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Java Web development

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 10, 2019

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Yinong (Michael) Cai

** ***** ****** ******, *******, (c) 519-***-****, (e)


·Experienced with C++, Java and SQL

·Hands on experience with HTML, CSS, Semantic UI, jQuery and JavaScript

·Hands on experience with Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Restful service

·Experienced with various IDEs: Vim, Visual Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA and development under both Linux and Windows environment

·Experience using version control tools like Git

·Solid understanding of algorithm and data structure

·Strong interest in technology and capital markets


Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo September 2011 – April 2017

Major in Computer Science (with Business Option)

Major in Financial Analysis and Risk Management (with Professional Risk Management Option)


• Online Personal Blog System December 2018 - February 2019

-Developed the project using Java and Spring Boot

-Designed beautiful web pages to display personal blogs using Semantic UI, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

-Allows visitors to view blogs by tag and by category

-Supports full CRUD operation for blogs, tags and categories using ORM framework Hibernate and database MySQL

-Implemented Spring Handler Interceptor for access control including login and authentication

-Utilized Thymeleaf to receive data from back end database and rendered in the front end web page

• Weather Forecast website February 2019

-Employed Spring Boot and Java to build the website which takes city names as user input and displays corresponding weather information

-Wrote global exception handler to deal with exceptions properly

-Made API call to OpenWeatherMap and mapped the returned JSON information to POJO using Spring RestTemplate class

-Utilized Thymeleaf to dynamically change the video background of the website according to the weather condition in the city being searched

• Rogue Like Game ChamberCrawler3000 October - November 2018

-Developed an adventure game using C++

-Implemented Observer design pattern to automatically update the game board

-Applied Polymorphism to enemy class properly to achieve different AI behaviors

• Vector Drawing Program October - November 2018

-Developed a vector-drawing program including a canvas and tool palettes using Java Swing

-Employed MVC paradigm to increase flexibility of program

• Monopoly Game Design September - December 2014

-Designed and implemented a game similar to Monopoly using C++

-Designed and implemented additional sound and effect features to increase playability of the game

-Demonstrated great communication and teamwork skills through working with team members and deliver presentations to the class

• Library Database Design and Implementation May - August 2016

-Constructed a database which follows the Static Embedded SQL Protocol using C++

-Implemented a search system which consist of multiple application programs with interfaces

-Fully satisfied the efficiency and correctness requirements of database

• Simple Distributed System Design May - August 2016

-Completed a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) using C++

-Employed transportation, link, layers and sockets of the network system

-Achieved free communication between servers and clients

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