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Engineer Electrical

March 11, 2019

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Registered Electronic Engineer No. 48269

Phase 4Blk 73 Lot 36 Deca Homes, Tugbok, Davao City Philippines Mobile(Globe): +639********* + Skype: mhoking + Email Address: Career Objective

Pro-active Electronic Engineer with significant experience and knowledge in Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control (SCADA, RTU ModBus, PLC), Electrical works and design. I have almost 6 years’ experience in field service, operations and maintenance, and supervisory. My other experience includes online programming, designing, quality control, and scheduling. Can work with minimum supervision and dedicated to any job responsibility. All I wanted in this career is to grow and to work for an organization which would extend its support and motivation and a better work environment in such a way that together we set out on path of mutual growth and prosperity.



University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City


Professional Regulatory Board, Philippines


Process Measurement, Process Control

VMS(Vibration Monitoring System), ESS (Emergency Safe Shutdown) BMS (Burner Management System), Anti-Surge Control





- Instrumentation / Profibus

- Generator, Motor and Control

- SQL Server, MS Access, Visual Basic, Windows OS

- Alarm System / Electrical jobs

- Power Control (VFD, relays, regulator)

- Antenna and Transmitter

- Marine Electronics / Electrical/ Instrumentation and Controls

- Telecom ( FOC, WiFi, Router, Switch, Telephony)

- STANDARD ( Sabic, ARAMCO, Royal Commission, ISA) Employment History

Assistant ELECTRICIAN (6mos) 05/2018 – 11/2018

RDC Reield Marine Services Inc.

VESSEL: M/T Criseldrei

Main Propulsion Engine: 1200 BHP = 846KW

Type of Engine: Cummins (Twin Diesel Engine)

Gross Tonnage: 508.63 MT

Maintained two main propulsion diesel engine by preventive and proper operation and auxiliary generator including batteries, air condition, boiler and freezer.

Replace and maintain lights with different size and type. Oversee operation and maintenance to all electronics and communication devices, alarm equipment and panel system, control valves, different motor and control system. SERVICE ELECTRICIAN & Online Job Freelancer (1.1yr) 02/2017 – 03/2018 The Krusty Krub Corp

Mintal, Davao City

Installed CCTV with 4 camera in and out of the coffee shop, pulling cable and termination to its DVR.

Repaired damaged defryer, electric stove, blender, and maintain airflow for exhaust fan smoke.

Assisted Telecom FTH installation from curb to our designated shop for Internet service with 50Mbps speed rate.

Able to install signages using panaflex, lightings, fixtures and interior design.

Installed AWG#6 cable stranded copper wire from feeder to our Circuit Breaker Panel, and also installed direct line MCB inside the nearby kitchen for peripheral outlet so that for easy and safe troubleshooting.

Managed weekly purchased stocks for inventory, employee salary, quality control and also POS system using Quickbook for cash flow and database.

Worked part-time as QA/QC for online call center based in California, USA account for Student Loan Forgiveness Program, and also as E-commerce Product Researcher and Listing Amazon platform. INSTRUMENT & CONTROL SUPERVISOR (1.10 yrs) 03/2015 - 01/2017 Project 2

Fawzi Najrani Est. (FNE) supplied to SAMSUNG ENGINEERING CO LTD. EPC – Saudi Aramco Third Party IPP

Project : Gas Plant Independent Powerplant

Site Location : Hawiyah, Al Ahsa & Rastanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phase : Commissioning- Al Ahsa / Construction - Rastanura 3

Supervised the remaining installation with co-inspection for fire alarm system of GTG (gas turbine generator) phase1&2 of the powerplant (fire-alarm for strobe lights, sound and sensors).

Loop checked the remaining installation of the field sensor under HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)- phase1&2 from ABB- DCS(Distributed Control System) 800xA to the site under my team.

Installed and co-inspect some remaining sensors, instrument cable and alarm system under TIAC (Turbine Inlet Air Chilling). And also to some are like main PEECR (process electrical and electronics control room), Feedwater, and CCR such cable trays, rigid steel conduit, impulse and air tubing, instrument installation, glanding and termination, and pulling of cables, junction boxes. Co-inspection of connection with QC for JB to SIS to field sensors, SIS grounding from panel to Instruments, sensor to JB installation to different part of the plant. And also to Switchgear and inside the Distributed Control System Control Room down to its distribution patch panel.

Troubleshoot with vendor (GE for GTG and ARANER for TIAC) and remaining balanced installation and inspection. Prepared RFI (request for inspection) docs as well as witness inspection with the PCPC

(Power Cogeneration Plant Company) main contractor of Samsung. Checked and asked assistance for some discrepancy from the drawing to the actual installation. And I also checked material at the warehouse and E&I store and push the crew to work out in order meet the deadline.

