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Software Engineer

Quebec City, QC, Canada
March 11, 2019

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Address: *** *** ******* ****** ******, Quebec

Email:, Tel : 418-***-****

Usman Ali, P. Eng.


* ***** ** * & D Experience in the field of Communication Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Electronic Systems, Embedded System, GPS and mobile phone technologies at Intelligent Imaging Systems (Edmonton, Canada), Texas Instruments (Munich, Germany), Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Circuits (Erlangen Germany)

3 years Wireless Communication (WiMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.) experience.

Specialized in industrial research to design/develop solutions as per client specifications.

More than 8 years of firmware/software development experience in C/C++/python/C#

M.Sc. in Signal Processing (University of Paris XI, France) and Engineer’s Integration program in Electronics Engineering (NAIT, Alberta, Canada)

Handled both Managerial and Technical aspects of several industrial and academic R & D projects.

Strong team leading capabilities earned during supervision of several projects as a university lecturer and as product engineer at Intelligent Imaging Systems (Edmonton, Canada)

Excellent public speaking and communication skills developed during industrial/conference presentations

Bilingual (English and French)


Firmware development in Linux for Technologic Systems (Linux-based ARM), Multitech embedded modems (GSM, HSPA) and Moxa wireless embedded Computer (W406 Series).

Firmware development on Texas Instrument's DaVinci (TMS320DM6446 and TMS320DM6437), RF CC2520 and TI’s MSP-EXP430FG4618 Development Kit

Design, development, and debugging in C/C++/Visual C/C#/Python and MATLAB

SQL, Linux/Unix, Shell programming and Network programming

Worked on DD-WRT (Linux open source firmware for WLAN routers)

Worked on Sierra Wireless Cellular Modems, Remote web power switch and network switches

Multisim (NI), Code Composer (Texas Instruments)

Hands on experience on Agilent Oscilloscopes, Power supplies and Function Generators


[Nov 2016 – July 2018] EXFO, Quebec, Canada (Signal Processing Designer, R & D Hardware)

Design and develop Signal Processing for optical network test equipments like Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) and Power Meter(PM)

Design and develop (in C#) test tools to automate OTDR/OSA production

[Aug 2011 - Sept 2016] Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc., Canada (Product Engineer, R & D)

Project: : Integration of Weight In Motion (WIM) equipment and DriveWyzeTM (Mobile application to update/warn truck drivers):

oR&D to develop hardware/software solution to integrate existing road-side Weight in Motion (WIM) equipment to the DriveWyzeTM

oExplored and considered all possible technologies available on Smart Phones (like WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS) to find solution for truck localization as it approaches a Weigh Station.

oDesigned hardware system for integration with existing road-side WIM hardware

oDeveloped (in Python) embedded software for Linux-based ARM embedded computers for integration with Cloud based web-service and WIM hardware.

oDesigned and developed (in C#) an algorithm to perform lane estimation and time-tracking of the trucks.

oPerformed operational on-site testing using On-board devices (Android phones, Zonar, PeopleNet, Rand McNally), SQL database queries and through data analysis.

oTested (End-to-End) complete GPS-based solution before handing over for production.

oResponsible to identify operational/design issues and recommend design changes.

oCoordination with mobile developers (Android and iOS) to create mobile applications as per requirements, and suggested improvements for better GPS data collection from mobile devices.

oResponsible to plan, schedule and test the new integration solutions.

[Sept 2007 - Oct 2010] Laboratory of Signal & System, CNRS, France (Microsoft Research Scholar)

Sponsored by Microsoft Research, U.K.

Project: A robust video receiver allowing WIMAX video broadcasting and indoor WIFI Rebroadcast:

oResponsible to design a gateway (or relay node) between WiMAX and WiFi networks with robust protocol stack. Soft - Permeable Protocol Stack (S-PPS) is developed to allow flow of soft and erroneous packets, containing the soft information (e.g., a posteriori probabilities or likelihood ratios), to the higher layers.

oTwo critical tools i.e., Frame Synchronization (FS) and Packet-level FEC decoding are used to enable full utilization of S-PPS under an inter-networking scenario (WiMAX-WiFi).

oDeveloped and simulated in C++ (IT++, www. )

[July 2008- Sept 2008] Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany (Network Communication Engineer)

Project: Rebroadcasting Video over Network:

oResponsible to recover the lost multimedia (H.264) packets in a multicast wireless environment using RTP-level Forward Error Correction (FEC).

oDeveloped server-to-client rebroadcast prototype for the Local Area Network (LAN) using the existing libraries to enable platform independent implementation.

oDeveloped in VC++

[June 2007 – Sept 2007] TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Germany (Embedded DSP Co-op)

