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Manager Project

Edmonton, AB, Canada
March 08, 2019

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Keith Brooks

**-***** ***** **** ***

Gramina Alberta


Dear Sir/Madam:

Please accept this letter and attached resume as my application for a position with your company. I have been in the construction trade for 20 plus years, I have been lucky enough to work on residential, commercial, light industrial and major industrial projects. I started as a carpenter and have been a General Contractor, a lead carpenter, a foreman, a superintendent and a senior superintendent for major projects for a large mechanical contractor.. As a carpenter and as a general contractor I oversaw and/or was hands on in most every trade’s part of the construction process. As a Superintendent for multifamily residential projects I was responsible for timely completion, scheduling and co ordination of all sub-trades as well as compliance with safety regulations and practices.. I have extensive knowledge and formal training in the Canadian National Building Code, moisture control as well as blue print examination, material takeoff, project estimating/cost control and contract administration with a very strong ability to develop scopes of work for all trades/suppliers.

I pride myself on quality workmanship, customer and client satisfaction, timely project completion, and a diverse range of experience in all three disciplines, commercial, residential and industrial . I have an excellent rapport with the trades and subordinates under my management, as well as exceptional people skills..One of my most often recognized skills/ability is the way I work well with designers, engineers and architects in a non confrontatntial way to achieve mutually satisfactory results.

I have worked very hard to excel in my chosen field, and through watching and learning all I could from the people and companies I worked with, and extra courses I took along the way I feel I have proven myself in this industry. My philosophy is to always strive to keep learning from everyone around me, and to continually stay on the leading edge of this ever changing industry.. I believe I have also learned from each mistake I have made or seen others make, since we all do make mistakes. . One of the most unique things I have learned came from blending the high-rise commercial scheduling and cost control techniques with the same from single/multi family residential construction and also using that knowledge and approach in major mechanical projects for FMR Mechanical. I learned to work with trades and employees that have distinctively different approaches to the same job, use the commercial trades for residential and residential trades for some commercial, and make it work out to the benefit of all involved. I have also learned from managing such large sites spread out from down town Fort McMurray to the huge oil sand sites of Suncor, Sincrude and others, simultaneously, that I do not micro manage and realize that training and team building is one of the keys to a successful project. I have been told that I employ above average customer service skills, an eye for detail and excellent troubleshooting abilities. I believe the client deserves to feel he or she is the reason we are providing a quality product. I also believe that the employee’s and trades under ones management are only as organized and professional as the person leading them, therefore I truly believe organization and always knowing what is occurring on each and every project is another of the keys to success. I flourish in an environment where hard work, innovation and customer satisfaction is expected and rewarded..I am above all a problem solver with the intention of achieving compliance without confrontation but can back up my position with all the intensity and facts needed.

Because I operated my own company before embarking on the career of construction management, it is in my nature to treat the company I am employed by as if it were my own. My employer is the reason my family can live the way we do, and I strive to ensure that every decision I make is in the best interest of my company. This leads to my belief that client satisfaction, along with high quality and cost controls is at the forefront of reasons why a company is successful. Keep the client informed and treat them with respect and insure they feel like their project is your number one priority, and I believe you can count on at least one more project through their recommendation. It also insures the turn over of that project will be easier for everyone involved. Some advice I give to my staff and something I expect from each of my subordinates is to follow a simple formula for a smooth running job.

1. Ensure your trades know exactly what is expected of them (no grey areas). 2. Ensure they have ample notice of scheduled start and completion dates. 3. Ensure the site is ready for them to carry out their scope of work efficiently. 4. Keep them informed of any and all changes to scopes or schedules as soon as they are realized. 5. Work with them to resolve any issues that may arise. 6. Make an atmosphere that promotes the fact that they work with you, not just for you (It’s a team effort).

7. Remember always that your staff and your trades are only going to be as professional and as organized as you are. (It starts at the top).

