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Customer Service Construction

Roseburg, OR, 97470
50,000 +
March 07, 2019

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SETH W. OSBORNE *** *th ave Riddle, OR *****,, (**1)



To utilize the full capacity of my 15+ years of construction, and supervisor experience in order to facilitate positive growth for myself, and the organization, for the entire duration of our professional relationship. PERSONAL INFORMATION

D.O.B : 01/07/1986

Known Languages : English

Hometown : Rome, GA Current City : Roseburg, OR


I have an Excellent work ethic, the ability to stay calm in high pressure situations, and very effective interpersonal communication skills that allow me to always interact with customers, supervisors, and co-workers productively, and when necessary I possess the skills and experience to take the lead when doing so improves the chance for success.


Norton Forest Products

12/05/2018 - 3/01/2019 Production Framer Production Framer of pre-fabricated walls to be shipped to San Francisco, CA in order to build apartment complexes. Osborne Specialty Coatings LLC.- CCB# 220777 05/08/2018 - Present Owner/ Purchasing agent/ RMI/ Estimator Running day to day operations. Managing, bidding, and scheduling projects, ordering material, hiring, and managing finances. Meeting with clients periodically to review progress. Keeping open lines of communlcation with product representatives and technical support for those products before/ during/ after project. Umpqua Sand & Gravel

6 15 - 7 18 1.)Concrete store Purchasing agent 2.)Sand & Gravel Dispatcher. 3.) Weigh Master. 4.)Concrete Supply store assistant manager. 1.) As purchasing agent I was responsible for keeping track of inventory and ordering products when necessary. I stayed in direct contact with product reps. And was the point of contact in most situations including product failures, troubleshooting, and customer service. I performed research on new products and

occasionally coordinated demos in order to push a new product 2.) Managing dump truck drivers by assigning deliveries and discussing routes. I would oversee progress throughout the day and stay in contact with my drivers to provide logistical support whenever needed. I was responsible for talking to customer's over the phone and face to face in order to schedule deliveries. 3.) Operating the scales to accurately weigh material going out and coming in. Billing customer's for products, and services rendered. 4.) Keeping track of and billing products sold. Ordering new products when necessary. Speaking to product reps when a customer's had a complaint about their product. Scheduling and facilitating deliveries of concrete supplies to contractor's. True North- star ministries Framer/ Finish Carpenter/ Handyman Remodeling and restoring rental properties- building additions, painting, flooring, drywall, installing drainage systems, cabinets, Windows and doors. APEX Construction Framer Rough framing large apartment complexes in Fargo, North Dakota in December (-32 F) using pre-fabricated material. PCI Scaffold concepts/ Carpenters local 225 Journeyman Carpenter /Scaffold builder/ Foreman Working with other trades during construction of power plants by building, maintaining, and modifying cup-lock, and pin-lock industrial scaffolding so that the other trades could perform their duties. As foreman I read blue prints, lined out, and supervised the construction of scaffolding projects, reporting to the scaffold superintendent verbally and with weekly written reports including inventory of available parts, and accident reports when necessary. I was responsible for the inspection and sign off of each scaffold before each shift along with morning safety meetings. Kenny Justice General Contractor Framer/ Finish Carpenter This was my father's company and where I learned how to read a tape measure and swing a hammer. At first I was responsible for keeping the site clean and doing whatever else I was asked. By the end of my time there my Dad could trust me to do anything on the job, from running equipment, rough framing, roofing, plumbing, drywall, and finish carpentry. EDUCATION

Umpqua Community College Business Management 3.3 2015- In progress ODOT Aggregate testing Passing 2017

American Heart Association CPR/ AED/ First aid Passing 2013 - 2016

2014 - 2015

2008 - 2012

2000 - 2008


Carpenter local 225

Carpenter Apprenticeship

Passing 2010

Oregon Construction Contractor's Board Residential General Construction/ Commercial Specialty Construction Passed 2018 SKILLS

Excellent interpersonal skills Project planning and management Customer service Quality control Materials procurement & handling Estimating Materials, labor, and equipment costs Time management in order to meet dead lines Excellent at learning and retaining new skills and information quickly and efficiently

Excellent problem solving skills Route

planning and logistical support


1000+ hours of equipment operation experience with no accidents or citations 12+ years of construction experience with no lost time accidents Licensed Residential General Contractor and small business owner CCB #: 220777 5+ years of management experience 2 years

of experience as purchasing agent ODOT

certified aggregate tester


Roger Myers - ""

Father in-law


Joe Gummow - "Umpqua Sand"

Former Supervisor/ Safety Coordinator


David Ross - "PCI Scaffold concepts"

Former Superintendant 770-***-****

Joseph Lupher - "Umpqua Sand"

Friend/ Co-worker 541-***-****


I hereby declare that all of the information that I have provided above is completely factual to the best of my knowledge. I, Seth Osborne, bear the responsibility and consequences if it is found that the information I have provided is false. SETH W. OSBORNE

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