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Sr QA Automation Engineer

Portland, OR
March 05, 2019

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Highly talented and experienced Senior QA engineer, offering successful solutions that help in exceeding business goals.

Profile Summary

Over 8+ years of hands-on experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance of Client/Server enterprise systems for both Windows and Web applications.

Involved in Software Testing and Documentation, Analysis of the Business Requirements and the Software Requirements Specifications.

Responsible to translate high level functional requirement into use cases and Test plans.

Involved in all phases of STLC (Software testing life cycle) and software quality assurance.

Experience in testing product based and service based industry applications.

Proficient in writing and executing Test Cases, Bug Reporting and Tracking Defects.

Extensive experience with Security, networking and telecom domains.

Highly proficient in ETL testing, Red Teaming testing, penetration testing. Tools used: VAPT, GITHub

Experience with QA Verification and QA Validations to ensure the Quality Assurance control.

Actively participated in all the stages of SDLC.

Used CI/CD (Continuous integration/ Continuous Delivery) such as Jenkins.

Proficient in manual and automated testing.

Implementing test scripts using Selenium WebDriver.

Worked with the BA, DEV team, QA team and UAT teams, for Test Planning and created test cases for the user testing.

Having experience in testing tools such as (TFS, Test Director/Quality Center).

Knowledge on Defect tracking tools(Etrack)

Writing, maintaining and updating Test Documentation’s for various stages of testing for reference and Auditing purposes.

Ability to interact with developers and product analysts regarding testing status.

Having Experience in testing web based applications which are developed with .NET and Java Technologies and have knowledge in .Net and java concepts.

Certified Scrum Master

Strong working experience in working with Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2000/XP/2008/2012.

Involved in review meetings with Project Managers, Developers and Business Associates for Project Planning, Coordination and implementing various QA methodologies.

Excellent team player with good logical reasoning ability, coordination and interpersonal skills.

Quick Learner with the ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new methodologies. Energetic and self motivated team player/builder.

Excellent communication skills have always been an asset in completing business venture and projects with success.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) specialized in Computer Science from PICT, University of Pune, INDIA in 2007.

Technical Skills

- Operating Systems: WINDOWS 2000/ XP/2003/2008/2012/vista, RHEL,SUSE, Oracle, Solaris, AIX, Ubuntu

- Test Management Tool: TFS, Quality Center, Bugzilla, Etrack, CI/CD,Perforce, SVN, CVS, JIRA, Jenkins, Selenium, Cucumber, Appium

- Languages: C, C++, C#, Perl, JavaScript, Java

- Networking Technologies – HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, Proxy servers

- Mail/Networking servers Technologies – TCP/IP, POP3, MS-Exchange

- Database: MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012

- Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML

Key responsibilities handled

- Understanding the business requirements and developed test scenarios and test cases to test the complete functionality of the application.

- Wrote test cases in Quality Center and executed.

- Involved in manual testing of the application.

- Prepared test data using MS Excel.

- Prepared detail datasheet for pre-requisites.

- Prepared XML’s for files processing.

- Executed the test for JAVA based applications and documented the results, reported the defects and track the status.

- Extensively used SQL to manipulate data stored in Database.

- Interacted with the QA managers for the regular update of the project.

- Worked with Business Analyst regularly for developing test cases from the Business Requirements.

- Performed Back-end testing using SQL queries to validate the data in the back-end Database.

- Extensively involved in Peer Reviews and reviewed Test Scripts.

- Regularly following up with Development Team to discuss discrepancies identified during testing and performance tuning.

Professional Experience

Virtual Client Management System, Hillsboro, OR

Senior QA Engineer (Nov 2015 – Till Date)

Involved in analyzing Business Requirement Documents and Technical Specification document and developed test plan and test cases for testing the application.

Co-coordinated with Project Managers, Business Analysts and System Analysts to set up the pre-validation and validation environment to execute the scripts.

Participated in requirement reviews and analyzed Modification requests and Enhancement requests.

Estimated the QA Test timelines, Develop QA plan, and incorporate in Project Plan.

Tested independent and dependant modules individually. Prepared Test Matrix to keep track of the requirements and the test cases.

Developed data driven test scripts to check the same functionality with multiple sets of data.

Responsible for executing Front end and back end Test Cases using HP Quality Center.

Wrote Test Cases to compare Source and Target database systems, Source to Target column level mapping, check Referential integrity etc and created the scripts accordingly.

Developed test scripts and executed Manual test cases for Functional testing of various modules of the application using HPQC.

Responsible for detecting/tracking/validating defects through HP Quality Center.

Involved in upstream and downstream Integration Testing with 4 different teams including test case planning, data setup, co-ordination and execution

Performed software Verification and Validation test protocols

Executed Validation testing and Regression testing.

Responsible for writing test plans, test scripts and executing them for validation testing.

Generated Requirements Traceability Matrix and tracked requirements status throughout the project.

Conducted System Testing and User Acceptance Testing for every client and Conducted Backend testing writing extensive SQL queries.

Adhered to QA processes and test methodologies in agile development environments resulting in quality improvements.

Worked on distributed test automation execution on different environment as part of Continuous Integration Process.

