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Executive Adminsistrative Assistant

United States
March 07, 2019

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CHRISTY N. GASTON 140 Court St, Ste # 408 Portsmouth, NH 03801

Christy N. Gaston

*** ***** **, # ***

Portsmouth, NH 03801


February 24, 2019

Re: Christy N. Gaston, Career Resume & Portfolio Submission, 2019

HR Recruiter,

This is a letter regarding my interest in the position available with your company. I would like to offer my resume for your review and I am sure that you will find that my qualifications, skills, and background meet the required criteria for employment at your firm. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with 7 years’ experience in Healthcare Administration, Finance Management, & Government Administration. I possess many years of solid client relations to offer; as well as, to nominal years of professional management expertise and customer service experience you would find very beneficial to your company. In addition to this, I have an extensive background in Human Resources & Critical Government Infrastructure with expert experience in varied professional software & business communication platforms that have demonstrated a most satisfactory response that would be of excellent resource to your company.

Addressing my proficiency in Business Administration, as a senior level information management specialist, I have consistently provided effective business communications with precise, definitive, and knowledgeable documentation, detailed portfolio presentation, and accurate financial reporting that has resulted in well regarded approval and superior advancement. I am efficient with client centered relations, providing excellent networking, enduring client retention, project longevity, and team-oriented direction with long-term project focus that has developed sustainable company resources and beneficial clientele. My professional acumen, educational expertise, and knowledgeable professionalism has prompted the best results in all corporate situations and my dedication to current operational practices has resulted in progressive career advancement that has given me an uncompromising regard for the professional environment. My corporate business development training has procured meaningful business relationships, concluded many difficult projects, and as an astute leader of innovative research analysis & development, I have exercised appropriate strategy in project management and product implementation, thus providing many clients securely accepted results. I feel these practical skills are the definite cause of many admired professionals today and you will find this fully reflected in my resume. My professional capabilities are strong, friendly, courteous, and ambitious proving my dedication to quality professional representation, affluent business partnerships, ingénue productivity, & excellence in business results, communicating a knowledgeable professional to your esteemed clientele and I would enjoy being part of your team. I possess previous management experience including the practice of modern client management techniques. My diverse professional background in US Government has enabled a concise approach to fundamental business practice, superlative multi-tasking strategy, and distinct corporate agenda ideals that you will find valuable in today’s unpredictable market and that will demonstrate to you, my initiative and inherent professional aptitude with ability to succeed.

Earnestly, I have interest in the position with your company and I feel obligated to thank you for this time to convey my professional capabilities. Furthermore, as I have anticipated the best of this letter with resume inclusion, I have taken the liberty to attach a list of references with a notation of my achievements. I will be available for further communication at your earliest convenience and I am pleased to be considered a candidate for the position with your company.

Sincere Appreciation,

Ms. Christy N. Gaston

140 Court St, # 408

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Home Phone: 603-***-****

Website: HTTP://

Email: Linked In:

Christy N. Gaston140 Court St, # 408

Portsmouth, NH 03801


Objective: To attain a Mid-Senior Level Human Resources or Administrative position in a growing company with an emphasis on Client Services.


•Office Administration

•Organization Leadership

•Medical Career Background

•MS Office/PowerPoint/Excel

•Financial Management/Payroll

•IT & Human Resources

•Training & Development

•Clinical Data Management

•Multi-Tasking Professional

•Research/Marketing Analyst


•Professional Client Reception

•Accounting/Business Banking


•Program Manager/Recruitment

Career Experience:

PAE, Inc.-United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs

General Clerk I, Facial Recognition & File Management, February 2017-Present

General Clerk 1: Information Management, Data Processing, Facial Recognition, & File Management for The United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs & United States Department of State, National Visa Center. Providing United States Immigrant Visa Identification, Identity, & Information Management Services, as well as, Immigrant Visa Residential Identification Documents, & Issuing US Citizen Passport Documents. Federal File Management, Critical Infrastructure & Integrated Security Solutions. Prioritizing Confidential United States Government Official Identifications & Visa Application Management to the United States & Foreign Embassies Worldwide. US Government Classified & Unclassified Information Management Systems, Verifying, & Proofing Applicant Documentation. Analyze identification hardcopy documents for error or internal flaw, forgery or fraudulence. Provide data security, compose safety veification, operate office equipment, and US Government Software Systems. Customer Service & United States Top Secret Security Clearence.

H & R Block, Portsmouth, NH

Administrative Assistant, 2016-April 2017

Tax Office Administrative Assistant: Tax Office Management, Client Financial Advisor& Estate Planning, Scheduling, Filing, Data Entry, Multi Line Phone System & Communications, Client Database Management, & Preparer Coordinator. IRS, State & Foreign Taxation Coordinator. H & R Block and State of NH Tax Account Collections for IRS & United States taxation. Corporate, Business, & Personal Tax Coordinator. Office Financial Reconciliation.

