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Pharmacy Customer Service

Dallas, TX
March 05, 2019

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Career Summary

New pharmacy graduate with 2 years of retail experience and over 6 months of hospital experience, is looking to advance the pharmacy career at a reputable organization offering experience in clinical drug therapy and research to be useful to improve operational efficiency and providing health recommendations to clients.


CVS Health- Pharmacist Intern Ledgewood, NJ

Supervisor: Issa Mahdoun, PharmD. [3/16-4/18]

Executed imputing prescription information into the system database, performing drug use regimens, and resolving rejected insurance claims.

Successfully trained 5 pharmacy technicians in tasks such as prescription imputation, labeling, filling prescriptions and inventory of stock medications.

Achieved providing over hundreds patients with alternative medications under the direct supervision of pharmacist.

Increased customer service satisfaction scores by 24%, increased customer retention by 16%.

Dispensed medications with 100% accuracy and 38% more efficiency than other technicians/interns.

Verified patient data and billing information, discovering, and resolving ~ 25 erroneous bills per shift which increased customer retention by 64%.

CVS Pharmacy within Target- Pharmacist Intern Fairfield, NJ

Supervisor: Villo Fiddler, PharmD [3/18-4/18]

Actively participated in interacting with patients, caregivers, and prescribers to provide patient-centered care.

Trained and guided 2 pharmacy technicians, improving overall performance by 23%.

Boosted percentage of patient medication pick-ups and refills on new prescriptions by 75%.

Implemented a vaccine awareness program that increased pneumococcal vaccinations (39 customers) by informing potential patients during pick up of vaccination eligibility.

Overlook Medical Center- Pharmacist Intern Summit, NJ

Supervisor: Antonia Carbone, PharmD [2/18-3/18]

Structured workflow procedures to maximize productivity and reduce errors. Discovered several billing errors and eliminated waste 70%.

Resolved 9 medication-related issues by communicating findings and results with providers.

Evaluated 4 patient specific drug therapy management plans and therapy goals while improving medication therapy overall by 77%.

Demonstrated knowledge of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics principles in 3 patient cases and recommended changes in doses/therapies which were 88% accepted by medical providers.

Clara Mass Medical Center- Pharmacist Intern Belleville, NJ

Supervisor: Mark Attalla, PharmD [11/17-12/17]

Efficiently packaged and labeled ~ 500 single-dose units on a daily basis saving pharmacy workflow ~10 hours/week.

Authorized ~ 20 refills under preceptor supervision for pharmacies to fill after drug-utilization review was performed.

Organized and put together medication ~50 products for floor stock of the facility for future patient use increasing workflow efficiently for nurses on the floor by 62%.

Delivered correct information to prescribers and nurses regarding drug safety and compatibility of medications by calling manufacturers of the drug.

The Valley Hospital- Pharmacist Intern Ridgewood, NJ

Supervisor: Maria Leibfried, PharmD [9/17-10/17]

Decreased COPD-related hospital readmissions by 86% by demonstrating correct use of inhalers and devices to patients.

Noticed certain gaps in patient care such as incomplete medication regimens and made aware to the preceptor and corresponding physician, these issues were addressed and recommendations were utilized 84% of the time by providers.

Reviewed with patients their current medication lists while noticing overutilization or underutilization of their medications and making it aware to their physician whom addressed change in therapy and changed therapy 75%.

Worked with a team of nurses, pharmacists, and residents during patient rounds to assess any further addition of deletion of pharmacotherapy.

McKesson Corporation- Pharmacist Intern Parsippany, NJ

Supervisor: Craig Dolan, PharmD [7/17-8/17]

Completed ~400 drug pedigrees that provided data on the history of a particular batch of a drug with 100% accuracy.

Undertook tasks of searching for counterfeit drugs within the system and forming tables. Findings of all counterfeit drugs were presented to project manager who will use them for future developments.

Produced 30 data sheets with drug recalls reported by FDA which were used to make the product list more accurate and reliable.

