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Engineer Quality

New Britain, Connecticut, United States
March 10, 2019

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An “Aeronauspace” engineer filled with grit and passion, seeking a position relevant to my area of interest. I believe my skills and expertise in this field will help in advancing my career by inculcating in me the desire to learn and grow in a challenging environment ensuring the best is executed. Talented and self-motivated team player with in-depth understanding of stress/strain, fracture and fatigue analysis and manufacturing techniques with design skills. FEA developed through academic education and successful experience and knowledge of lean manufacturing techniques is a plus. Strong analytical, strategic planning, problem solving and communication skills. My future certification in Six sigma, CQE and GD&T will be beneficiary to the company.



Quality engineer and Inspection supervisor

My responsibilities as Quality Engineer include:

Develop and maintain the Quality systems including Quality Procedures, instructions and forms according to ISO 9001 and AS9100 C and D standards.

Represent Beacon Industries in all the Customer Audits and prepare Audit packages as per the checklist and requirements.

Internally lead and audit the shop floor for NADCAP NDT (FPI &MPI), MCL Shot peen Audit and Conventional Machining as Special Processes (Turning, Milling, Broaching and Finishing) audits.

Development of ERP system for Quality, Inspection and partially engineering process.

Works with manufacturing and engineering to prepare process sheets and process maps by corelating the customer drawings and specifications.

Develop new and existing manufacturing process sheets.

Continuous improvements using lean manufacturing techniques such as Kaizen, Kanban, poka- yoke and Six sigma tools such as 6S, DMAIC, FMEA, Process capability (Cp, Cpk).

Internal Auditor- Lead for Internal Audits as per AS9100 D including Machining, Automatic and Manual Finishing and Special Processes.

Experience with procedures/ Instructions of turning, milling, broaching, finishing

(Butterfly, automated and liquid buff), Antigall and Shot peen. (From audit perspective)

Troubleshoot issues using quality tools like 5 whys, pareto analysis, fish bone or ishiwaka diagram and control charts (SPC).

Lead official meetings and presentations with the upper management and customers which include Management review meetings, Improvement meetings, Contract review and Investigations.

Works with Customers on a regular basis and deal with complaints, changes and the Process approvals. Handle investigations for the parts returned by customer to come up with root cause.

Review and prepare First Article Package (AS9102) and PPAP and work with SQAR, DQR for Inspection and first article approvals.

Coordinate with production and inspection for first piece inspection reports.

Supports Continuous improvement activities with development and implementation of quality improvements and cost reduction techniques.

Perform preliminary Review in MRB and authorized to disposition a part. Analyze the Non- conforming parts and initiate and lead root cause analysis and validate the corrective and preventive action and ensure the implementation on the floor. Work on DIVE packages, NOPQE’s and SCAR’s (Supplier Corrective action report).

Coordinate all the quality operations within the quality, engineering and manufacturing teams and with the Designated (Supplier) Quality Representatives. (from different customers)

Evaluate Vendor performance and analyze the reports to ensure the production schedule is met.

Performs contract review as per the customer specifications and requirements, Inspection levels and submit initial risk assessment to the Manager.

Perform Gage R&R using ANOVA, MSA and SPC.

Provide training to Quality inspectors, Internal auditors, Root cause and corrective actions, Poka yoke, general requirements of each customer based on their specifications. Click to contact



Design and Analysis software:


AUTOCAD 2D/3D, Siemens NX CAD,

Minitab, Solid works, Autodesk Simulation

Composite design.

Programming languages:

C, C++, MATLAB, Basics of Java script.

Soft skills

Analytical and flexible, excellent

communication and writing skills, leadership

qualities, creative, independent, realistic goals

and expectations, organizational awareness and


Additional skills

SAP, Team Center, Knowledge of FDA

regulations and TS16949 standards, ISO

14971, APQP, Microsoft Office Suite.


Dealt on a Research paper, “Advantages and Disadvantages of Autopilot”.

Involved in the then trending Micro Air

Vehicles at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological

University, Hyderabad.

