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Electrical/Technology Design Engineer III

Santa Ana, CA
March 07, 2019

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BRIJ **** E. Grace St., Santa Ana, CA *****




P2S Inc. December 2016 - Present

Technology Design Engineer - III (2 year 2 months)

Develop designs using AirMagnet Survey Pro for indoor and outdoor wireless LAN network deployment and evaluate the optimal combination of acquired information and contributing data to develop final design.

Measure and visualize heat maps for Signal, noise, signal/noise, wireless network throughput, PHY data rates, retry rates, and packet losses.

Effectively manage areas of design responsibility and simulate “What-if” scenarios to minimize wireless site walks.

Perform material take-offs and cost research for wireless technology infrastructure estimates.

Customize wireless survey reports for efficient hand over of results based on wireless LAN application requirements.

Minimize expensive wireless 802.11n/a/b/g/ac LAN performance impact due to RF interference sources by performing simultaneous wireless heat map spectrum analysis in AirMagnet Survey Pro.

Using AirWISE engine, set wireless network design/application requirements including signal coverage, wireless network throughput, PHY data rates, 802.11n/ac specific parameters, etc. for the network and immediately identify any problem areas.

Demonstrate attention to detail and perform company Design Quality Assurance (DQA) to ensure high quality work. Projects:

CSU Sacramento Science II Building Wi-Fi upgrade: New Wi-Fi deployment using AirMagnet Survey Pro

Lake Forest Civic Center: New wireless deployment based on heat mapping.

CSU Long Beach: Campus wide existing wireless coverage analysis and technology upgrades

Laguna Performance and Arts Center: Audiovisual upgrades MobileNet Services, Inc. August 2016 - January 2017 RF Engineer I (6 months)

Verizon Wireless: Rehome – (Client: Ericsson)

Collected data by executing Site Shakedown, performed Soft and Softer Handoffs and Inter RNC Active Handoff

(IRAHO) for EVDO technology and marked the cluster routes appropriately using Delorme Street Atlas.

Validated that the neighbor list was populated along with correct Pilot PN, Carrier and UATI color code.

Performed EVDO Stationary tests such as DL and UL throughput, Ping RTT and identified Ec/Io value. Verizon Wireless: NCD Test for 700/AWD/PCS Band – (Client: Ericsson)

Performed PCS 700/1900 testing with a UE and a scanner scanning LTE (2100, 700, 1900 bands).

Executed Site Shakedown by performing data Upload, Download and Ping on PCS 1900 and foot printed drives in Delorme Street Atlas while performing upload and download in parallel. T-Mobile: LTE 1900 Deployment – (Client: Crown Castle)

Performed node shakedown by validating the correct PCI/PSC and EARFCN using T-Mobile UE.

Measured RSRP, RSRQ, CINR, DL-UL throughput for LTE 1900 and attempted voice calls on UMTS 1900. T-Mobile: Southern California Cluster Testing – (Client: T-Mobile)

Set up IB FLEX scanner scanning LTE, UMTS and GSM bands.

Ran a script to perform testing and kept track of the UE using ASCOM TEMS. T-Mobile: iDAS Commissioning at Emerald Square Mall, Boston – (Client: American Tower Corporation)

Performed SVT and CW test for indoor DAS (MIMO type, one sector).

Collected data by performing UL and DL measurements for 700, 850, 1900 and 2100 bands using ASCOM TEMS.

Used Praxsym CW transmitter to feed signal in iDAS and measured UL at the Hub using JDSU spectrum analyzer.

Connected Praxsym CW transmitter with Commscope equipment at the hub and performed DL measurements using ASCOM TEMS and Spectrum Analyzer for all 4 bands.

Calculated Baseline Noise floor and Optimized Noise Floor and filled the tracker with updated information. BRIJ 1349 E. Grace St., Santa Ana, CA 92701



California State University, Fullerton January 2017 - May 2018 Adjunct Faculty - Part Time (1 year 5 months)

Taught digital communication, computer architecture and microcontroller programming using latest software.

Interacted with students and motivated them by offering tutor sessions.

Attended facility meetings to discuss the latest in education tools for students.

Used most of the available teaching aids such as PPTs, graphical charts, etc. to convey the subject matter. California State University, Fullerton August 2015 - May 2016 Graduate Research Assistant (10 months)

Developed a novel prototype using Wireless Assistive Technology (WAT) to help people with disability.

Built Embedded C code for transmitter and receiver Arduino and integrated it with a Python UI code.

Integrated a wireless 2.4 GHz transceiver with Arduino to operate the device wirelessly.

Demonstrated the device for the ALS NFL Alumni Opportunity Chapter, ALS Association Orange County and the CSU Research Administration Committee.

Designed and tested high voltage power supply PCB and conducting pads for Kirlian photography device.

Helped the team in designing the Analog Front End module for the Electro-oculogyric sensor based Assistive Technology and interfaced it with a Beagle board.


Wireless: UMTS, HSPA, LTE, VoLTE, EVDO, OFDM, MIMO, DAS, 802.11, Bluetooth


RF components: Coupler, Attenuator, Filter, Power Splitter, Oscillator, Mixer

RF tools: ASCOM-TEMS, Verizon DataPro, Actix, Delorme Street Atlas, JDSU QMI, AirMagnet

Softwares: Cisco IOS, Advanced Design System, LabVIEW, Wireshark, HyperTerminal, Cadence Virtuoso, MATLAB, Revit, AutoCAD, MultiSim, Solidworks, MS Office

Electronic Devices: Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscope

Languages: Embedded C++, Java, Python


Cisco: 100-105 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices

Commscope: SP6160 PIM/VSWR Certification

Commscope: SP6180 Microwave Radio Antenna Site Planning

BICSI: Foundations of Telecommunications Distribution Design DD-101

Toastmasters International: Pathways Level 2 of Motivational Client Speaking Strategies IEEE PAPER PUBLICATIONS

Electromyography (EMG) sensor controlled assistive orthotic robotic arm for forearm movement (2017 IEEE SAS)

Tongue driven wireless electronic communication device (2017 IEEE SAS) EDUCATION

California State University, Fullerton May 2016

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (RF Communication) ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Designed a Patch antenna using Microstrip Line

Designed a step-impedance low-pass filter

Designed a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and single section coupled line coupler

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