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Environmental QC Officer/Chemist

Doha, Doha, Qatar
March 11, 2019

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Carriculam vitae:Sabina Aysha

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Sabina Aysha

Mobile No:+974-********


9+ years of experience in Environmental and Chemical analysis and Pollution monitoring.

University Rank holder in MSc. Environment Science and Management

Certified for ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) ; ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Control System) and ISO 17025:2017 (Laboratory Management System)

Expertise in implementing the QA/QC procedures as per ISO 17025 standard for the Lab operations and develop the lab into international standard

Implemented and trained the Lab Technicians and other employees on Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Lab processes and procedures, operation of lab equipment, sampling and testing protocols

Expertise in proper management of laboratory records on sampling, analysis, calibration, chemicals and reagents

Experience in LIMS software(kriti LIMS-developed by KRITI SOFT, India)

Masters in Environment Science and Bachelor in Chemistry

Made a detailed study on drinking water quality of Cochin City in Kerala with special reference to Pesticide contamination as academic project

Conducted an ecological study on Vadakkekothagiri paddy field at Pallom Region of Kuttanad wetland ecosystem in Kerala state

Highly talented and an enthusiastic team player

Good Communication skills in English –written and spoken

Computer Proficiency in MS office suite


Expertise in Water quality, Air quality and Soil analysis

Expertise in Microbiological analysis of water

Expertise in sample collection, sample preparation, analysis and data interpretation

Expertise in analysis like pH,Conductivity, Salinity, Turbidity, Hardness, Carbonate, Sulphate, Chloride, Organic Matter, TDS,TSS etc.

Expertise in analysis like DO, BOD, COD, Acidity, Alkalinity, Fluoride, Phosphate, Sulphate, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Phenolic Compounds, Oil & Grease,Heavy metals,Organic pollutants (PAH, VOC, PCB, BTEX, Pesticides),etc

Expertise in Air Pollution Analysis, monitoring and abatement

Performed monitoring and analysis of Total Particulate Matter & gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2, NH3) at residential and industrial environments

Expertise in working with instruments like GC-MS,ICP-OES, Nephelometer, Spark Emission Spectrometer,UV Spectrophotometer, Hg analyzer, Flame Photometer, etc PERSONAL DETAILS

Nationality :Indian

D.O.B. :30.08.1981

Sex :Female

Carriculam vitae:Sabina Aysha

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Marital Status :Married

Visa Status :Resident Visa

Passport No. :H1358363

Languages :English,Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam


Presently working as Senior Chemist in Qatar Geotechnical and Environment Company

(QGEC), Doha, Qatar (ISO/ MOE Accredited)

Worked as Junior Scientific Assistant in Analytical Lab at Kerala State Pollution Control Board (accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025: 2005). Govt. of India.

Worked as Chemist at Water Treatment Lab of Dept. of Water Resources; Govt. of Kerala.

Worked as Environment Supervisor at a 300-bed hospital at Kerala.

Performed analysis of physical and chemical parameters of effluents from various sources like industries, dairy farms, hospitals, etc.

Experience in Pollution monitoring,control and Management caused by various developmental activities.


Senior Chemist and Section Head (Environmental Dept.) From September 2015- till now

Qatar Geotechnical And Environment Company (QGEC), Qatar Responsibilities

Complete responsibility of Environmental and chemical Laboratory operations.

Performs routine and non-routine physical, bacteriological, and chemical analysis on a variety of water, wastewater, and soil matrices

Creates and develops validation procedures for laboratory equipment and methods according to ISO 17025.

Develops and follows Quality System documents such as Quality Manual, SOPs, and Methods.

Monitors supplies, tracks inventory, and performs order requests for lab supplies and equipment to ensure adequate supplies are available.

Participates in the implementation and training of new Lab Technicians and other employees on Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Lab processes and procedures, operation of lab equipment, sampling and testing protocols.

Compliance with all Environmental, Health & Safety programs, policies, procedures and regulations to support a safe working environment.

Develops the laboratory to ISO 17025 standard

Conducts testing of VOCs, SVOCs PCB,PAH, Pesticides, BTEX, and other organic pollutants using GC-MS (purge and trap).

Performs major, minor and trace elemental analysis in water and soil using ICP-OES

Conducts elemental analysis of steel and other metals using Spectromaxx (Spark Emission Spectrometer)

Preparation of water and sediment samples taken from the construction sites and analysis for their Physical and Chemical parameters following the standard methods.