Malinda Taylor, Inc., New London, CT

Executive Administrative Assistant, February 2007- November 2014

Office Manager: Administrative Assistant & Management of a luxury home goods retail store. Administrative duties were information management, including, database development/entry, client delivery chart migration, word processing, multi-line phone, communication using MS Office, & varied platforms. Program networking, email, and internal company newsletter handled multi line phone system, register, inventory scanner, printer, copier, and fax systems. Item inventory, statistical analysis, & finance management with account reconciliation. Financial record retention & cloud service record management. Generated company ad sheet, prospected new clients, and consolidated, & centralized marketing communications promoting store growth and advancement. Prepared staff human resources packages, accounting, & payroll.

Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH

Nursing Home Administrator, July 1997- September 2003

Facility Administrator, Nursing Director, & Case Manager: I Directed Nursing Home Facility, Healthcare Recruitment, Client Mental & Medical Healthcare, Behavioral Supports, and negotiated contractual agreements with The State of New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services and Office of Public Guardian. I scheduled l medical appointments, social services, administered medication, and planned Community Integration while managing residence. I maintained all Patient Healthcare Information, Treatment Data, and Patient Portfolios in accordance with State of New Hampshire Laws & Statutes, Health Professional HIPPA Law, and Residence Regulation & Guidelines. I prepared Nursing Plans, Residence legal, medical, & financial review. I scheduled psychological support services & community activities for patients and coordinated monthly conference meetings with State of New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services for ethical medical treatment. I performed supervision of employees assuring adherence to Medical/Behavioral Therapy Plan and proper interaction with clients according to nursing protocol to provide increased exceptional life quality with superior care and beneficial personal development for the Nursing Home Residents while procuring a safe living environment, provided medical treatment to client, and I provided clients unequivocal medical care at Residential Home providing capable & educated nursing staff to ensure a better life quality for each D & D client. I planned Community Involvement to enhance daily life of critically diagnosed clients to significantly improve socialization to develop a meaningful life of those disabled.

Career Experience:

Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH

July 1997- September 2002 Nursing Home Administrator

Financial Controller/Human Resources Manager: As Financial Controller, I developed a cohesive facility budget, provided banking and client account services, performed daily facility accounting services, managed daily/monthly fiscal data and prepared a facility financial review. I also, maintained a company initiated corporate bond with sole access to multiple sensitive & confidential accounts. I prepared State of NH Annual Healthcare Facility Licensure. I provided Healthcare Worker Recruitment, Employee Insurance Programs, Medical Nursing Certification Trainings (AIRS), Department Scheduling, HR Document Management, Facility Safety Management/Fire Safety, and State of New Hampshire Annual Facility Survey. I provided Employee Clinical &Behavioral Certification Training, employee time sheets, employee performance appraisals, employee 401K, Employee Worker’s Compensation Law and Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure, and Employee-to-Client Behavioral Training Protocol. I performed Annual Conference meeting/review of client progress with nursing team and healthcare associates to ensure an acceptable home setting in accordance with Options in Community Living, President, and State of New Hampshire Department of Health &Human Services, NH Office of Public Guardian and Regional Associates.

Tweeter, Waterford, CT

Systems Sales Associate, September 2004-June 2005

Home Sales Associate: I displayed excellent customer service and innovative problem-solving skills while achieving high-end luxury sales. Responsible for floor, in-home sales, & installation. I prepared attractive on floor demonstration and distinguished promotional programs to promote high class product for customer purchase, designed product class systems for clients as a usable integrated system which optimized company revenue levels. Expertly negotiated contracts and closed profitable projects with a high success rate and successfully key projects which resulted in dramatic product recognition, client retention, group product sales, and growth sales. Professional purchase development training utilized to satisfy customer needs for unique unassigned purchases, initiated brand sales to increase product sales and I implemented core direct marketing strategies which resulted in increased customer base. Maintained a commissioned 85% success rate, maintained inbound calls, cultivated sales above quota, maintained customer database, customer service calls, key-entered transactions, and processed credit orders for client accounts. Acknowledged for the ability to learn industry-specific software. Generated future sales proposals and acknowledged initiative on future growth sales from a consumer perspective and applied sales strategy accordingly. Conducted professional product research and customized client service requests for specific product. Consistently projected skilled professional sales conduct, excellent customer service, and quality professional product knowledge that Tweeter required to convey to customers. Experienced professional competition with high initiative sales on a commissioned premise with energetic appeal that narrowed competitor motivation by introducing innovative, cutting edge product to customers and keeping longtime guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Recent Professional Experience:

Wal-Mart Superstore, Portsmouth, NH-Customer Serv. Agent, April-August 2016 Aspen Dental, Portsmouth, NH-Medical Receptionist, Feb, 2007


Canterbury University, Hyde, Cheshire, United Kingdom Hesser College, Portsmouth, NH

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Public Relations Degree: Microsoft Professional Certificate

Degree Granted: June, 2004 Degree Granted: 2000, 2002

Penn Foster College, Scranton, PA University of New Hampshire, U B, Durham, NH

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Degree: Certificate Diploma, General Studies, Liberal Arts

Degree Granted: April 2019-Tenative Degree Granted: Certificate Diploma, 1994

Associations, Certifications, & Trainings:

Microsoft Word Certificate-Hesser College, Portsmouth, NH

QuickBooks-Accounting/Payroll/HR Operations Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH-1997-2002.

University of New Hampshire, Upward Bound Alumni, University of New Hampshire, Upward Bound Spokesperson, Durham, NH Trio, University of New Hampshire Spokesperson, Congressional Hearings, and Washington, DC. United States Department of Education, Washington, DC

New Hampshire Rotary International, D&D Council, Speaker, Concord, NH New England Healthcare Access Program Membership.

State of New Hampshire, Division of Health & Human Services- Medical Record Documentation-Legal Statutes & Regulations for Administering Medical Therapies & Data Reporting Concord, NH, State of NH, HIPPA Health Professionals Law & Behavior Modification, Office of Public Guardian, Concord, NH

Portsmouth Public Radio, Portsmouth, NH-Public Broadcast Announcer Mitchell College, “The Beacon” Newspaper Columnist & Freelance Writer.

Special Olympics, Seacoast Region VIII, Athlete Coach. Special Olympics Opening Ceremony Torch Runner, Seacoast Region VIII, New England.

Christy N. Gaston

140 Court St, #408

Portsmouth, NH 03801


Professional References:

University of New Hampshire, Upward Bound Program Director:

Daniel Gordon

15 Rosemary Lane

Durham, N.H. 03862

W: 603-***-****

Arc of New London County, Norwich, CT

Camp Harkness Director:

Jen Hickey

W: 860-***-****

Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH

Virginia Scully, President. Mr. Robert Vieira, Client Guardian

540 Lafayette Rd, Ste # 1 873 Middle Rd

Hampton, N.H. 03842 Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

H/W: 603-***-**** H/W: 603-***-****

H/W: 603-***-****

(Enclosed Hard Copy)

Liberty Mutual, Business Analyst, Claims:

Former Associate:

Ms. Alesha Stewart

225 Borthwick Ave

Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

Seacoast Mental Health, Portsmouth, NH Former Clinical Associate:

Rebecca Ziadeh

9 Mandela Dr

Rochester, N.H. 03868

W: 603-***-****

Personal Clients:

Malinda Taylor

13 Front Street

Brunswick, ME 04110

H: 207-***-****

(Enclosed Hard Copy)

Christy N. Gaston

140 Court St, # 408

Portsmouth, NH 03801


February 24, 2019

Re: Christy N. Gaston, Career Resume & Portfolio, 2019

Human Resources Recruiter,

Thank you for your interest and consideration as potential candidate for the many positions at your company. I must tell you I have a comprehensive professional history encompassing Public Relations, my core education, Health and Human Services, Industry Sales, Finance, and Nursing. My previous professional achievements and career forum activities have been for University of New Hampshire, Upward Bound as nominated spokesperson and representative. In this nominated position I was given a speaking appointment as University of New Hampshire, Upward Bound representative for The Annual Congressional Educational Hearings in Washington, D.C. In addition to this, I attended The Annual Congressional Educational Hearings in Washington, D.C., as Spokesperson to formally request Federal-level funding on behalf of University of New Hampshire and The New Hampshire University System. I have attended several other private formal funding meetings as advocate and Upward Bound Alumni with Washington D.C. leaders. Currently, I am a University of New Hampshire Upward Bound Council Alumni, which you will find located on my resume, as well as, UNH Upward Bound Deans List Alumni Member.

As a cooperative invitational Project Assistant, representing Options in Community Living, for The State of New Hampshire Division of Health and Human Services, I participated as Co-Chair in the Annual Revision and Attachment Project to re-determine, amend, and catalogue The State of New Hampshire Division of Health and Human Services Legal Statutes and Regulations, The State of New Hampshire DHHS Hem-1001 Codes & Statutes. Official conferences, seminars, and electoral debates were held in Hampton, New Hampshire. As co-chair I developed, amended, and re-determined all 247 approximate State of New Hampshire legal statutes and laws residing over all Medical Practice, Ethical Treatment and Living Requirements of Handicapped Persons in the State of New Hampshire for the Division of Health and Human Services. The conference held many professional accomplishments and resulted in awarded recognition that has distinguished my career, as well as, furthered my knowledge of The State of New Hampshire and the very distinct level of services available to those affected with life changing disabilities. The opportunity also furthered my aptitude for recognition as an elite professional of expert quality in my field.