8. COMUNICATION with your trades, your clients and your team. I hear people say that “we need to push the trades”. I disagree with that statement. We need to pull them through, not push them. Meaning lead by example. When your staff and trades see their superintendent or manager on site doing the extra things to get it done, helping in areas that may not be “part of their job description”, I feel that you gain their respect and they will follow your lead and respond much better then if you simply sit on the side lines and “push them”.. From the management side I believe proper scopes of work and detailed specifications are key to eliminate any grey areas and ensure a smooth flow from start to finish. I have also been told that my contract admin abilities and my abilities to prepare detailed scopes of work and specification documents are excellent.

The following is a list of some of the certificates I hold and courses completed. National Building Code Part Nine (Includes: Footings and foundations (including PWF) / Framing / Chimney and fireplace / Mechanical ventilation / Insulation / Air and vapor barriers - Interior and exterior

Plans Examination and Review

Supervisor training in accident reduction techniques (S.T.A.R.T.) Safety orientated first aid


CSTS (Construction Safety Training System)


OSSA Oil Sands Safety Association

H2S Alive

AWP aerial work platform

Zoomboom/forklift qualification

Leadership for Safety Excellance


On a more personal note I would just like to say that I am one of those few individuals that sincerely love their profession and I believe that above all else this is my best quality. I am a hard worker and strive for excellence in every job I do if you are looking for someone who is willing to put in the extra hours, energy and effort necessary to assure smooth project flow and completion I am the right candidate for this position. I thank you for your consideration of my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am available at your convenience. Please feel free to call for further info. I can be reached at home 587-***-**** As well as by e-mail at

Sincere Regards,

Keith Brooks

Keith Brooks

23-51113 Range Road 270

Graminia Alberta

Cell. 587-***-****


2014-2017 ITC Construction

- site Formen / supervisor

- operate equipment ( excavator, bobcat and zoo boom)

- interior QC and schedule push

- oversee all mechanical testing and qc

- ensure completion and handover from construction to warranty 2012-2014 Grande design homes

- construction manager


- write and uphold contracts for contractors

- oversee Warrenty manager and project managers

- responsible for overseeing all bugetry matters

- responsible for hireing All superintendents

GoldWing construction

-site superintendent

- commercial renovations

2011-2012 Can Der construction/ Christensen Developents

- site superintendent

- qa/qc, service and warranty, special projects manager 2008-2011 CASMAN GROUP OF COMPANIES.

FMR MECHANICAL Fort McMurray, AB Major

Projects Field Supervisor

• Site supervisor of all major FMR jobs. Currently leading Top Shop job on Suncor site, Hawthorn, Cascades, Sandpiper.

• Responsible for high safety standard, timely completion, adhere to all building and manufacture code. Review all spec's and scopes of work to insure any extras were documented, quoted and received upon completion.

• Organize weekly progress reports to ensure high level of organization. Reported directly to project managers on all major oil sands sites.

• “Make it Happen” type of manager



• Superintendent for Shores (3 story 38 unit stick frame)and Building 1 at Sandpiper.(4 story 78 unit stick frame)

• Manage all trades from excavation to finish paint ensuring safety and schedule.

• Managed labour foreman and reported to project manager.

• Liase with all major onsultants,Recognized by John Stewart Architecture for professionalism.

• Transferred to FMR (mechanical division of Casman group) 2007-2008 Centron Developent

Fort MacMurray Alberta

-site superintendent

• Manage all trades including framers through to finished paint and ensuring safety and schedule. Managed labour foreman and reported to project manager.


Commercial and Residential work

• Design and install custom cabinets, stairs, flooring, millwork

• Supervise commercial steel stud construction, scheduling, timely completion and quality control.

• Basic design work of commercial office space

• Design, fabricate flooring and shelving at Yukon Inn 1985 – 2000 CONSTRUCTION WORK – VARIOUS COMPANIES Calgary, AB Labourer – General Manager

• Original partner and general manager at Three G Construction o Framing, interior and exterior retro fits

• Owner operator of Aurora Borealis Construction

o Home renovations, roofing, driveways, small offices

• Framing crew chief responsible for QC

• General foreman on insurance and renovation jobs EDUCATION





Previous leader of Beaver scout pack

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