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Power Plant Electrical Engineer

Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
12000 QAR
March 08, 2019

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*.* years of working Experience in Combined gas &coal based thermal Power Plant, Metro project, Production & Planning department.

Electrical Engineer “C” license No: C46003 issued by Government of Tamil Nadu.

Maintenance, Erection & Commissioning Electrical Engineer Experience in 1X2520MW Combined gas &thermal power plant 1X180MW, 2X80MW and 1X77MWcoal based thermal Power Plant.

Government Board of Apprenticeship training completed in HCL INFO SYSTEMS.

Good Understanding of Electrical drawing, Planning of Project, Manpower Management,

Both Practical as well as theoretical knowledge of different electrical equipment.

Professional Experience:

1)Client Name: ALYSJ. (April 2018 to Aug 2018).

Project: Gold line underground Metro project.

Designation: MEP T&C Electrical Engineer.

Location &Station Name: Qatar &AL Sudan Station.

Testing & Commissioning of MCC & Lighting distribution board (meggering done for bus bar, tightness checking for bolt & charging of HV & LV panels).

Testing & Commissioning of HV & LV motors (winding resistance, insulation resistance value measured for motor, couple train run taken for motors).

Testing of earth pit. (Measuring resistance value for each individual pit, measuring the earth grid resistance value).

Testing & commissioning of fresh air handling unit & Air handling unit system.

2)SAMSUNG C&T Corporation–Qatar (March 2016 to Jan 2018).


Maintenance, Erection & Commissioning Electrical Engineer Experience in 1X2520MW Combined gas &thermal Power Plant (6 no’s gas turbine + 4 no’s of steam turbine).

Erection and Commissioning of Power & Auxiliary transformer (Main tank erection, radiator assembly, control panel erection, oil, BDV checking for transformer oil, cable laying & termination of transformer, protection stimulation for transformer & charging of transformer. Rating: 355MVA, 345MVA, 100MVA, 31.5MVA &2.5MVA).

Erection & Commissioning of 11kV, 6.6KV and 415V panels (panel alignment, panel bus bar alignment checking, and bus bar tightness checking as per torque setting, cable laying & termination, charging of panels).

Erection of Insulated Phase Bus duct for generator and NSPBD erection for 415V transformers.

Erection of battery charger & UPS system (battery erection, connection of individual cells, load test conducted for battery cell).

Earthing work done BOP area.

Erection of cable tray for Main Electrical Building, Local Electrical Building, HRSG & Steam turbine area.

Commissioning of LT & HT motors (Insulation Resistance, winding resistance measured for motor, control circult checking, decouple & Couple trial run taken, Current & Voltage measured for motors).

Commissioning of HV &LV panels (Bus bar tightness checking as per torque setting, meggering of bus bar, charging of panels, phase sequence & Voltage checking for panel).

Cable tray Quality inspection with vendor.

Manpower management & work allocation for supervisor & foreman.

3)OPG POWER GENERATION PRIVATE LIMITED, Chennai (June 2011 – Feb 2016).

A)Maintenance Electrical Engineer Experience in 1X180MW, 2X80MW& 1X77MW Coal based Thermal Power Plant.

B)Project Electrical &Commissioning Engineer in1X180MW, 2X80MW coal based thermal Power Plant.

A.Maintenance Electrical Engineer

Maintenance Electrical Engineer for Power House, Boiler, Electro static precipitator, Air cooled condenser (ACC), Generator, Bottom Ash Handling System, Coal Handling System, and Effluent Treatment Plant.

Synchronization of 1X180MW, 2X80MW and 1X77MW coal based Thermal Power Plant.

Maintenance for 11Kv, 6.6Kv and 415Vpanels (Tightness checked for Bus bar as per torque setting, meggering of Bus barwith respect to Phase and ground,& Internal loop wiring checking, main & auxiliary contactor function checking, Charging of HT & LT Panels).

Maintenance for HT and LT Motors (Winding resistance and Insulation Resistance values measured for motor, motor terminal tightness checking &Decouple and couple trial taken).

Maintenance for 100MVA generator step up transformer & 31.5MVA station incomer transformer&2.5MVA auxiliary transformer (all protection simulation, oil filtration and BDV Checking, all air vent release, terminal tightness checking for transformers).

Maintenance of 230Kv& 110Kv switch yard.

Maintenance done for motorized operating valve & dampers (calibration done for limit switch & torque limit switch).

Maintenance &Commissioning and Testing of Generator Make: Siemens rated voltage: 15750V current=7753A.

Maintenance for battery charger and UPS system (Load test conducted for battery bank & voltage checking for each units).

Maintenance for collecting & emitting rapping system in Electro static precipitator.

Maintenance done for Support & Shaft insulator heater.

