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Test Engineer

United States
March 05, 2019

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Pranoosha Ponnala

Plano, Texas 972-***-****

The University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA Sept 2015 –Aug 2018 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Relevant Coursework: Advanced Wireless Communication, Information Theory and Coding, Digital Signal Processing. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India Aug 2011 – April 2015 Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering EXPERIENCE

Samsung Electronics Americas – QA - Mobile Test Engineer Dec 2018 – Present

• Performed pre & post production testing on android platforms for LTE, GSM and CDMA mobile devices.

• Hands-on experience with flashing the device with required OS, taking the dumps in case of different RAM dump cases and collecting necessary logs for the test to submit for further analysis.

• Handling/ Managing the project and defect triage with help of PLM.

• Performed test cases on Samsung branded applications and popular 3rd party applications on various 3G/4G smart phones and tablets.

• Working closely with R&D and respond within 24 hours to all retest requests from development team. Tech Mahindra – Technical Support Associate (Verizon) May 2015 – Aug 2015

• Installing/Configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware/software faults and solving technical problems over the phone

• Working with customers to identify computer problems and advising on the solution. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Languages: C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Assembly Language Tools: Wireshark, Simulink, Keil, Eagle, Multisim, Proload Networking Protocols: WLAN (802.11g), TCP/IP, UDP, GSM/UMTS/CDMA, UWB, LTE Lab Tools: Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Multimeter, Signal Generator, Power supplies, R&S CMW500 ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Simulation of Physical Layer simplified LTE – OFDM system

• Simulated the physical layer of LTE by incorporating the concepts of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for AWGN and Multipath channel simulation (Indoor and outdoor, 3MHZ).

• Implemented Adaptive modulation for target bit error rate with varying SNRs for both the channel models. Analyzation of Network Traffic and Protocols using WireShark

• Captured traffic using Wireshark when visiting a webpage using web browser and analyzed various protocols like HTTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, Ethernet, ARP, RARP, DNS.

• Different properties were analyzed using several commands like ping (to test the network connectivity), tracert (to trace the route to an internet host and find the number of hops, average time taken to reach the destination).

• Used various types of filters to separate different traffic (TCP, UDP, IP). Rate Versus Power Control in IS-95 and CDMA2000

• Considering Full Channel Side Information(FSI) and Channel Side Information at Receiver(CSIR) the following were studies

• Channel Inversion Power Control Method in IS-95

• Equal Power Allocation and Water-Filling methods both used for power control in CDMA2000. Performance of Multiple Input Multiple output (MIMO) systems with spatial multiplexing

• Simulated a code to study the behavior of MIMO systems under several channel conditions and coding schemes.

• Estimated the symbol error rate and proved that using a dual polarized antenna improves the system efficiency by verifying simulation results with theoretical values. Data Transmission and Reception using Power Line Communication(KQ330)

• Simulated a code in Embedded C to send and receive data using existing Power Line Cables (KQ330 and 16F877A Microcontroller).

Autonomous Line Follower Robot

• Built a robot using Arduino and sensors to follow the line autonomously using Embedded C to code the algorithm.

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