monitoring the hygienic standard of welfare facilities, and good housekeeping practices;

5Liaise with independent laboratories and assist them on environmental testing parameters (ambient air quality monitoring stack emission testing and discharge water physical / chemical analysis.)

6Arranged for and conduct awareness training or briefings on environmental-related matters.

7Liaise with the Ministry of Environment (MOE) regarding environmental permit applications as per project specifications, (i.e. operating permits, EIA clearance, waste disposal permits.)

8Assist in the project specific environmental procedures and plans.

9Report and assist in the investigation of environmental incidents.

10Responsible to monitor, report any environmental issues that may arise,

11Regular update of environmental related data / Daily, Weekly, Monthly and records for periodic reporting as per Client Requirements.

COMPANY :Astaldi Arabia Ltd.

Address : Mesaieed Industrial State, State of Qatar

Date of Employment : 09 Nov. 2005- 09 Nov. 2007

Position : HSE Officer

Project : Qatar Petro Chemical Company, (QAPCO)

: LLDPE- Low Linier Density Poly-ethylene Plant (QATOFIN)

Duties and Responsibilities.

1Fully Comply with and exercise due diligence in observing all QHSE standards specified by Management and MIC standards, rules and regulations.

2Identify continuous improvement opportunities and lead the implementation of HSE initiatives across the facilities in accordance to company’s Corporate Policy.

3Lead the implementationof the HSE Management System’s ( OSHAS 18001 & ISO 1400)

4Anticipate, recognize and evaluate hazards, assess risks and recommend controls to Company Management.

5To increase Health and Safety awareness at all levels within the organizations.

6Conduct a weekly TBT Tool Box Talk in order to exercise regularly and reminds all operatives how to act and properly execute any forms of Safety conditions in area of work activities.

7Provide proper Housekeeping training practices.

8Check all lifting equipment, such as mobile cranes, man-lift and other equipment to make sure registrations, insurance and 3rd party inspections and not expired.

9Ensure that welfare facilities to all employees are hygienic condition at all the times.

10Prepare COSHH Risk Assessment and monitor the effectiveness by providing training to operatives.

COMPANY : Safari Company Ltd.

Address : Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Date of Employment : 1985-2005

Position : Safety Officer

Project : 1-King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

: 2-Jeddah-Bahra-Makkah High Ways and Tunnels

: 3- King Fahd General Hospital – Jeddah Saudi Arabia

: 4- Al Ali Stadium and sports Complex

: 5-Tunneling

Duties and Responsibilities

1Responsible in roads Safety conditions in the Ramp-Air side of the International Airport,

2Responsible in checking and inspecting all operating vehicles and equipment, make sure that their conditions are in Good conditions, No leakage of any liquids and Registrations and insurances as well as 3rd party certificates are not expired.

3Speed limits are strictly observed by drivers and operators to avoid and minimize such accident.

4Responsible in checking all Fire Hydrant and fire extinguishers are in operational and good condition,

5Assisting Emergency Vehicles such as Fire Trucks / Ambulances / Rescue Team, during an emergency evacuations,

6Making sure all Building emergency exits are free from any obstructions, fire equipmentare reachable and maintaining the good standard and conditions.

7Plan, develop, participate and evaluate employees Safety Training in coordination with cognizant, training groups, Officers and Organizations.

8To act as liaison with all related governmental and regulating agencies.

9Monitoring the Airport Own operated Desalination Plant, observing and implementing HSE procedures carried out by Technicians, Operators and Maintenance operatives.

10Monitoring the Airport Own Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Implementing Safety procedures, Health and environmental procedures during operations and maintenance activities.

11Provide Induction to all new comer employees and visitors in the work site prior to enter in the work site.

12Conduct Daily routine Tool Box Talk and Start Card in Construction Site.

13Provide Internal training for all work force to educate them and refreshing their knowledge and ability.

Personal Job description / Skills

I have a strong knowledge in ( HSE ) understand and analyze about safety in site working place.

I am honest, educated and dedicated person, willing to work hard even in minimum supervision and cooperative.

Good knowledge in Health Safety and Environment base on IMP / IMS documentations


Establishing effective operating policies, Lean initiatives and processes,

Comprehensive, understanding and experience of safety strategies.

Computer literate ( MS Excel, MS word, MS Outlook, Internet explorer and power point)

Capable of making important strategic decisions such as: / Problem solving / Communication and interpersonal relations. / Time management / Attention to Details.

HSE Summary Training / Seminars

ISO 9001:2015 : Integrated Management System

ISO 14001:2015 : Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001:2007 : Internal Auditing

IOSH : Managing Safety

OSHA- Training : OSHA-USA Certificate of 30 Hours Construction Training

: US Army Corps of Engineers, Al-Udeid Air Base, State of Qatar

Member : Qatar Safety Organization – Membership No. 0100

: British Safety Council No; 50396019

: National Safety Council No; 2000006

Member : PHASE-QATAR; Philippine Association of Safety No. 2009-1738

COSHH : Lusail Environmental Training Course.

Basic First Aid & CPR : Enertech Qatar

Fire Warden / Marshall : Enertech Qatar

Security Training : Certificate- ( December 1979- Manila, Philippines,)

Food Safety Training : Certificate ( ACT Masters-Qatar Chambers )

Confine Space Training : Certificate ID ( UAQ)

AGT Training : Certificate ID ( UAQ)

Job-Specific Skills/ Abilities:

Effective computer skills & Microsoft Office Software

Effective analytical and problem solving skills

Effective communication skills both verbally and in writing with superiors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside the Company.

Character& Career References

Name : David Leung

: MHI HSE Manager


: Mobile# 55460929

Name : Clifford Smith

: BMJ, QPD HSE Manager

: Email;

: Phone; 974********

Name : Miss Karen Anne M. Binay

: Environmental Supervisor

: QPM Lusail Management Representative ( HSE Department)

: Email,

: Phone # +974********

: Mobile # +974********

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