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IT specialist

Providence, RI
March 14, 2019

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Michael R Fontaine

Permanent Address:

*** ****** ***

Providence, RI 02909

Home: 334-***-****

IT Specialist/Programmer – Department of Defense

**/**** ** **/****

Employment Type: Permanent Hours worked per week: 40

Supervisor: Robert Thompson Phone: 717-***-****

Job Description:

I retired with over 27 years of Information Technology experience, and a top secret clearance, supporting Department of Defense applications worldwide. I have been intimately involved as hardware and software has evolved, expanded, and improved. It has always been my responsibility to ensure the implementation of these advances, in response to customer requirements, go as smoothly as possible, not only with my software, but also with those of my co-workers. Problem solving, quickly, accurately, and ahead of time, will help guarantee a faster, more efficient, more accurate and reliable environment, for my ultimate customer, the Warfighter.

My primary responsibilities include the installation, configuration, testing, releasing, implementation, and ultimate management of vendor supplied modifications and upgrades to existing Operating System Software and System Utilities. This task has several phases to it. First is System Evaluation. This includes conducting integration, performance, functional, security and regression test efforts, product evaluation testing, and quality assurance. The development of test cases, test scripts, test data, as well as performing test execution, facilitates this phase. When no problems are encountered, the second phase is System Delivery. This requires developing software release documentation (using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) to include installation procedures, test plans, test reports, software release generation, and electronic delivery of finalized release packages. The third, and perhaps most important phase, is Technical Support. This requires the ability to troubleshoot, analyze, diagnose, and resolve problems quickly. I’ve performed this cycle with expert proficiency hundreds of times during my career. My record supports the fact that my detailed release procedures, integrated release build, and outstanding technical support, ensures a quality, steady, and reliable environment ready to support all my customers.

It was routine for me to surpass job objectives with nearly flawless testing, documentation, and timely deployment of releases, as my Performance Appraisals, and my customers, can attest to. I have had project management responsibilities overseeing the last four major installations of the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA's) information processing platform large-scale baseline upgrades, including the planning, coordination and execution of the installation, configuration, upgrade, maintenance and deployment. These upgrades include compilers, utilities, communications systems, systems management products, third-party systems software, security packages, scheduling systems, and applications software packages. My customers have become so confident in my procedures that they upgraded nearly all of their production platforms on one Sunday.

Although my primary responsibility has always been the Operating System and its related products, my 27 years with the Department of Defense has also afforded me the opportunity to show proficiencies in other areas, including communication, database, and third-party software products. I have also developed and presented technical briefings to high level management or other customer audiences. This included preparing and presenting analyses and briefings, advising management leadership and customers on new technological developments, techniques, and enhancements that result in increased time and cost efficiencies.

I’m considered an expert in my field, not only by my peers, but by supervisors past and present. This expertise has led me to train several people, at one time or another, from new interns, to established personnel, and even those above myself in rank and position. I enjoy passing on knowledge, and seeking to gain new knowledge. My mind set, and work ethic, to seek out new ideas and improvements, aligns with this vision: Information superiority in defense of our nation.

Sales Associate – Wal-Mart

06/2002 to present

Employment Type: Full time Hours worked per week: 40

Supervisor: Herland Cabrera Phone: 401-***-****

Job Description:

I was a sales associate in the Entertainment Department. This includes the computer, electronics, wireless phone and photo sections. I did sales, stocking, and customer assistance. I recently moved over to the grocery side, as part of the production team. This team is responsible for any of the food products that are actually cooked in the store; bread, rolls, doughnuts, rotisserie chicken, hot case foods, and lunch meat slicing.

Sales Associate – CVS

01/1998 to 05/2002

Employment Type: Part time Hours worked per week: 20

Supervisor: John Brown Phone:

Job Description:

I started as a sales associate, and was a shift supervisor, when I left. My duties included: helping customers, stocking shelves, counting down the registers, and closing the store.

Computer Specialist/Programmer - NCTS Newport

06/1989 to 06/1995

GS - 0334 - 11 Date of last promotion: 06/30/1992

Employment Type: Permanent Hours worked per week: 40

Supervisor: Tom Murphy Phone:

Job Description:

My tasks at NCTS Newport were similar to those in DOD Montgomery: problem solving, quality assurance, testing, evaluating, designing, developing, modifying, installing, implementing and supporting multiple computer systems software and applications. This included evaluating new systems engineering technologies and their affect on the operating environment by performing several feasibility studies, evaluating off-the-shelf software, and providing recommendations to both management and customers, in response to business requirements, risks, and costs. Analyzing software problems at field sites and implementing solutions by developing, testing and releasing procedures which ensured a smooth and seamless transition from the production systems to the development systems and back again, with no impact to the users. I developed, tested, wrote and briefed software release procedures for customer ease. My responsibilities were for configuration management, releasing, shipping and tracking of software. Customer support was accomplished by answering questions, troubleshooting, and writing, configuring and implementing fixes to problems, and/or contacting the vendor to obtain resolutions or enhancements.

One of the final tasks performed in Newport, RI was to be the liaison between the Navy Customers, at 10 different sites, and the Air Force Support Staff and customers in Montgomery, AL, as the workload was migrated to the new DISA site. To facilitate this, I relocated to Montgomery, and continued to educate the new people on the intricacies of the Navy workloads.


Rhode Island College, Providence, RI

B.A., Computer Science


GPA: 3.64

Shea High School, Pawtucket, RI

Advanced College Preparatory Path



Leadership Development I & II

Basic and Extended UNIX Fundamentals.

Automated Operations.

Basic Mode Assembler (MASM).

Software Product Installation and Maintenance.

System Support and Programming.

Licenses and Certifications:

Maintained an ADP1 (Top Secret) Clearance Level until 10/1/2018

ITIL v3: Achieving Foundation Certification.

Honors, Awards, and Special Accomplishments:

Achievement award for exceptional accomplishment of duties - May 2016

Achievement award for exceptional accomplishment of duties - Oct. 2015

Achievement award for exceptional accomplishment of duties - Sep. 2014

Achievement award for exceptional accomplishment of duties - Apr. 2012

Group Special Act Award - Jun. 2011

Achievement award for exceptional accomplishment of duties - May 2011

Performance Award - Jan. 2010

Achievement award for exceptional accomplishment of duties - Aug. 2009

Performance Award - Jan. 2009

Group Special Act Award - Mar. 2008

Achievement Award - Sep. 2003

Special Act Award - Mar. 2003

Joint Meritorious Unit Award - Oct. 2002

Achievement Award - Aug. 2002

Performance Award - Sep. 2001

Certificate of Recognition - Feb. 2001

Achievement Award - Sep. 2000

Certificate of Recognition - Apr. 2000

Certificate of Recognition - Aug. 1999

'Outstanding' and 'Above Fully Successful' performance appraisals.

Hired under governments 'Outstanding Scholar Program'.

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