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Registered Nurse Practitioner

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
Market related Salary
March 10, 2019

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Clinical director and Advanced practice registered Nurse

Edward Mapuranga

Flat number 2

Romanus Kamupungu Street

P.O. Box 3348

Safari Rundu

Kavango East Region

Republic of Namibia

Telephone number; +264********

Mobile; +264*********

Mobile 2: +264*********


Email 2:

Career Objective

A Registered Nurse Practitioner and researcher with unrestricted license and currently practising; seeking a satisfying and challenging position at a training facility or medical facility where his vast clinical research/nursing experience and commitment to thrive professionally, is used to promote well-being and best practice for all clients .

Career Achievements

Developed OSCE assessment and evaluation instruments for mental health and psychiatric nursing science Welwitchia University 2016

Revised, updated and brought into internationally observed benchmarks the mental health syllabus for Welwitchia University 2018

Developed clinical practical booklets nursing science diploma programme Ministry of health and social services Namibia2014

Well experienced in Nursing theory, Nursing Science, mental health and forensic psychiatric case management

Recognised with a Certificate and award for exemplary academic and clinical teaching from Welwitchia University Clara Barton School of nursing.

Recognised with a Certificate and long-stay award from Health Directorate Ministry of Justice Zimbabwe 2004.

Certificate of Appreciation during National Polio Immunisation programme Namibia 2006.

Recognised with a Certificate and award for exemplary psychiatric nursing science 1997.


Researcher/Nurse Practitioner/ Clinical Instructor/ Lecturer… 2016 to date

Clara Barton School of Nursing

Nursing Tutor responsible for lectures, simulations and examinations.

Clinical Instructor for fourth years Mental health Nursing Science

Lecturer, Researcher and Research Supervisor for Research students

Member, Examination committee

Member, Research committee

External Examiner.

Meticulously assesses students in the clinical areas using approved benchmarks.

Evaluates nursing care planning, diagnosis, interventions and outcome against the scope of practice of the nursing profession


Rundu State Hospital male ward

Assessed patients, clients and the family and determined home care requirements.

Used the nursing process and SOAP formular to manage clients/patients/students holistically.

Initiated care plans and made necessary adjustments with evolving demands

Evaluated and provided treatment for patients

Gave health education regarding treatment and disease condition to patients and relatives

Administered prescribed medication and treatments

Documented nursing care plans neatly, accurately and on time

Catheterised both male and female patients, did catheter care and performed intake and output recording and reported all abnormalities to the Doctor.

Performed suctioning and breathing exercises on patients

Inserted Nasogastric tubes and fed patients using Nasogastric tubes and removed the tube after the procedure. Recorded feeds on Fluid balance chart.

Attended to patient grooming including all types of baths and oral care

Performed change of positions, skin care and prevented bed sore-formation

Worked with clinicians in clinical areas.

Organised and taught nursing students on clinical attachment.

Provided urgent psychiatric nursing interventions including assessments, diagnosis and prescribing medications to new and chronic admissions.

Performed TB/HIV AIDS care, treatment and follow-up.

Performed discharge planning as part of nursing care plan and implemented it before discharge


Rundu State Hospital male/ female/ Paediatric surgical wards.

Night duty Nurse Manager for all four medical-surgical units combined.

Initiated and facilitated changes to new wound care management using evidence-based research resulting in accelerated healing of chronic ulcerating lesions on patients.

Coordinated smooth referrals and resultant transportation of orthopaedic, ophthalmic and all surgical cases for further surgical intervention to higher treatment centres.

In response to daily ward challenges to remain on the game and remain relevant, initiated and implemented updating of outdated procedure manuals resulting in clear treatment guidelines.

Treated various surgical patients and evaluated outcome based on set goals of treatment including wound irrigation and various suture techniques.

Achieved client satisfaction as a result of short-stay hospitalisation.


Nankudu District Hospital

District supervisor for TB/HIV AIDS care services responsive to a population of more than 50000.

Provided medical diagnosis, evaluation as well prescribed treatment and family planning to patients

Initiated, monitored and provided follow-up to patients on TB treatment and chronic diseases.

Formed and ran active TB/HIV/AIDS awareness drama, song and dance groups.

Promoted and implemented the five golden rules of TB care and prevention.

Created sputum collection centres AND DATA records at strategically located clinics to ferry specimens to the District laboratory and treated opportunistic infections.

Achieved treatment success rate of 95% which was a milestone for district, region and ministry.

Provided primary health care to a diverse population with diverse health needs.

Facilitated in programme development for TB/HIV/AIDS training.

