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Quality Lab Chemist

Kota, Rajasthan, India
2000 US Dollar
March 14, 2019

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Profile Summary

A competent professional with nearly 2 years 6 months of experience in Environment & Quality Control

Worked with Mitsubishi Corporation at Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizers (TGF), Turkmenistan as a Quality Lab Chemist (commissioning team) from Oct’2018 to jan’2019.

Previously worked with Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., Kota as an Environment & Quality Analyst from Aug’2016 to Oct’2018

Skilled in managing the product and process quality on a day-to-day basis, conducting work study and ensuring quality of product

In-depth knowledge about various quality standards and proficiency in implementation of the same

Proficient in managing all documentation/records /paperwork to ensure accuracy as per FDA requirements

Expertise in ensuring quality & service norms thereby achieving customer satisfaction & business retention

Exceptionally well organized and detail-oriented with capability to meet deadlines

An effective communicator with excellent analytical, problem-solving & organizational capabilities

Academic Details

M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) from University of Kota, Kota in 2016 with 77.5%

B.Sc. (Science Biology) from University of Kota, Kota in 2014 with 60.5%

12th from Shiv Jyoti An. Sec. School, Kota, RBSE in 2009 with 62%

10th from Karma Sec. School, Kota, RBSE in 2007 with 71%

Core Competencies

Academic Projects

Project Title: Interlocking Floor Tiles

Period: 2015-16 (1 Year)

Details: The project aimed at study of tiles made from Kota stone waste slurry and fly ash to reduce and reuse of industrial waste to protect the environment.

Project Title: Autoclave Aerated Bricks (AAC Bricks)

Period: 2014-15 (8 Months)

Details: THE project objective was to study the AAC bricks from fly ash and carbide slurry for industrial waste utilization and pollution control and environment protection.



2009-2013 B.Sc. (Science Biology) from University of Kota, Kota in 2014 2011-to-2014

Organizational Experience2009

From Oct’18 to Jan’19

Mitsubishi Corporation at Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizers (TGF), Turkmenistan as a Quality Lab Analyst (commissioning team).

From Aug’16 to Oct’18

Previously worked at Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., Kota as Quality Analyst.

Key Result Areas:


oExposure of analytical set up for various analysis during commissioning and various operations of various plants like – steam and power generation, water pretreatment, DM, RO plant, Innert gas generation, Ammonia and Urea plant.

oInvolve in building up procedures for commissioning and normal operational analysis.

oImplementation of new analytical proceduresb as per IS, ASTM & BIS methods.

oExperience of catalyst reduction during commissiong and start up.

oChemical analysis of gases i.e. natural gas, process gas and flue gas/ Off gas.

oFinished Product (Urea) complete analysis i.e. sieve size, moisture, biuret, neem oil as per FCO in Prilled urea and Sieve size, moisture, formaldehyde, formic acid, Biuret, SGN, repose angle, crushing strength in Granulated Urea.

oChemical & Physical analysis of water i.e. raw, purified, DM, BFW, boiler blow down, steam cooling, ground, surface, process condensates and various effluent streams

oC.O.D, B.O.D analysis in waste water

oTOC, Viscocity

oPhysical, Chemical analysis of Raw Materials like Acids, Alkalize and Salts

Calibrating GC, UV-Spectrophotometer,TOC analyser, Horiba Oil analyser, Flame Photo Meter, KF, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Ion Selective Electrodes.

Monitoring of:

oAmbient Air (PM10, PM2.5, SOx, NH3, NOx); Stacks (PM, NH3, NOx) Noise Level; different parameters of effluents & sewage (COD, BOD, DO, NO3, TSS, O&G)

oWork place environment for NH3, PM and Noise dose

oDrug products, retesting of raw material and packing material, workload review; ensuring the control of retention sample of raw materials and finished products

Testing of raw materials, packing materials, in-process materials, and finished goods; managing the investigation of out of specification results, market complaints.