Verify the analysis results with the permissible values for sample approval or rejection.

Preparation and standardization of chemicals and reagents required in the lab.

Calibration of instruments used in the laboratory on daily basis Carriculam vitae:Sabina Aysha

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Analysis like pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Hardness, Carbonate, Sulphate, Chloride, Organic Matter, TDS, TSS, ammonia,nitrate,nitrite, residual chlorine, sulphide, fluoride are performed in the lab.

Report the analysis results to the Lab Manager and participates in analysis interpretation.

Update the laboratory records about sampling, analysis and calibration and enter LIMS data base accordingly

Maintains and monitors stock of reagent/chemicals and laboratory supplies and update as per expiry date.

Maintains a high level of housekeeping and maintenance of the laboratory. Assisting the Lab Manager for developing Laboratory Quality documentation.

Ensures the company Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy and Procedures has been followed properly.

Junior Scientific Assistant

From February 2014 to May 2015

State Pollution Control Board, Kerala, India


Evolve standardized procedures for sampling and analysis of various types of environmental pollutants.

Plan a comprehensive program for the prevention, control or abatement of pollution of streams and wells in the region.

Advise the Government authorities on any matter concerning the control of water, air and noise pollution.

Encourage, conduct and participate in investigations relating to problems of environment pollution.

Collect and analyse samples for investigation on pollution.

Monitor ambient sound levels and air pollution using dedicated equipments

To inspect air pollution control areas at such intervals as it may think necessary, assess the quality of air therein and take steps for the prevention, control or abatement of air pollution in such areas.

Environmental Supervisor

From January2010-January2013

Medicare Hospital, Kerala, India


To ensure the proper disposal of waste materials.

To ensure internal collection and transportation of waste bags and waste containers to the central storage facility of the hospital on a daily basis.

To ensure that used bags and containers are replaced with the new bag and containers of the same type on the required time or when it is full, by the concerned staff.

To liaise with the Stores and Supplies Department to ensure that an adequate supply of waste bags, containers, protective clothing and collection trolleys are available at all times.

Co-ordinate and monitor all waste disposal operations, and for this purpose meet regularly with the concerned representative of the local council.

Ensure that the waste is not stored on the hospital premises for longer than 24 hours, by coordinating with the incinerator operators and with the local council. Carriculam vitae:Sabina Aysha

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Ensure that emergency procedures are available and in place at all times and that all staff members are aware of the action to be taken by them.

Investigate, record and review all incidents reported regarding hospital waste management and record the quantities of waste generated by each department on a weekly basis.

To ensure that their employers comply with government regulations on proper storage, handling and disposal of these material

Post Graduate Scientific Apprentice

From November 2008 to October 2009

Central Lab, State Pollution Control Board,Kerala,India Job Summary

Performed analysis of physical and chemical parameters of effluents from various sources like industries, dairy farms, hospitals, etc.

Performed monitoring and analysis of river water samples from specific sites to check the pollution. Sludge from river bottom is analyzed and microbiological study is also carried out.

Performed monitoring of online instruments for pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, DO etc.

Heavy Metal analysis is performed using AAS and other wet chemistry parameters such as Fluoride, Nitrate, Ammonia, TKN, Phenolic Compounds, Heavy Metals (chemical analysis), Oil & Grease etc using Specific ion analyser, UV spectrophotometer, Filtration, Distillation, Extraction, Precipitation, and Digestion processes etc.

Performed preparation and analysis of trace level Pesticides, PAH, PCBs, etc. using Gas Chromatograph.

Na, K, Li and Cu are analysed using Flame photometer and Hg is analysed using Hg analyzer. Chemist

June2008-October 2008

Water Treatment Laboratory

State Water Authority, Kerala, India

Job Summary

Performed quality testing of drinking water samples from rivers and check dams ahead of public distribution.

Quality checking includes analysis of various wet chemistry parameters such as Turbidity, DO, BOD, COD, Acidity, Alkalinity, Chloride, Fluoride, Solids, Sulphate, Sulphide, Hardness, Phosphate, Heavy metals etc.

Methods employed are Titrimetry,Gravimetry,Colorimetry,Precipitation, Nephlometry, etc. Instruments used are Turbidimeter, pH meter, Conductivity meter, AAS, UV Spectrophotometer etc.