Trained Ministry of Health and Social Services TB/HIV/AIDS awareness volunteers.

Researcher/Nurse Practitioner/ Clinical Instructor/ Lecturer… 2003 to 2005

Zimbabwe Open University School of Nursing

Clinical Instructor responsible with training of students

Trained and coordinated students in conducting surveys

Conducted site visits weekly to students at study sites assessing progress of research studies

Observed all manner of data collection and analysis to ensure quality assurance

Monitored all sites noting that required ethical procedures were strictly adhered to by all students

Observed that all collected data was securely locked for confidentiality and safety

Member of the research committee who participated bi-weekly in research meetings

Participated in data analysis, reporting and dissemination of research results

Was available throughout student’s research projects to attend to any eventualities


Harare East Memorial clinic

Conducted research on patient quality of care bench-marks

Managed, Supervised and coordinated the smooth functioning of maternity, surgical, medical and outpatients departments.

Formulated and supervised implementation of health-care programmes for all patients using the nursing process.

Taught and mentored professional nurses and demonstrated advanced nursing expertise in acute and chronic disease care including medication therapy

Optimised use of both human and material resources by judicious delegation.

Provided medical and surgical care to all patients.

Provided medical evaluation, treatment and care to Sarahata Butchery staff of 40 members.

Baines Avenue clinic Intensive Care Unit locum registered nurse

Saint Anne’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit locum registered nurse

West End clinic Intensive Care Unit locum registered nurse

REGISTERED NURSE & Researcher…1993-2001

Ingutsheni Central Hospital

Bulawayo City clinic

Harare Central clinic

Greystone Park clinic

Conducted surveys on nosocomial infections at the city clinics

Assessed meticulously presenting signs and symptoms of emergencies at various casualty Departments including malaria haemoglobin, Haemoglucotest, urinalysis and pregnancy tests and performed nursing treatments BASED on nursing diagnoses and nursing care plans.

Performed sutures independently and interdependently with attending surgeon.

Treated, transferred, referred and discharged patients in consultation with attending physician.

Prepared nursing care plans, gave health education on prescriptions, disorders and treatment protocol.

Administered oral, intravenous, topical and intramuscular medications

Assessed, performed wound care, shortening of drains, skin tractions, stoma care, pre and post operative patient care and inserted intravenous Cannular.

Prepared clients/relatives for home care.

Inserted male and female catheters and performed catheter care then removed catheter after the procedure.

Inserted, cared and fed clients/patients using Naso-gastric tubes and then removed tubes after the procedure.


Clear understanding of the research process

Able to work independently as well as with others professionals from diverse backgrounds

Able to work in shifts and unnatural hours

Able to assess, diagnose, monitor and evaluate events of clinical significance

Time management and ability to prioritise

Technical, versatile and able to learn quickly new devices

Autonomy and dedication to professional calling

Organization and planning

Good recordkeeping and computer literate

Able to explain complex medical concepts to colleagues

Strong communication and presentation skills

Education and Certification

Diploma in caring

Alison Education (Ireland), 2015

Certificate in TB treatment (2007)

Certificate in PMTCT (2008)

Masters of Science (MSc. Nsg).

University of Zimbabwe college of Health sciences (Harare), 2001.

Diploma in mental health and psychiatric nursing

Department of mental health education (Ingutsheni central hospital, Bulawayo), 1997.

Systemic Counselling certificate

Department of mental health education (Ingutsheni Central hospital, Bulawayo), 1994.

Diploma in General nursing

Mpilo Central Hospital School of Nursing (Bulawayo) 1993.


Service award from Welwitchia University for academic output excellence

Received scholarship to study at the University of Zimbabwe.

Research was selected for open day university presentation due to its methodology and significant results.

Certificate of service- Ministry of health and Child-welfare_ Zimbabwe.

Long-service award for exemplary practice from Health directorate Zimbabwe prison service

Certificate of appreciation-Ministry of health and Social Services –Namibia.


Denise Du Plessis ( Welwitchia Health Training Centre & International University of Management (IUM) nursing science department Senior lecturer)


Mobile: +264*****-****.

Zimbabwe Open University Nursing science department

Mirriam Chitura (chairperson).


Telefax: +263*******/9

Rundu State hospital

Alice Lifalaza (Rundu Intermediate hospital Chief Nursing officer & University of Namibia nursing science Clinical Instructor for Rundu Campus).


Tel; +264-**-******

Mobile: +264-***-******.

Dr. G. Likando (Dean) Faculty of Education, University of Namibia

Mobile number: +264**-***-****

Email address:

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