Involved in documentation as to how to maintain and run scripts for future enhancements. Responsible for testing the application against different environments in QA, staging and production.

Analyzed the business requirements, developed test plans and created test cases in Quality center, a test management tool.

Interact with Development team to create new and improved ways to test each application to ensure the software is tested to the highest standards.


Sr. Member of Technical Staff(Feb 2013 – Sept 2015)

Client : Symantec corporation Pvt. Ltd, Pune, INDIA

Project Name: Data Center Security Server : Sever Advanced(DCSS:SA)

Project Description:

Symantec Critical System Protection is a flexible, multi-layer security solution for servers that detect abnormal system activities. Symantec Critical System Protection prevents and blocks viruses and worms, hacking attacks, and zero-day vulnerability attacks.

Symantec Critical System Protection also hardens systems, enforcing behavior-based security policies on clients and servers. Symantec Critical System Protection includes a management console and server components, and agent components that enforce policies on computers. The management server and management console run on Windows operating systems. The agent runs on Windows and UNIX operating systems.


Sr. Software Engineer (Dec 2011 – Jan 2013)

Project Name: Service COE

Project Description:

The project consists of web application and mobile supports for high end customer of OTIS ISRC. It mainly focuses on the user and role management approach for solving day to day activities for the system users.

Since OTIS ISRC is mainly focused on elevators, escalators and moving walkways, the Service COE handles various aspects of daily routine procedures. The web application was designed in Java and mobile application was developed in Windows mobile OS 6.1


Sr. Member of Technical Staff(Dec 2009 – Dec 2011)

Client : Symantec India, Pune (Apr 2010 – Dec 2011)

Project Name: Automated Build Acceptance Test Light Weight System (ABAT_LW) and Symantec Critical System Protection(SCSP)

Project Description:

The goal of the project was to automate the system to run ABAT Master™ on any system. Also, generation of summary and failure reports after installation was an additional requirement.

The existing ABAT system required a manual install with several pre-requisite packages to be installed on the system. ABAT system reduced necessity of cumbersome usage of several packages and provided different additional functionalities like Console Simulator and AutoIt for performing similar tasks. The ABAT_LW system utilized light weight options for installation like silent install available on agent and console. The reports generated by ABAT_LW were easy to interpret and analyze. The ABAT_LW system suited for easy installation and execution on any base system.

Client : Gemstone Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune (Dec 2009)

Project Name: ADO .NET Driver for SQL Fabric

Project Description:

For given SQL Fabric server provided, it was required to verify the most suitable ADO.NET driver. It included investigation of all the available ADO.NET drivers and the compatibility verification with SQLF server by writing tests. The driver compatibility check was tested for mainly three drivers i.e., MONO ADO.NET, IBM DB2 and SQLF self driver.

For each of the above mentioned driver, C# tests were written and performance of SQLF server was measured. Project also focused on shipping the existing oracle client tests and ported all tests for IBM DB2 driver as a functional compatibility testing.

Client : Gemstone Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune (Dec 2009)

Project Name: Auto Serialization of C# Types for Native Client

Project Description:

The delivered serialization tool enabled automatic serialization of domain classes for value objects, so that customers were not required to understand Gemfire™ serialization while writing domain classes. Thus, .NET domain classes were no longer required to implement traditional Gemfire™ API's, and there were no restrictions on writing equivalent java classes for server-side de-serialization of value objects.

This tool adequately provided backward and forward compatibility and completely avoided the use of ‘reflection’ to retrieve metadata. It focused on optimized approach of generic .NET containers thus avoided writing the type information for each object. All C# types such as generic and non generic containers along with classes were serialized using this approach.


Software Developer – ASP.NET, C# (July 2007 – Mar 2009)

Client : Federal Mediation & Counseling Services (FMCS), USA (January 2008)

Project Name: Online Case & Contact Management System (CCMS)

Project Description:

CCMS, the web application, was to be used to maintain respective cases for mediation and the roles & privileges of total system. After accepting a notice from an employee, system turns it to the case. System provided various operations to handle the case. User could edit case; forward case to get resolved at a particular district. System also provided the maintenance of role hierarchy. Project focused mainly on facilitation and mediation workflow.

Client : Schemalogic (July 2007)

Project Name: Schemalogic™ Documentum Adapter

Project Description:

Schemalogic™ Documentum adapter, a Windows Application, was an adapter used to maintain communication between Documentum server and Schemaserver™ provided by Schemalogic™. Documentum adapter acts as a midway for Documentum users who are interested in co-relating SS terms with DCTM™.


Developer – Academic sponsored project (July 2006)

Client : RedHat India (July 2006 – June 2007)

Project Name: Voice Encryption for Session Initiation (VoESIP)

Technology: C++ & Linux

Project Description:

Being a security tool, VoESIP used encryption standards to encrypt the text based voice message which is the typical transmission format in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

It provided additional features to the KPhone interface that could take the cipher key as an input and encrypt the voice message using respective cipher key. The authenticated receiver deciphered the message using the cipher key shared by means of any other private communication channel. As Linux was used as the background, one of the objectives also included developing an rpm package that encapsulates all the features developed.


References are available on request

Current Location: Hillsboro, OR

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