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IT Director

Milliken, Colorado, 80543, United States
March 08, 2019

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Daren A. Bauder

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Milliken, CO. 80543



I am a self-motivated, versatile leader with 20+ years of IT computer and network engineering and administration experience. I Achieve success through my extensive knowledge of network infrastructure and security within all windows based operating systems and applications. Excellent PC/Server hardware/software troubleshooting and resolution skills. Up to date knowledge of wireless and remote access management under current business practice models (ITIL). Technical advisor/lead to corporate partners tasked to align IT infrastructure to process flow and training for job shop manufacturing.


Operating Systems / Server Technologies:

All Microsoft server operating systems and available roles

All Microsoft desktop operating systems and environment capabilities

Hyper-V and VMware

Network Protocols:



Variety of brand named network hardware for phone PBX systems to Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Printers and business related peripherals, SAN, DAS and NAS solutions. Current working knowledge of Toshiba hybrid PBX phone and voicemail system. Barracuda, SOHO and SonicWall firewalls with VLAN management, Dell, Netgear and Ubiquiti managed switches. Current on wireless technologies to include protocols and related specifications.

Software and Software Suites:

All MS Office versions and licensing

All major business versions of Anti-Virus products

Scan routing and efax software, OCR and scanning software

Shipping software made for bar code labeling such as Zebra and LabelMark

MS Exchange 2016 management, other outside email communications such as Gmail,Yahoo and MSN/Outlook

Database tools specific to DRP’s (disaster recovery plans) Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g and SQL Express

Network diagnostic tools such as Solar Winds

Video Conferencing software such as WebEx and Skype

Manufacturing Industry specific software such as Track IT Suite, All Adobe Products, Corel Draw Graphics suites, SolidWorks CAD, AP100 (Amada), MasterCAM Mill and Lathe, Crystal Reports, Profit Key (ERP), Job BOSS (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning.

Work History:

Precision Metal Manufacturing / ProTech Powdercoating (09/13 – 01/19)

(Sheet Metal – Manufacturing / Fabrication) (Sheet Metal Finishing)

Estimating / IT Director

Cutting job costing directly effecting the bottom line through quoting of sheet metal products in the company ERP quoting system (JobBOSS).

Creating efficiencies through analysis and re-engineering and configuration of companies Data infrastructure. Procurement of servers, workstations and network hardware to comply with company’s business certifications and ERP systems hardware requirements.

Lowering annual IT budget costs by alignment and standardization of company network software and hardware. Creation of company policies and SOP’s throughout the manufacturing process.

Lowering annual telecommunications cost by 10 to 20 percent by establishing vendor relationship for Implementation and continuing support of Toshiba hybrid Digital / VOIP phone system.

Creating SOP efficiencies with the configuration of program communication from network to manufacturing equipment via hyper terminal, Cimco Editor or dedicated 802.11 cat 5.

Additional efficiencies and safety by implementing lean manufacturing and six sigma principles while transitioning manufacturing processes to a paperless job ticket system.

Lowering annual IT asset budget with the Installation and configuration of secure VLAN for 16 IP based surveillance cameras and 9 wireless access points.

Create and follow forecasted annual and quarterly IT budget based on internal capitol expense budget matrix.

WP Manufacturing (10/11 – 01/13)

(Plastic Mold Injection - Manufacturing)

Efficiency Manager / Facilities Manager / IT Manager

Minimize IT costs by the analysis and redesign/implementation of companies Data infrastructure to include servers with 30+ workstations, phone system, fire alarm system into newly remodeled 43,000 square foot facility.

Saved ownership money by acting as general contractor while newly purchased facility underwent construction. Construction included the following items:

oEntire exterior recovering with stucco.

oEntire premises to be re-landscaped and/or asphalt patched and parking lines re-painted.

oInstallation of 5,000 sq. ft. exterior chain link security fence.

oRoof and HVAC repairs.

oFraming, Painting, Concrete floor refinishing, floor tile/carpet, plumbing, lighting.

oInstallation of 6” fire pipe to meet code throughout entire facility.

oOversee water and air pipe design and installation throughout production floor to support plastic mold injection machines.

oAll phases of construction for 1,500 sq. ft. clean room through final inspection and testing to 100,000 parts per million certifications.

Created efficiencies by contributing to workflow process via Google cloud project management application (Wrike).

Cost analysis and savings of up to 25% by IT and Facilities budgeting and planning, establishing vendor and other service provider relationships. Software/hardware auditing, troubleshooting, upgrading and replacement.

Minimize cyber security risks through implementing virus/security threat detection as well as backup and recovery policies and plans.

New Energy Tech Co. (12/10 – 08/11)

(E-Commerce Sales & Distribution)

Director of Operations / IT Manager

Annual cost savings through analysis and redesign/implementation of companies Data infrastructure to include (NEC) VOIP phone system, network data stability based on a five nine standards (99.999%) for call centers.

Reduced IT budget costs through the administration, migration, integration, maintenance, support and service of the companies 2 HP servers with 15+ workstations on their LAN.

Manage and create workflow process, policies and procedures for online purchasing using strategic business integration techniques for Magento, QuickBooks, UPS Worldship, Shipgear and Smartscan (Sales Order Verification).

Efficiency and cost savings strategies to include IT forecasting, budgeting/purchasing. Establish and maintain vendor and other service provider relationships. Sales eCRM database administration for sales team tracking and reporting, software/hardware auditing, troubleshooting, upgrading and replacement.

Minimize cyber threats via virus/security threat detection as well as backup and recovery policies and plans.

Additional cost savings through administration and configuration of Access control and CCTV camera systems native and remote.

Star Precision, LLC (5/04 – 8/10)

(Sheet Metal Manufacturing/Fabrication)

IT Manager

Cut IT spending through strategic project planning and management. Migrate/integrate, maintain, support and service the companies 4 Dell and 1 HP servers with 50+ workstations on their LAN.

Annual IT cost reduction through the Implementation and administration of Perifitech SAN to a four 9 standard replacing multiple legacy servers.

Reduced IT spending and created efficiencies through administration and reporting tools of the companies Oracle driven Profit Key ERP software, scan routing and multiple LAN based print stations.

Office duties to include IT budgeting/purchasing, e-mail administration, software/hardware auditing, troubleshooting, upgrading and replacement.

Redundant data backup strategies based on best business practices (grandfather, father, son model), Symantec’s client/server antivirus protection for corporate, Internet security via Cisco 2400 router with Windows ISA proxy.

20 to 30 percent annual cost savings through the administration of 24 trunk DID phone system with digital to analog conversion upgrade. Phone wire configuration from CSU/DSU to Cisco router and PBX, hardwire mapping/documentation.

IT savings and efficiencies through network traffic intrusion detection tools and load balancing techniques (IP traffic/packet analysis).


Certificate of completion in the CAD, Robotics and Laser Program (2 yrs.), Career Development Center, 1988 and 1989.

Certificate of Completion for Diesel Engine Mechanics, USMC, 1991

Associates Degree in Computer Network Information Systems, Westwood College of Technology, 2000

Web Design and Development Techniques, 2000

Software Quality Assurance and Testing, 2001

Microsoft TS2, 2003

Crystal reports level I, 2005

Profit Key Software Training Seminar, 2006

CCNA remote training via LAN/WAN professionals grant, 2011

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