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Expert Chiromancer and psychic

Festus, MO
March 10, 2019

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James Ward

James Ward is a palmist who has been practicing and performing readings since he was twelve years old. Growing up in a family of dedicated palm readers, James has studied chiromancy for over 15 years and uses his comprehensive expertise and knowledge to connect with and show people a reflection of their inner beings.

James discovered the science of palmistry early on in life. His great-great-grandfather studied under William John “Cheiro” Warner, a celebrated Irish palmist from the twentieth century who told the fortunes of famous people like Mark Twain, Mata Hari, Oscar Wilde, and the Prince of Wales. When James was twelve, his father—too a practicing palmist of over 30 years—gave James his first book on the subject, Palmistry for All by none other than Cheiro.

Cheiro’s book, paired with his father’s teachings, gave James a strong foundational knowledge of palm reading that he built upon over the years. Soon, he learned how to decipher symbols in mounds and understand associations between lines and the planets. He drew inspiration from the Kabbalah and meditation practice, in turn, learning how to perform more spiritual readings where he could use the palm as a conduit into a person’s emotions. Throughout his twenties, James dug deeper into the origins and history of palm reading, exploring Sumerian and Tibetan practices, studying chakra cleansing, and learning to imbue trinkets or charms with positive energy, so that after a reading, people could draw strength from these items when they were feeling low.

Palmistry has had a profound effect on James’s life and on his spiritual and emotional growth. Currently, he helps fuse modern-day technology with scientific palmistry practices, obtained through texts and teachings that were passed down to him over generations, to help people discover insights for success in their lives.

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