Maintenance for Transformer Rectifier panel in Electro static precipitator

Maintenance for Wall blower, long retractable soot blower and half retractable soot blower and heaters.

Maintenance done for bottom ash & coal handling system.

Maintenance done for level indicator controller in electro static precipitator

Condition and monitoring of Motor, HV & LV Panels, Power & Auxiliary transformers & Switchyard.

Condition & Monitoring of MOV& MOD, Wall blower & Heaters.

Condition & Monitoring for control relays, HV & LV Panel, HV & LV Motors.

B.Project Electrical & Commissioning Engineer:

Erection &Commissioning Electrical Engineer for 1X180MW, 2X80MW Coal based thermal power plant.

Erection of 11KV, 6.6KV & 415V panels (Alignment of panels, bus bar connection, internal panel wiring, and bus bar tightness checking, cable laying & termination for outgoing feeders).

Erection of power transformer 220MVA, 100MVA Generator step up transformer & 2.5MVA Auxiliary transformer (transformer rail fixing, main tank erection and radiator assembly erection, control panel erection, oil filtration & BDV checking for transformer oil ).

Erection of IPBD for generator & NSPBD for auxiliary transformer.

Erection of cable tray and cable laying (Power house, Coal mill, Boiler, Electrostatic Precipitator, RO Plant & Dust Extraction system, Air cooled condenser)..

Earthing grid formation for Power House, Boiler, Electro static precipitator, Air cooled condenser (ACC), Generator, Bottom Ash Handling System, Coal Handling System, and Effluent Treatment Plant.

Erection and design of Lighting fitting for Power House, Boiler, Electro static precipitator, Air cooled condenser (ACC), Generator, Bottom Ash Handling System, Coal Handling System, and Effluent Treatment Plant.

Erection & Commissioning of bottom ash, Fly ash & Coal handling system.

Commissioning of 6.6KV & 415V panels (Bus bar tightness checking as per torque setting, meggering of bus bar, charging of panels, phase sequence & Voltage checking).

Commissioning of 6.6KV & 415V motors (meggering of motor, control circult checking, decouple & couple trial run taken, Direction of rotation and current, voltage checking).

Commissioning of Generator Heater.

Commissioning and charging of 220MVA & 100MVA Generator step up transformer, 31.5MVA Station incomer transformer and 2.5MVA Auxiliary transformer (All protection and simulation checking).

Commissioning of wall blowers, heater and rapping system for ESP.

Commissioning of motorized operating value & damper (open, close checking and all feedback checking, limit switch setting checking).

Commissioning of Electro static precipitators (lamp load test conducted for TR panel, open and short circult checking for rectifier transformers, load test conducted, all rapping system operating time sequence checking).

Maintain daily progress report.

Defects, Preventive Maintenance notification checking, permit closing and service Entry, material PR raised in System Application Product (SAP).

Providing technical support to commissioning team as well as vendors.

4)GT Electronics India Private limited Pondicherry (JAN 2011 – MAY 2011)

Assistant Engineer (Planning Dept.).

I have supporting to planning and production department.

Preparing Production schedule and maintain the production schedule progress.

Preparing packing schedule and maintain the packing schedule progress

Shipment status follows up for production department and quality control department, packing department.

Material stock maintained for production department.

5)HCL Info System Private limited Pondicherry (NOV 2006 – MAY 2007) Coordinator Trainer.

Production schedule prepared with production supervisors.

Maintain the Production Daily progress.

HCL Info System Private Limited Apprentice training completed certificate issued by Board of Apprenticeship training (southern region) Chennai (NOV 2005 – NOV 2006) Trainee.

Education Details.

1.Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics

Arasu Engineering College, Kumbakonam,

University Name: Anna University

Duration: 2007 – 2010

Percentage: 74% First Class.

2.Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

A.V.C Polytechnic College, Mayiladuthurai,

Department of Technical Education

Duration: 2003 – 2005

Percentage: 83.12%, First class with Honors.

Technical Skills

Basic operation System Application Products Modules.

Well versed in Window 98, Window XP and Windows7.

Proficiency in entire MS office.

Good understanding of internet tools.

Excellent communication listening and motivating skills.

Awards and Achievements

Got 2nd price in cricket tournament at college level.

Got Award in essay competition about plant safety.

Certificate issued by St John Ambulance for First Aid Class.

Passport Details

Passport Number: L9456359.

Date of Issue: 13/05/2014.

Date of Expiry: 12/05/2024.

Place of Issue: Trichy.

Passport Address:

No 44/19Kasthuri Bai Street,



Contact Number: +919*********


I hereby declare that the information furnished by me in the above document is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Mayiladuthurai. Signature

Prakash. S


44/19 kasthuriBai Street







Skype ID: sriprakash1986

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