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Cheney, Washington, United States
March 07, 2019

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Alex Musser

March *, ****

Dear Washington State Department of Transportation,

Microsoft’s Data science program certification, time spent on data analytical projects, and previous internship involvement are some of the skills and experiences that I would bring to the operations team at the Washington State Department of Transportation. I am currently a senior at Eastern Washington University. I will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics and Operations Management. I learned about this internship through the state website. My experience throughout my intern stay at the Freedom Foundation and school career has primed me to be successful at the department of transportation. More specifically, my experiences in hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and optimization will allow me to contribute to the company.

My favorite part about my experience so far has been the opportunity to dive into data sets and to find solutions. Last year, I was able to run a multiple regression analysis on a car data set for one of my classes. This was a great learning opportunity. For this assignment, I utilized SAS software to hard code the required tests and steps. The goal of the project was to figure out which variables were the biggest influencers on the pricing of the cars. To do this, I compared all the different variables by running a multiple regression test. Based on the results from the test, I was able to understand which variables influenced pricing the most. Based on this understanding, I then summarized my findings and made recommendations on a possible future model for pricing. This is just one example of a project I have worked on, but it allowed me to gain knowledge in problem solving, SAS software, and the statistical technique of multiple regression. I believe experiences like that would tie in nicely to your essential responsibilities of strong technical skills, ability to use a variety of software, and a solid understanding of basic statistical analysis, research methods, and procedures. On a personal level, I believe that I am a fast learner and great at problem solving. Part of my job as an intern last summer was to find projects and processes that could be improved. This allowed me to help speed up the mail process at the Freedom Foundation through formulas in Excel. I was able to develop formulas that would correspond to mail merges that would allow for automatic entry instead of manual entry. This was helpful because it saved time and energy that would normally go to setting up the mail send outs. This experience will allow me to be helpful in providing input into process changes and improvements.

Overall, I feel that my skills and experiences would be a great fit for your internship position. My contact information is posted above. Thank you for your consideration of my employment. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely,

Alex Musser 360-***-**** Olympia, Washington Alex Musser

Olympia, Washington (360) – 485 – 7250 Summary of Qualifications

Certified in Microsoft’s Professional Data Science Program

Proficient in Excel and Power BI

Experienced with Salesforce (Database) through my previous internship

Experienced in analyzing and summarizing data sets through hypothesis testing Education

B.S. in Data Analytics Expected December 2019

B.A. in Business Administration, Operations Management Expected December 2019 Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA

Cumulative 3.85/4.00 GPA

Technical Summary

Software: Excel, Power BI, Minitab, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

Languages: R

Relevant Experience


Freedom Foundation, Olympia, Washington Summer 2018

Developed formulas in Excel to expedite the process of mail sends

Worked with Salesforce to update contacts and necessary fields

Gained experience in the office dynamic and how to work well with coworkers Relevant Projects

Multiple Regression Car Analysis, Decision Science 449 Spring 2018

Used SAS to run a multiple regression analysis to understand which car variables influence prices

Determined which variables were influential to pricing based on the regression results

Summarized the findings and made recommendations for future pricing Optimization Problem Warehousing, Operations Management 425 Winter 2018

Utilized Excel’s solver to formulate the problem with constraints and decision variables

Determined the correct spacing and allocation of amounts that would minimize cost

Developed conclusions and recommendations based on Solver’s solution Experience


Spokane Basketball Officials, Spokane, Washington Winter 2015 – Present

Officiate basketball games for middle school and high school age players

Developed an understanding of the rules and mechanics of basketball

Experienced in dealing with coaches, players, and fans in high stress situations

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