Reviewing SOP’s/technical specifications/ validation protocols, validation reports and other quality documents/ change control procedures for SOP’s

Validating analytical systems i.e. rigorous testing of the methods to ensure that they are precise, accurate, reproducible, foolproof & specific to the product

Writing and reviewing detailed documents explaining about the work and its results, in terms of product purity and activity

Ensuring that the teams adhere to all the quality standards and procedures through precision/ calibration and monitoring sessions

Taking initiatives through various training programs in coordination with training teams to optimize and take corrective actions on the basis of quality checks

Preparing SOP’s, STPs, Protocols, Raw Data worksheet and generating various reports / documents and forwarding the same to the management for decision-making process

Generating incident report during QC analysis failures

Knowledge Purview

Product (Prilled & Granulated Urea) Quality Analysis as per FCO & Standered

Ammonia/Urea/DM/RO/IA/PA plant Commissioning

Raw Materials Analysis

Process Intermediates Analysis

Gas Analysis

Heavy Metals Detection by AAS

Expert in Water Chemistry

Complete Water Analysis

DM / RO Plant Water Complete Analysis

Boiler Water Analysis

Waste water Analysis

Reagent Preparation and Standardisation

Instruments Operation & Calibration

Ambient Air and Exhaust Pollutants Monitoring

Work Place Monitoring

BOD, COD, DO/KMno4 No., STP Water Analysis

Ground Water Complete Analysis

Lab Safety

Good Laboratory Practices

Start up and Shut down Analysis

ISO 9001/ ISO14001/ OHSAS 18001


Failure Analysis


Process Improvement

Project Management

Instrumental Experience

Gas Chromatographs (Shimadzu; 2014, 8A, 14B)

Spectrophotometers (Hitachi: U-2900,Shimadzu;UV-1800,Shoimadzu UVmini-1240, Hach DR-5000, DR-39000, Thermo Evolution 300)

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (ThermoFisher: 3000 Series with GFA, Shimadzu AA-7000 with ASC-7000 and GFA-7000)

Total Organic Carbon Analyser (Shimadzu TOC-L)

Flue Gas and stack gas immition Analyser (Testo-350, Quinto KANE K-400)

Karl-Fischer Moisture Apparatus (Metrohm, Metlar; 787 F Titrino, 890 titrando, DL-31)

pH Meter & Conductivity Meters (HACH, Mettler Toledo, Indo Lab), ORP meter Indo Lab Multi 9310, and various general laboratory instruments

CO2 analyser (Thermo Scientific Orion Star A214)

Kjeldal Distillation assembly (KjelFlex K-360) / Digester BUCHI K-425

Flame Photometer

Auto titrator Metrohm 888 Titrando ( K2CO3 & KHCO3 analysis)

Auto Titrator 876 Dosimat Plus

HORIBA Oil analyser

Turbidity meter (WTW Turb 555)

Centrifuger (H-11n)

Ion Selective Analyzer (HACH; SensIon 374)

Trace Dissolved Oxygen Meters (Orbisphere)

Industrial Training

1 Month Summer Training in May’16 at DCM SHRIRAM Ammonia Plant Kota, Rajasthan

IT Skills

MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)




Awarded for excellent work on ‘ Industrial Waste Utilization & Environment Control’ by RICCOH, Delhi in Feb’16

(Project: Interlocking Floor Tiles)

Details Personal

Date of Birth: 20th June 1991

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and Sanskrit

Address: House No. 264-Jamal Road, Kothri Kota, Kota- 324007

+919*********, +919*********

Passport No. P6699739

Location : Kota, India


Environment & Quality Control Professional

Possess a flexible & detail-oriented attitude, targeting challenging assignments in Quality Control preferably in Petrochemical/ Oil & Gas / Fertilizer industries.

Cross-functional Coordination

Process Improvement


ISO Standards

Raw Material Management

Environment Management

Quality Control

Calibration Operations

Quality analyst (as commissioning team member of MHI)at Turkmenistan Garabogaz Fertilizers,Turkmenistan. Since Oct’18 to Jan’19

B.Sc. (Science Biology) from University of Kota. 2014

Former Quality Analysist at Chambal Fertilizers & Chem.Ltd. Kota from aug’16 to oct’18

M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) from University of Kota.2016

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