Project: Low latency video (encoded) transmission over network:

oUpgraded the existing networked video (H.264) demo for Digital Media System-on-Chips (TMS320DM6446 and TMS320DM6437), which enable one DSP board to broadcast video and other to receive video through network, in order to reduce the latency (originally of 400ms).

oModified the multi-thread C code (Unix/Linux) to reduce the buffering/transmission latency.

oReduced the latency to around 100 ms and documented the modifications that are available at

[Summer 2003] And Or Logic Ltd, Pakistan (Embedded System Co-op)

Led the team of 4 people to interface the microcontroller with the smart card

Debugged the noise generator module of the newly designed PCI board for the communication gateway

Learned Programming Language Interface for interfacing C & VerilogX language compilers in UNIX

Learned Assembly coding of IIR & FIR filters, FFT, and Vector Quantization for ADSP2181

[Summer 2002] Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Pakistan

Project: CNC machine interfacing (Department of Mechanical Engineering):

oResponsible to the interface the CNC machine with computer through the serial port

oImplemented the interface in C


[2010-2011] Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Canada

Engineer’s and Technologist’s Integration Program (Electronic Engineering) CGPA: 4.0/4.0(best student)

[2007-2010] TELECOM ParisTech, France

Ph.D. in Computer Systems and Networking Grade: Very Honorable

[Sept 2007] University of Paris 11, France

M.Sc. in Signal Processing Average: 14.75/20 Rank: 4/20

[2000 - 2004] Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Pakistan

B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering, CGPA: 3.62/4.00 highest GPA: 3.91 Rank: 10/200


[June 2011] Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Canada

Project (Team Leader): Wireless Transmission of medical signals using RF Communication

oLed a team of 4 to design and develop wireless transmission of heart beat pulse, patient voice, and text to the remotely located doctor’s office using TI's RF CC2520 Development Kit.

[Jan 2007 - July 2007] LSS, Supelec-University Paris XI-CNRS, France (M.Sc. Thesis)

Sponsored by French National Center for Scientific Research, France

Project: Multi-user Resource Allocation in WIMAX:

oStudied the Multi-user resource allocation for OFDMA based WIMAX. Several low complexity solutions for carrier and power allocation were examined and simulated in MATLAB.

oProposed to use the dual service provisioning (provided in WiBro) for WiMAX, where the four types of WiMAX services provided in WiMAX are grouped into two types. Dual service provisioning decreased the overall throughput while insuring QoS to Real Time (RT) users.

oSimulated in MATLAB

[May 2004 - June 2006] Dept. Electrical Engineering, COMSATS Institute of IT, Pakistan (Lecturer)

Research collaboration with Dr. Tariq Jameel, Sultan Qaboos University, OMAN on Complex Number System

Undergraduate project supervised at COMSATS Institute of IT, Pakistan

oHuman Brain Interfacing

oMobile to mobile communication through GPRS

oFace Recognition using Gabor filter

oOptimized Visual and Thermal Image Fusion for Efficient Face Recognition

Member of Department Research Committee at COMSATS Institute of IT, Pakistan

Responsible to manage University-Industry cooperation for student internships and industrial visits.

[2003 – 2004] GIK Institute, Pakistan (B.Sc. Final Year Thesis)

Supported by GIKI Alumni (Microsoft, USA) and Dr N. M. Rajpoot, University of Warwick, UK

Project (Team Leader): Image Compression using Offline Ant Colony System & Online tarp filter

oLed a team of 4 to develop a novel image compression system using Ant Colony System (ACS) for vector quantization. Key responsibilities were to conduct literature review, propose novel system, manage deadlines, and arrange biweekly meetings.

oWork published in the proceedings of 11th IEEE Workshop IWSSIP’04, 2004, Poland.

oDeveloped the image compression system in .NET framework after simulation in MATLAB.

Project: Simulation of OFDM using MATLAB


Participated in several IEEE international conferences and presented research papers

Member Local Arrangement Committee: IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Intelligent Systems (ICEIS’2006), 22-23 April 2006, Islamabad.

Microsoft Research – Cambridge University Summer School, 7-11 July 2008, Cambridge, UK

Participated in Speed Wiring Competition arranged by IEE GIKI CHAPTER (Rank: 4/20)

Member of Student advisory Committee, NAIT, 2011, Canada


Best Student in Electronics Engineering Integration Program, NAIT (Canada)

French scholarship for M.Sc. (France)

Qualified for inter-university round in Robocon Contest Thailand 2003, a robotic competition to design an autonomous robot to shoot a plastic ball into a free hanging target.

Dean’s honors list in consecutive 7 semesters.

Best overall student of the year 1999 in college


To be provided on request.

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