Provide material plan before installation to the crew (instrument/electrical technician or welder) for the HOT or COLD work. Able to process with the work permit for safety permit and superintendent approval.

Able to follow-up some sub-contracting office that were located inside the plant for some of their pending jobs and able to expedite them in order to meet the deadline.

Provide the team a good plan by providing right drawing and monitor each work output and records for their performance to the superintendent.

Able to work with during the cable insulation testing and grounding, leak testing for impulse tubing, electrical inspection from DCS to distribution panel to Junction box and to field sensor (flow magnetic sensor, temperature and flow transmitter, diff. pressure sensor meter, pressure gauge with brands like Emerson, Rosemount and etc.

Installation and inspection of telecom cable such as for telephone with Explosive proof and paging sound system (horn and strobe light) and some BMS(Building Management System).

Installation and co-inspection of primary and secondary cable using cable trays (perforated and ladder) and also with rigid steel conduit.

Installation and inspection of junction box for electrical and instrumentation or SIS.

Collected engineering documents and drawings like instrument index, I/O list, sensor grouping, JB schedule, instrument location drawing, drive list, cable schedule and interconnection diagram.

Review and approval of subcontractor (vendors) engineering drawings and documents for plant package systems.

Monitored material take-off from the store and warehouse and in charge manpower carefully and periodically which includes the instrument and electrical technicians. Project 1

Fawzi Najrani Est. (FNE) supplied to TECHNIP

EPC for KEMYA with ExxonMobil

Project : Halobutyl - Saudi Elastomer Petrochemical Site Location : KEMYA – SABIC Affiliates, Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Phase : Pre-commissioning and Construction


Perform site monitoring and supervision for actual instrument construction, tool box meeting for direct manpower, supervision of leak testing, supervision of instrument installation and punch clearing works at site, installation of primary and secondary cable line (checking and termination).

Able to supervised installation telecom telephone cable (copper and fiber-optic) and its junction box. Coordinator for sub-contractors, monitor and checking sub-contractors and direct manpower performance.

Prepares all reference documents for Instrument Construction e.g. Piping & Instrument Diagram, Hook-up Diagram, Isometric Drawing, Location Drawing, Vendor’s Drawing, Interconnection Wiring Diagram, Fire Alarm Detection System, Catalogues and Data Sheets.

Supervised installation of fire and gas detectors, explosive proof Speaker to all the plant and Alarm Speaker for Shelters, telecom cables and booth, field instruments (flow sensor, diff. pressure transmitter.

(capacitive),tank level transmitter (Endress-Hauser), flow coriolis sensors, temperature sensors, checking and installation of ESS(Emergency safe Shutdown) Triconex, and also other Analyzers in the Rubber Plant.

Able to used Control and Instrumentation Diagram (Analog Control Scheme), Control Logic Diagram (Binary Control Scheme) F&G detector / Instrument Grouping & JB schedule (Instrument Location Diagram), Cable Block Diagram, Cable Schedule and Interconnection Diagram, Cable Routing Layout, HMI Display Drawings, Central Control Room & Local Control Room Layout.

Provide RFI(request for inspection) to the QA/QC Department and co-inspected them and also with the KEMYA client.

Able to installed paging system and fire and gas alarm system, BMS, HVAC and chillers.

Awarded with Safety Excellence after completed the designated role without any injury and meet the job to its designated time frame.

E&I / SCADA (Supervisor Level) (2.2yrs) 08/2012 -11/2014 Sadeem Agriculture Inc. supplied to ROYAL COMMISSION O & M for Water Treatment / Irrigation System

Project : Royal Commission of Jubail (Industrial & Residential) Site Location : Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Description : Operation and Maintenance for Waterline

Able to design SCADA (ICC) schedule for time to open and close the different solenoid valve actuator connection for the different pipe size for Industrial and Residential site under Royal Commission of Al Jubail. And also we set corresponding time of water storage for the different tank location and size. Then, pump station has water tank level instruments connected to with pump control, MCB,VFD, Auma Valve actuator.

Inspect new contractor installation and test commissioning the RTU box which includes the connection of SOV(Solenoid Valve), Pressure Transmitter, Flow Transmitter, Tank Level Transmitter, Temperature monitor, Pump Control Panel with VFD setup connecting via RTU unit with PLC.

Setup SCADA to PLC and RTU using MOTOROLA. Install omnidirectional and directional antenna to every remote terminal unit using radio (CDM-750) as medium.

Supervised RTU Technician (12 people) and SCADA Operator (4 people) with 24/7 Helpdesk (4 people) using PC program, Telephone line and Two-way Radio.

