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Mechanical Engineer

Cleveland, MS
March 07, 2019

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Performance-oriented management and engineering professional with a proven track

record in enhancing production efficiency, improving workflow processes, and managing profitable relationships.

18+ years of experience in Design Engineering, 5+ years in Product Execution, Production Management, Operation Management, Quality Control, Process Planing. Experience


• Oversaw the entire operation of quality assurance and daily production procedures.

• Determined the goals of the company to increase production and sales.

• Devised plans for all phases of the projects. Performed quality control checks, ensur- ing the safety and effectiveness/reliability of the system and products.

• Supervised the installation of the new equipment and the manufacturing process.

• Acted as an expert for legal cases involving mechanical system failures at the plant. MANAGER, SOUTHERN FASTENERS CO, GREENVILLE, MS - 2012-2016

• Managed all aspects of day-to-day operations from raw material purchasing to prod- uct shipment including plant operations, leader selection, customer service and envi- ronmental compliance.

• Led strategic discussions about manufacturing processes, cost savings and quality im- provements with existing and potential customers.

• Monitored employee productivity and optimized procedures to reduce costs, elimi- nate defects and waste using Lean/Six Sigma methodology.

• Provided directions, ensured resources and managed programs to procure the plant safety and environmental performance to meet established goals. HEAD ENGINEER, SOUTHERN FASTENERS COMPANY, GREENVILLE, MS - 2003-2012

• Developed, coordinated and monitored all aspects of production, including selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication and operation of product design.

• Created assembly and production drawings that solved individual contractor prob- lems by lowering costs and calculating bill of materials, operations and overall project time.

• Led projects to extend the lifetime of old and unique machines to keep plant in opera- tion and carry out customer orders without interruptions.

• Led the routing manufacturing process for existing and new projects in the company. Ivan Akimov

662-***-**** 66 Ferri Dr, Cleveland MS 38732

• Designed and built 3 unique fully-automated Phillips Screwdriver Profilators. The project brought in new customers with profits totaling $750,000 just in the first year. LEAD DESIGN ENGINEER, SOUTHERN FASTENERS CO, GREENVILLE MS-2000-2003

• Responsible for the new product development creating detailed drawings and docu- mentation.

• Designed and built: Eyebolt Transfer Machine that reduced manual operations from 4 punch presses into 1 automatic process.

• : C-clamp assembly machine that reduced manual labor cost and produced a total of 2 million parts, bringing in $1,000,000.

• Designed and built Point Welding Machine and T-slot / T-table Adjustable index drill station that eliminated additional operations and reduced production and delivery time by 50%.

• : Universal Adjustable Shaving Machine, which has been used throughout the factory on 8 different projects, saving money by eliminating the need to outsource the jobs. HEAD ENGINEER OF MECHANICAL TEST LABORATORY, NAVY TEST INSTITUTE, RUSSIA — 1984-1999

• Performed numerous mechanical and climate tests of aircraft equipment and weaponry.

• Provided recommendations to manufacturers based on test results in the laboratory. Education

Astrakhan Technical University — Mechanical Engineering, Master’s Degree 1977-1983 Skills

• Strong analytical ability and problem solving skills. Ability to work under pressure. Strong leadership skills, reliable team worker. Self-Motivated. Creative and innovative.

• Computer: Solid Works, CAD 2000 / CAD PRO 3000, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office

• Mechanical: mills, lathes, grinders, welding, band saws, shears, punch presses, drill presses, tapping presses, profilator machines.


Bill Roche, President of Southern Fasteners Co.

phone: 630-***-**** email: Eddie Baker, Owner of Baker & Holiman Electric

phone: 662-***-**** email: Cliff Hauger, VP of Marketing/Purchasing

phone: 630-***-**** email:

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