Value Mart Pharmacy- Pharmacist Intern Orange, NJ

Supervisor: Julie Nzegwu, PharmD [6/17-7/17]

Participated in 32 MTM services and consulted medication therapy with patients and prescribers with the best interest of the patient. Received 86% response from patients for therapy changes.

Responsible for prescription information input, counting, and labeling ~ 200 prescriptions daily.

Succeeded in verifying pharmacy technician operations with 100% accuracy such as filling prescriptions before pharmacist verification.

Executed patient counseling with 27 Spanish speaking only customers on prescription medications in a Spanish speaking community with a translator.

Walgreens Pharmacy- Pharmacist Intern Morristown, NJ

Supervisor: Shridevi Patel, PharmD [5/17-6/17]

Completed checking for ~500 expired stock medications and packaging them appropriately to send to reverse distributor which improved work space and work flow.

Effectively have 38 patients sign up for shingles vaccine when a presentation table was displayed.

Performed 80-100 daily prescriber calls acquiring refills for patients and clarifications on written prescriptions with prescriber agents, which increased patient retention by 85% and improved customer satisfaction on service by 20%.

Resolved 82% insurance rejection claims by contacting company representatives as well as completed vacation claims for patients not in access of picking up their medications from their pharmacy.

Stark Neuroscience Internship- Student Intern Indianapolis, IN

Supervisor: Fletcher White, PhD. [8/12-5/13]

Engaged in performing tasks to complete the CLARITY experiment with fellow graduate students aimed to elucidate the structure vasculature of the whole-brain of mice.

Worked under the supervision of lab clinicians and prepared tissue specimens for testing.

Performed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) to detect and measure antibodies in tissue specimens.

Partnered with project team members for assistance and documenting information by maintaining daily logs.

Life Health Sciences Internship- Student Intern Indianapolis, IN

Supervisor: Fletcher White, PhD. [8/12-5/13]

Involved in sampling, testing, measuring, recording, and analyzing results as part of a scientific team.

Carried out routine tasks proficiently and followed strict methodologies to carry out analyses.

Conducted searches on relevant topics to the research and reported results to senior colleagues.

Ensured the laboratory is well-stocked with reagents and solutions needed for laboratory assays while correctly labeling stock bottle.

Volunteer Experience

Methodist Health Hospital, Trauma Center- Volunteer Indianapolis, IN

Supervisor: Jaelynn Harrold [3/12-5/14]

Performed basic vital sign functions during a hectic environment in the emergency department/trauma center of the facility.

Transported patient specimens to the corresponding departments so nurses can delegate themselves to the patients in need.

Secured patients in their designated rooms and assured comfort until a physician was available for the routine checkup.

Prepared and clean beds for patients in a timely manner to assure other patients have access to care as soon as possible.


Doctor of Pharmacy, PharmD [8/14-5/18]

Fairleigh Dickinson School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Florham Park, NJ

Bachelor’s in biology (BS) [8/10-5/14]

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN


Active Texas Pharmacist #63830 (floating in Dallas area)


APhA Immunization Certificate


Administer medications with efficiency and accuracy in retail and hospital settings.

Consult with medical providers if pharmacotherapy should be altered during monitoring of therapy.

Coordinate with other health care professionals and demonstrate a patient-specific drug-regimen for the particular common disease state.

Demonstrate knowledge of common disease states and pharmacotherapy.

Determine the appropriate pharmacotherapy guidelines and clinically significant results from clinical trials to refer to for validation of medication choice.

Discuss patient findings with other healthcare professionals and team members to collaborative on specific drug-regimen approaches and monitoring parameters.

Dispense compounded and prepackaged medications with accuracy to patients and provide counseling when appropriate.

Implement clinical guidelines to accurately plan and recommend appropriate drug recommendations.

Monitor drug therapies at hospital settings and record outcomes to further change or stop therapies.

Recommend alternative therapies to patients whom cannot afford current recommendation by suggesting an OTC alternative or inputting a coupon for possible discounts.

Resolve workflow hindrance and increase customer satisfaction by addressing concerns in a timely-manner.

Excellent verbal and communication skills

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint

Excellent computer skills

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