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Maple Leaf, ON, Canada
March 10, 2019

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Seeking a position as childcare care giver and make the most of my care giver experience and corresponding compassion to assist client live a comfortable dignified life. Personal Information:

Birth Date March 13. 1977

Birth Placed Tuguegarao City, Philippines

Nationality ilipino

Civil Status Separated

Height: 5’1”

Weight 62Kgs

Qualification and Strength

1. Responsible and dependable quality

2. Able to give detailed and accurate care to client 3. Knowledge to both child care and elderly care

4. Thorough understanding of health and safety practices 5. Hands on experience in household related to the clients Work Experience:

·Child Care

· Andrea Marko – September 2017 to May 2018 Thornhill, Ontario

· Akiva – 13 years old

· Benyamin – 10 years old

·Shayna – 8 years old

·Leyvie – 7 years old

· Evanthia Themistocleous Rossos - October 2011 to May 2017 Nicosia, Cyprus

·Stavros Rossos 10 years of age

·Themis Rossos 7 years of age

·Ariana Rossos 5 years of age

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To provide personal hygiene (Bathing. Changing Diapers, Dressing, Feeding) 2. Preparing food to cook

3. Teaching to learn rhymes

4. Playing with them

5. Cleaning the household task

6. Washing Clothes

7. Ironing

Educations and Certifications:

1. 6 moths live in care giver training

September 05, 2005 to March 13, 2006

2. 2 years Bachelor of Science in Computer Science April 24, 2004

3. High School Diploma

March 25, 1994

Special Skills:

*Personal care/experience child care with disability particularly on child with Autism Respectfully Yours,

Cherill B. Talaue

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