•NH State. Developmental Disabilities Council-Council Member/Program Advocate.

•Mitchell College, New London, Connecticut-Columnist Writer, “The Beacon”, University newspaper.

•New Hampshire Rotary Club-Grant Writing/Financial Planning Services for Summer Activities.

•Special Olympics-Event Coach and Marketing/Promotion Assistant-Region VIII, New Hampshire.

•State of New Hampshire Medical Certification, Drug Administration & Response Data Supervisor.

•TRIO Educational Programs-Spokesperson Representative, Seacoast Region, New Hampshire.

•University of New Hampshire, Upward Bound-Alumni Spokesperson Representative, United States, Congress.

As I have mentioned, I have an extensive professional portfolio and I also possess a strong business acumen that would make me a valued presence at your company. I am earnest when I relay to you that I would accept the proposed position, as I am well versed in the dynamics of what your company represents. Constantly, I am aware of the appropriate business ethics, positive consumer impact and dedicated customer service your firm and company convey, I couldn’t be more acclimated to the positions at your company and with appreciation I thank you for the opportunity to provide information of my professional career and background. I hope to expect future communication from your office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Many Thanks,

Ms. Christy N. Gaston

140 Court St, # 408

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Christy N. Gaston

140 Court St, # 408

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Professional Trainings Profile:

More than 10 years’ successful experience in Healthcare Management, Human Resources Generalist, Finance Management, & Senior Sales Support with recognized strengths in client management, financial portfolio maintenance, medical therapy analysis/planning, and healthcare information management strategy. Excellent working knowledge using both IBM, Mac systems & Microsoft Software; Microsoft Excel, MS Word/WordPerfect, Microsoft PowerPoint, noted achievement in use of varied accounting and practical business office suite programs.

Education: Canterbury University, Hyde, Cheshire, UK Degree: Bachelor of Science, Public Relations Granted: June 17th, 2004

Synopsis of Achievements:

•Professional medical therapy trainings assisted in formulating behavior control/modification treatment plans for the existential benefit of multi-diagnosed clients.

•Professional medical record keeping practice utilized to maintain/update accurate medical records, treatments, and inventories according to State of New Hampshire Law and Statutes.

•Professional financial management theory and stratagem utilized to coordinate highly sensitive financial documents such as corporate payroll, payroll tax reports, and employee filings, produce client financial portfolios, conduct audits, and to provide explicit financial variance analyses of major client accounts.

•Improved company information systems and networking strategies that increased productivity on a distinguished level.

•Generated proactive Record Management Systems and Documentation Procedures to maintain company integrity.

•Developed innovative client management and employee supports skills to produce positive client/employee interaction with minor consultation.

•Behavior Plans were systematically approved by The State of N.H. Dept. of Health & Human Services and N.H. Dept. of Office of Public Guardian, Concord, NH.


•Microsoft Word Certificate-Hesser College, Portsmouth, NH. -2000-2004.

•QuickBooks-General Accounting/Payroll/HR Operations-Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH-1997-2002.

•Medical Record Information Management Documentation- Hampton, NH.

•Health Professionals HIPPA Law & Statutes-Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH.

•The State of New Hampshire Division of Health and Human Services, Legal Statutes & Regulations-Hampton, NH.

•Employee Relations & Negotiations, Sexual Harassment Reporting Protocol-Options in Community Living, Hampton NH-1997-2002.

•Patient Client Rights-Hampton, NH.

• Medical Administering Certification & Medical Therapies Information Management Data Reporting Hampton, NH.

•State of New Hampshire Nursing Facilities Survey/State

of New Hampshire Nursing Facility Fire Safety

•Handicapped Persons Positioning and Safety-Hampton, NH.

•Handicapped Persons Feeding Care-Hampton, NH.

•First Aid/CPR/Blood Borne Pathogens-Hampton, NH.

•Diabetes Care/Insulin Administering and Trans-Dermal Injections-Hampton, NH.

•Behavior Modification-Office of Public Guardian, Marianne Hannagan, Concord, NH &Portsmouth, NH.

•Client Abuse Reporting Protocol-Hampton, NH.

Training Practicum: Classroom instruction by Professor or licensed professional, Web/Internet induction, Supervised Field Study, Facility Internship Training.

Certificates Origin:

•Hesser College, Portsmouth, NH

•Options in Community Living, Hampton, NH.

•State of New Hampshire, Department of Health & Human Services, Concord, NH.

•Office of Public Guardian, Concord, NH.

Granted: August, 1997 to September 2002, June 2003

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