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Software Engineer Project

San Diego, CA
March 08, 2019

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Benjamin Otero Villa


A: 3981 National Ave. 92113 San Diego CA.

Skills Summary

• SQL Server

• C#



• Excel

• Java



• C++

• JavaScript

• Stored Procedures

• Triggers

• Functions

• Views

Professional Experience

I-Xport August 2014 – Present

Software Engineer

• Worked with QuoSoftWare (third party with inventory software)

• Developed four new projects with DB Schema

• Completed back end to front end support for the system that manages imports and exports

• Managed server resources, gathered requirements and provided user support

• Developed desktop application to help gather information from web pages

• Developed web project (Indx Tarifa, Indx Fiscal, Certificacion and Indx Registros)

• Developed databases for Indx Tarifa, Indx Fiscal, Certification and System for management of many systems

• Developed SQL stored procedures, triggers, views and functions

• Managed the database and developed applications to help manage data

• Developed application’s server, windows applications and web applications

• Conducting testing of new implementations

let me provide you a brief about my experience, I have developed 3 web projects (ix fiscal, ix tarifa, ix certificacion), the way I developed this project has been 80 % backend, it means all logic, calculate fields, run at SQL server, stored procedures or functions. I have developed desktop app to maintenance data based, to apply ETL from many sources like XMLs files, Excel files, web sites, this last, the app go through a web site to get information, download it and save it at our database, about the tools I use are, visual studio, c#, MVC, MS SQL, HTML I gave support to DataStage web project developing some features like importer module, reporter. This was made on with MS SQL, the importer module, read information from Txt Files separate by “ ”, the back-end read the file, clean up data, after this, compare the information with database information and make a report of differences, the miss information is save it to the data base, the information with different, user has to select which information replace and which stay

at the ix fiscal project, I developed a web project and desktop, the object of this project it's keep all invoice from our client, so they can know how much they has spent, how much they owe to their providers and how much they paid, this information come from a government web site, I develop a desktop app on C#, this app go throw web site, it logged in and search some item to continue until reach where the information is run a script to get the information y keep on the app, then star to download XML File, when the app done to download, the app start to run a stored procedure to read the XML files, this information is saved at the database, after this i able to make reports,

in this app I used, Threads, C#, MS SQL, stored procedures, at the Ix Certificacion, this web project has been developed with MVC, MS SQL, C# this project read information from our databased to make a resume so we can make report for managers Loc-Jack January 2014 – August 2014

Department Coordinator and Support

• Developed, tested and implemented new scripts to GPS devices

• GPS device installation

• Provided client support

• Reported failures to network providers until the problem was resolved Harman de Mexico January 2013 – July 2013


• Implemented web forms utilizing the SharePoint environment

• Developed a software tool inhouse, the software helps the management of documentation for the departments of quality, production and documentation

• Developed workflows to approve or rejects items, process items and ensemble methods and specification sheets

• Developed data base schema, stored procedures, triggers and jobs

• Developed new modules

• Completed testing and support for end users

• SharePoint admin and completed workflows in SharePoint Designer Education

Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, 2012

Computer Engineering

Lean Manufacturing Training, 2013

CETYS Universidad Couching Leadership, 2014

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