Supervised telecom cables installation during setup of SCADA room and field user interface room.

Provide practical training and inputs to the Crew with regards to understanding and reviews of their works.

Make a weekly or monthly Work Plan to provide future estimate of Overtime Approval.

Receive Daily Work Accomplishment and evaluate reports, performances, field materials and request.

Follow-up Warehouse Store materials (SIV) and FMR for the emergency needed materials in the field and approval.


Update our systems Database for SCADA in terms of databank records from technical specification of Instruments, schedule of SOV and Pumping Station, Landscaping details for each area to conduct Pressure and Flow Analysis, Mapping of all RTUs/ SOVs from Community to Industrial area of Jubail City.

Submit any requested reports to the Royal Commission Engineer with regards to some problematic area which might cause due to low pressure, dying plants and dried grasses, tank overflow and “no water ”,and instruments failure such as PT, FT, LT and SOV, MOV, pump, VFD and RTUs.

Coordinate to other departments, contractors, RC Clients through responding by emails and attend frequent meetings with the managers, co-supervisor and RC Client.

We also used SAFEER system for online system introduced by Royal Commission Engineers for transactions and systematic procedure which are interconnected to all department.

Mobilized and patrolled during inspection of the Low pressure and help diagnosed causes of No water pressure during irrigation time. This might brought by pump station malfunction which in

Able to hold position as Acting Superintendent under SCADA control room as promulgated by our Operations Manager/Royal Commission Engineer office. My responsibility also include to attend meetings that represent our department to present issues and suggest some solutions that were closely related to irrigation and water supply demand and control.


O & M for Broadcasting Transmitter

Project : ABS-CBN TV Station Davao

Site Location : TV Station Davao, Philippines

Description : Operation and Maintenance for Broadcast Transmitter

Perform daily signing-on/signing-off of transmitter depending on assigned area station such in TV (ABS-CBN and Studio23) and FM (101.1 MHz) wherein located in uphill and another schedule for AM (1296 KHz Radio).

Read and analyze hot swappable power and pre-amplifier modules using Circuit Block Diagram Sheet.

Inspect completed work to ensure all hardware is tight, antennas are level, hangers are properly fastened, proper support is in place, or adequate weather-proofing has been installed.

Within our 8hrs work, we performed preventive maintenance such as cleaning the transmitters and its area after we shut-down. And during turning ON, we perform pre-heat and follow the standard operating procedure prescribed by the company to monitor and easily check and troubleshoot for any defects.

Every hour, we monitor the transmitter Power/ Current/Voltage of the transmitter using Toshiba and Electra

(100kw) for the 2 Digital TV transmitter using manual checking and SCADA. Also, we measure the FM transmitter parameter power accordingly. Every action done, we generate reports through text messaging, emails or putting to databank the pdf reports generated from SCADA.

Rectified all other factors such preventing Off-Air in the network to assure that all Clients Advertisements are operated with minimal interruptions and at maximum permissible power.

Simulated a 650-750KVA CAT generator during “broad-out and single-phase” with ATS (automatic transfer switch) to separate power supply from commercial power source to generator.

Install all necessary transmission equipment components, including antennas or antenna mounts, surge arrestors, transmission lines, connectors, or tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs).

Operates and conducts preventive maintenance of the generator set preventive maintenance in the tower by cleaning some antenna, HVAC and transmitter.

Operates microwave antenna during uplink to TV station Manila. 6

SERVICE ENGINEER (8mos) 10/2009 -06/2010


Distributor of Medical Diagnostic Supplies and Equipment Davao City

- Deliver goods (reagents & device) and perform after-sales services within warranty period to some clinical(pathological) and industrial laboratory in Davao region.

- Perform calibration of instruments using pneumatic valve pressure usually found inside the clinical device analyser for blood to perform well while testing its Calibration for Blood Standards and Control. Using the HMI, we can manipulate and encode some parameters and run test samples while checking the capability of analyzer performance. Any difficult job, we reported to the supplier’s technical assistance.

- Able to perform preventive and corrective maintenance of Diagnostic Machine such Fully/Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer (Dialab, Beckman Coulter and Hospitex), Hematology, Bloodgas and Electrolytes Analyzer.

- Deliver products to clients such aslaser fluorescence reader, Bio-safety Cabinet A2, Incubator, Drying Sterilizer and Hot-air Oven, Serofuge, Centrifuge, Micro-hematocrit, Microscopy (Olympus) and bloodbank refrigerator.

- Make reports for standards procedure, preventive and corrective maintenance, and able to collect money for monthly or weekly payments for our receivables after doing the maintenance from distant places of the region.

