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Developer Engineer

Cary, NC
March 10, 2019

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**** ******* ***** *** · Cary, North Carolina 27513

515-***-**** · · ·


Accomplished Front-end developer with 7 years of experience both contributing to and managing the software development lifecycle for a range of client projects. Skilled at building robust, user-friendly front-end interfaces and functionalities designed to improve the user experience. Along with Back-end development, Strong background in mobile, web, and desktop application development, including building frameworks to support multiple platforms.


Front-End Programming · Web & Mobile Application Development · Project Management

Team Collaboration · Requirements Gathering · Design Patterns · Code Refactoring

Languages: TypeScript, NodeJS, PHP, Java, Android

Web: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, sea.js, require.js, ECMAScript 6/7, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp

Web Services: BigPipe, RESTFUL

Web Servers: Apache, Nginx

Frameworks: ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS, Vue, Mocha, Underscore, Backbone, Yaf, Yii, ThinkPHP

Design Patterns: MVC, Observer, Factory, Decorator

SDLC: Watherfall, Agile, Rapid Prototype

Databases: MongoDB, MySql, Redis

Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJIDEA, WebStorm, PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Version Control: Git, SVN


CAREER NOTE: Completed on-campus studies and currently taking distance education courses to complete a Master's Degree in Computer Science (Available for full-time, W-2 employment).

LENOVO, Morrisville, North Carolina · 2018 - Present

Developers of Lenovo International Android app providing Lenovo product services.

Full Stack Engineer

Mainly responsible for the development of the Lenovo-help Android app and writing automated test scripts. In refactoring the Lenovo-help Android app, develop the business module level and encapsulate the common components in the core module. Implemented design patterns such as Factory, Singleton, and Observer to improve development processes.


High-quality completion of the Lenovo-Help Android app refactoring, and implement the most functionalities in the Core level.

Optimize the performance of Lenovo-Help.

Strengthened and optimized the full JavaScript framework.

Mentor the new-Tester developer about the automations script.

Technologies: Java, Android, EventBus, Linux, Shell.

HOMELINK (Beijing) TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., Beijing, China · 2016-2017

Developers of a real estate technology platform providing transaction services.

Senior Front-End Engineer

Drove development and enhancement of key modules of the HomeLink real estate services platform, including building a single-page application version in JavaScript based on ReactJS and Redux framework. Implemented design patterns such as Factory, Singleton, and Observer to improve development processes. Created a number of critical application components.


Enabled a link system for multiple cities by using ReactJS to create a project framework for Lanjia Link, which supports both pre-sale and post-sale for second-hand housing transactions.

MA BO · Page 2 · 515-***-**** ·

Modernized an older application by code refactoring using JavaScript.

Strengthened and optimized the full JavaScript framework.

Coached, trained, and mentored new front-end developers and engineers on server configuration and JavaScript data structure.

Boosted efficiency for front-end developers through modifications to the web pack configuration file.

Reduced new employee on-boarding time to new projects by developing a mind map.

Technologies: JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, Linux, Nginx, NodeJS, AJAX, Webpack, Gruntfile, SASS, Git, Shell

BEIJING FENYANG TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd, Beijing, China · 2015-2016

Providers of integrated mobile CRM solutions for sales and customer management.

Senior Front-End Developer

Coordinated project teams in building and optimizing applications and frameworks. Implemented discussions and specifications into project plans. Tracked project progress and risk factors. Supervised and mentored web development team members. Handled project documentation and document updates.


Created a field attendance project enabling management to define staff attendance rule by needs and specific workplace scenarios; capable of tracking client visits through GPS, with records on time, site, and client.

Delivered a complete overhaul of existing systems for a better UI, interactive design, and modernized architecture.

Facilitated the 2016 transformation of the core sales management product to offer free and paid versions with differentiated services.

Built a small-footprint message management application with features to move important messages to the top.

Developed a meeting assistant application with simplified reservations, scheduling, agendas, and topic posting.

Overhauled the entire project to streamline and improve page loading speed.

Coordinated code refactoring for modernization and better performance.

Technologies: JavaScript, Java, Backbone, Gruntfile, HTML, CSS, jQuery, WebStorm, Mac OS, Linux

WEIBO INTERNET TECHNOLOGY (CHINA) Co.Ltd., Beijing, China · 2012-2015

Developers of a platform for information sharing and access management.

Front-End Developer

Handled JavaScript programming and development for the company’s primary information sharing platform. Built a web application using Bigpipe, AJAX, and design patterns. Leveraged yaf PHP framework for all PHP coding.


Dramatically improved team performance and cross-functional skills through knowledge sharing and coaching on cross-domain, JavaScript project creation, and JavaScript basics.

Programmed a Running Man operational event platform for the reality show of the same name, providing users with interactive features enabling involvement with the show.

Designed the Weibo Levels sub-page to improve user engagement, involvement, and understanding via credits awarded for participation in diverse tasks.

Built the Weibo VIP page, one of the top value-added service pages for top Weibo users – featuring fan headlines, retrieval of deleted messages, and customized templates.

Recognized as Top Employee of the quarter for Q2 of 2013.

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Bigpipe, MySQL, Redis, Webstorm, Mac OS, Windows, Linux

RENREN, INC., Beijing, China · 2011-2012

Developers of China’s first campus social networking platform.

Front-End Developer

Conducted front-end development tasks in JavaScript and AJAX. Used JavaScript to refactor code for improved performance. Supported the business development team in all technical matters.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, WebStorm, Windows


Master of Science in Computer Science · Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa

Bachelor of Computer Science & Technology · Shenyang Ligong University, Shenyang, China

Diploma in Software Technology · Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information, Dalian, China

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