Presented a Technical Seminar on “Ice and

Rain Protection Systems” in department of

Aeronautical Engineering in January 2014.

Worked as “Youth President” at Methodist

Church, India from June 2012 - June 2014.

Designed a lab manual for Aerospace

Propulsion lab by referring various books

related to the experiments performed.

Won an award for Academic Excellence in

2012 at Institute of Aeronautical


Worked as an “Astronomy Club Student

Leader” from June 2006 to March 2008.

Release raw material, create packing slips and initiate shipping documents as required using VISUAL.

My responsibilities as “Inspection supervisor” include:

Supervise 2 Inspectors, 1 Engineer and 4 CMM programmers.

Responsible for FPIR, FAIR, In-process, Final Inspection method on both Bench and CMM.

Leads and directs the daily activities of the Quality Inspection providing leadership, mentoring and supervision of the personnel.

Lead dimensional analysis and root cause investigations on non-conforming parts.

Prepare IMS (Inspection method sheet) for Inspectors to assure the right use of gages.

Interpretation of CMM reports and validate the program by correlation.

Oversee visual inspections which include surface imperfections, coating, plating, etch

(chemical and blue anodize), shot peen and final finish of the product as per customer specifications.

Ensure that the parts are conforming and meet customer requirements. BRYKA SKYSTOCKS LLC., JUN 2017 - PRESENT

Quality engineer

My responsibilities as include:

Review the contract to verify the product quality and quantity and inspect the part for any visual imperfections and coordinate with External Quality Assurance Representative for further investigation.

Perform Internal Audits AS9120 B.

Coordinate with QAR, Shipping and the end customer i.e., DLA.

Initiate and Lead Management Review Meetings.

Represent the company in External Audits by the AS Auditor and the customer. PROJECT EXPERIENCE

“Code development on impact point and trajectory simulation of a real time launch project”

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Rocket Launching Station in India Project Lead Constructed a code using C++ to find the Impact point of the spent stage of the rocket and found the trajectory of the GSLV_D5_S2 and studied the effect of drag on it.

“Estimation of pressure drag on scramjet”

Defense Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) Project Lead Given two Injectors with 2 different geometries and 2 Mach conditions (4 cases), analyzed important parameters effecting combustion and was concluded w.r.t geometries and angle.

“Internal Combustion Engines”

Jet Wings Technologies, Bangalore, Karnataka, India In-plant Training Practical training on Piston Engine. Includes assembly and disassembly of engine, Working of Engine, brief knowledge on Aircraft Engines and their maintenance.

“Variable swept wings in tupolev TU160”

Study Project on this Supersonic strategic heavy bomber with Variable swept back wing geometry gave in-depth understanding of the effects of the wing geometry and design on the performance. Prototype was being tested in wind tunnel to study the flow and calculate the Lift and Drag using the pressure.

“Stress analysis of Aircraft components – Wing and Fuselage.” Numerical Stress- Strain Analysis using two different materials on wing spars, box beams, Fuselage frames and wings.


Master’s degree in Mechanical & Aerospace


University of Dayton Dec 2016

GPA: 3.5/4.0

Related Courses: Analytical Mechanics of Composites, Theory of elasticity, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Intro to Continuum Mechanics.

Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering

JNTU May 2014

GPA: 3.75/4.0

Related Courses: Aircraft Engineering Drawing,

Aircraft Production, Aerospace Vehicle

structures, Flight mechanics, Flight vehicle

Design, Aerospace Propulsion, Finite Element

Methods, Advanced Computational

Aerodynamics with Lab, Computational



Computational Structures and Aerodynamics

includes software like ANSYS, Fluent & Gambit


Aircraft Engineering Drawing Lab includes the

basic engineering drawing techniques, Use of

AutoCAD, Machine drawings and Assembly


Aircraft Production Technology Lab Work on

Drilling, welding, Shaping, molding, Milling,

Cylindrical/Surface Grinding, Casting, Foundry,

CNC Machining.



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