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Oracle Management

Rosedale, MD
March 08, 2019

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Ukees D. Davies

443-***-**** /

Dedicated Oracle database administrator with 2+-years experience in Database Administration and Maintenance is seeking to make a strong contribution to your organizational goals through continued development and exhibition of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Professional Summary:

Displays a high level of energy, integrity and ethics with the exceptional ability to deliver outstanding bottom line results with short deadlines.

Highly organized with a focus in prioritizing workload and scheduling follow-ups.

Excellent writing and organizational skills.

A proven ability to analyse all aspects of database entry in a multi-dimensional function, in terms of managing multiple tasks and projects with utmost accuracy.

Experience with ORACLE 12c, 11g, 10g, on UNIX/Linux/Oracle Virtual Machine and Windows.

Experienced in planning and implementation of Backup and Recovery strategy, In-depth knowledge of setting up RMAN backups using control file and Recovery Catalog, and maintaining catalog schema. Proficient in creating auxiliary and duplicate databases using RMAN.

Strong knowledge in Migrating Oracle 11g to 12c.

Proficient in Installation, Troubleshoot, Maintenance and technical Support for Oracle (12c, 11g and 10g) Databases, Grid Control and OEM.

Knowledge of Oracle Real Application Cluster Administration (RAC)

Experienced in Performance Tuning such as tuning of application, shared pool, buffer cache, I/O distribution, rollback segments, and redo mechanisms.

Highly skilled in Oracle DBA - Installation, Administration, creating Backup & Recovery Strategy Implementation, Performance Monitoring/Tuning and Database Security for Databases having more than 800+ users.

Strong technical and analytic skills with excellent interpersonal and communications abilities.

Professional Experience:

Company Name Frederick, MD 6/-Present

Oracle DBA (Contractor)


Upgraded several databases from Oracle to to to 12c

Performs backup and recovery using RMAN, Flashback Technology and user managed backups.

Performing Database or schema level refreshes using the traditional export/import and Data pump or backup utilities.

Managing and performing Tablespace Management, Undo Management, Redo log management, Control file management, online Redo log management and user privilege management.

Performs Database tuning such as memory tuning, application tuning using tools like TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, PLAN TABLE, HINTS, ADDM, and SQL/Session TRACE.

Performs database physical and logical design and procedures for Production, Development, Q&A, Test and Training servers.

Proactive Database tuning to keep hit ratios at a minimum standard guideline using STATSPACK and AWR reports.

Supporting standby database and performs failover and switchover from primary to standby database when needed using TAF.

Utilized Oracle 10g Data Pump IMPORT and EXPORT utilities to implement hot standby database (Data Guard) for production database setup and successfully performed active failover in the event of production failure.

Created Multitenant Container Database (CDB) enabling management of multiple databases under one instance.

Strong knowledge of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) architecture, installation, and configuration.

Strong knowledge of Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) concepts, instances, and creating mirroring and failure disk groups.

On-call database support.

Company Name Hagerstown, MD 3/2017-5/2017

Jnr Oracle DBA (Remote Contractor)


Created and configured database by making changes to the Initialization Parameters in parameter file and dynamically in session

Performed backup and recovery using Oracle user managed backup such as automated or manual cold backup and hot backup procedures.

Wrote scripts for informing the DBA’s regarding the status, performance and Space Management of the Database.

Upgraded database from 10g to 11g database using Database upgrade assistant, EXPORT/IMPORT utilities and using oracle scripts. Managed and monitored hot standby database using (Data Guard) as well as monitoring primary database by using Unix Shell scripting.

Performed tuning such as database tuning, SQL tuning such as query optimization (RULE and COST BASED), AUTOTRACE, and SQL Profile.

Prepared and reviewed database specifications, testing and changing control management programs migrations. Upgraded the database from 10g to 11g database and applied database patches (CPU).

In depth knowledge of setting up RMAN backups and recovery, RMAN tuning, and maintaining catalog schema. Proficient in creating auxiliary and duplicate database using RMAN.

Wrote several ad hoc scripts for daily DBA activities such as backups, user creations, granting roles and privileges, archiving of alert logs, verifying error entries and checking for space usages/overages.

Education Qualifications:


ORACLE 12c,11g/10g/9i SQL*PLUS, SQL*Loader, Data Guard, Oracle Grid Control, PLSQL, OEM, HP-UX 11.0, SunOS 5.8/10, UNIX 4.0,Oracle Virtual Machine, Windows 2003/ 2007/2010, Unix Shell scripting, XML, HTML, Java, Visual Basic and MS office.

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