- Made sales through online advertisement, chat support, and deliver goods to our valued customers and made contact from our supplier using online store alibaba. SERVICE ENGINEER (7mos) 02/2009 -08/2009


Distributor of Medical Diagnostic Supplies and Equipment Davao City

Deliver after sales service for Laboratory Equipments and its Reagents with the wide products in hematology, clinical chemistry, immunoserology, coagulation, electrolytes, integrated systems, blood gas, blood bank, microbiology, urinalysis, hospital equipments (hospital beds, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, lights, etc.) and laboratory supplies. Installed UPS using APC with different rates upto 2KVA along with analyzers

Help monitor in the developments of newly installed laboratory equipments. This includes the problems in terms of the printing methods, reagents used, analytical results from the samples(blood,serum).

Provide instruction to the laboratory technician on using the machines during product demonstration of Hospitex Diagnostics, Instrumentation Lab, Beckman Coulter, Bruner, various types of automatic and semi-automatic analyzers are available to fulfill the daily needs of every diagnostic lab, from rural hospitals to reference diagnostic centres, and they are continuously monitored by our specialists for their accurate performances. Our range of photometers and cell counters, along with accessories, solutions and consumables, meets the small and medium laboratory needs.

Able to repair and assist in delivery of machines to the laboratory departments.

Deliver reagents from time to time in the different client hospitals.

Able to communicate in Sales department, Laboratory technician especially the Chief MedTech. 7

OPERATIONS STAFF QC Factory worker, Operator and Liaison Officer (2yrs) 08/2005-08/2007 ALMAR AGRIVENTURES INC.

Export of Fresh Banana and Pineapple

Davao City

Use computers for various applications, such as database management or word processing.

Collect and deposit money into accounts, disburse funds from cash accounts to pay bills or invoices, keep records of collections and disbursements, and ensure accounts are balanced.

Set up and manage paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork, or maintaining documents, such as attendance records, correspondence, or other material.

Operate office equipment, such as fax machines, copiers, or phone systems and arrange for repairs when equipment malfunctions.


Operate electronic mail systems and coordinate the flow of information, internally or with other organizations.

Open, read, route, and distribute incoming mail or other materials and answer routine letters.

Conduct searches to find needed information, using such sources as the Internet.

Complete forms in accordance with company procedures. INTERNSHIP 320 hrs – 8months 12/2002 -05/2003

PLDT(Philippine Long Distance Telephone) / Philips Service Center Davao City

Able to work with NOC Engineer in operations and maintenance in their control room and able to have educational trip during field service repair and installation within Davao wide.

Able to learn servicing and repair household appliances in Philips Service Center.

Able to assist technician in going to house servicing. TRAININGS / CERTIFICATION

Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning / Servicing By: Philippine Association of Master Electrician Inc.(PAME), 2018 Manila, Philippines

Marine Electrical Motor Controls

By: Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corp., 2018

Manila, Philippines

Telecommunication OSP Infra Design in Oil and Gas Industry By: IECEP Davao Training, 2018

Davao, Philippines

Safety Excellence Award

By: Technip, 2016

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Basic Fiber-Optic Splicing

By: Trainors Internatinal Technology Inc, 2013

Jubail, Saudi Arabia


Instrumentatation 1,2,3

By: Trainors Internatinal Technology Inc, 2013

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Advanced PLC Programming in SCADA & RTU

By: Middle East Agriculture Co(MEAC)., 2014

Khobar KSA

Handled Test Equipments

FLUKE Model 189& Model 87 V True RMS Multi meters, HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Model 375 & 475 Communicator, DC power supply, Integrated circuit tester, Digital Multimeter, Ammeter, Megger, Signal and Frequency Generator, Oscilloscope, cable analyzer, power meter, calibration equipments. COMPUTER LITERACY

Proficient in spreadsheet Excel, word processing Word and Powerpoint presentation

Familiar in AUTOCAD Electrical, Sketch-UP and Smart Plant Intool, Javascript, C++, ladder logic programming.

Adept in computer graphics and lay-out using Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. LANGUAGE LITERACY

Korean - Basic

English – Advanced

Arabic – Basic

Filipino- Native


Date of Birth : December 1, 1981

Marital Status : Single

T.I.N. : 265-538-840

SSS Identification Number : 09-2669351-7

PhilHealth Identification Number : 16-050305851-8

PAG-IBIG Number : 121*-****-****

Passport Number : P6471962A until March 2028

SIRB Number : 0953728-C0831580

Driver License : L02-10-0006214 ( PHILIPPINES ) / 233-***-**** ( SAUDI ARABIA ) I hereby certify that all information are updated true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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