Post Graduate Scientific Apprentice

February 2006 to May 2007

State Pollution Control Board, Kerala, India

Job Summary

Performed monitoring and analysis of Total Particulate Matter & gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2, NH3) at residential and industrial environments. Sampling was carried out using High Volume air sampler and stack analysis is also done.

Performed microbiological analysis to detect the microbial density affecting water quality using Membrane Filter Technique.

Performed preparation and analysis of effluent samples from various industrial and commercial sources.

Carriculam vitae:Sabina Aysha

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Performed monitoring of river samples through monthly sampling, analysis and data recording


Completed hands-on training program for GC-MS, ICP-OES and U.V Spectrophotometer from Perkins Elmer.

Undergone training for spark emission spectrometer from SPECTROMAX.

Completed training program in Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Analysis at Cochin Central Lab, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, India. SEMINARS

1. Active participation in XIII National Space Science Symposium, 2004(ISRO sponsored), M.G. University, Kerala,India.

2. Paper presentation on Wetland conservation and Management, 2004(UGC sponsored), Marthoma College, Perumbavoor,Kerala,India.

3. Active participation in Indian Environment Congress, 2004(Sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment), Trivandrum,Kerala. EDUCATION QUALIFICATION


IV SEM (Individual Project)

An assessment of drinking water quality of Cochin City with special reference to Pesticidal contamination.

Potable water is a resource of increasing value in a nation where good water quality is becoming increasingly scarce. Pesticidal contamination of water is a subject of national importance because they are transported from the areas they are applied to other location where they may cause serious health problems. Hence an attempt was made to study the pesticidal contamination in various sources of drinking water such as Packaged drinking water, Municipality tap water, and Well water of Cochin City. The study showed that pesticidal content was totally absent in the sampled brands of Packaged drinking water and in Municipality tap water but they were not free from microbial contamination though they claim various purification processes. The ground water in Eloor region contained pesticides at alarming rates and the most obvious source of the contamination was found to be an organochlorine pesticide manufacturing plant, Hindustan Insecticides Limited. Studies in Eloor have shown various health problems with higher death rates QUALIFICATI








Science &


Environmental chemistry,




s &Environmental Law.

Remote sensing & GIS.

Environmental Education.

Ecology & Biodiversity,

Wetland,Forest & Wildlife




Kerala State






BSc. Polymer


Polymer, Organic,Inorganic

& Physical Chemistry

University of

Calicut, Kerala

2003 75.4 %

Carriculam vitae:Sabina Aysha

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due to cancer, birth defects, bronchitis, asthma and depression.The pesticides measured in this work are slated for reduction and elimination by Stockholm Convention. III SEM (Group Project)

An ecological study on VadakkekothagiriPadashekaram at Pallom Region of Kuttanad wetland ecosystem.

Wetlands are the most productive ecosystems and more than 70% of these fresh water resources are used for agriculture. Unfortunately, 50%of them have been lost due to unsustainable development, mismanagement, addition of pesticide and herbicide, and excess fertilizer use. The rice bowl of Kerala-Kuttanad wetland ecosystem, is facing serious threat to its existence due to habitat modification, land filling, water pollution, climatic and hydrological changes, weed infestation, fish kills, low fish production, declining biodiversity etc. therefore an ecological study was undertaken to know the extent of deterioration caused in Pallom region. In the study, the distribution of planktonic forms and benthos, and quality of water and sediment supported the reason for the excessive growth of various native, invasive and exotic aquatic macrophytes at alarming rates in this wetland. The distribution, abundance and growth pattern of the macrophytes were also studied.

A Study on Physico-Chemical parameters of Water and Sediment of Pallom region of Kuttanad, Kerala with reference to ecology of weeds. Wetlands are often referred as the Kidneys of Landscapes. The Kuttanad region, the rice bowl of Kerala, comprising estuarine and fluvial systems, is a highly complex and dynamic wetland ecosystem in Kerala. The modifications in hydrology and physico-chemical environments of wetlands have a direct impact in their biotic resources such as fishes,planktons and benthos, macrophytes etc. The study was dealt with the fluctuations of physico-chemical parameters of water and sediments at various locations at Pallom in Kuttanad. PAPER PRESENTED

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