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Engineer Software

Harleysville, PA
March 05, 2019

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Mohammad Tishad Computer Engineer

*** **** ***** **, **********, Tx 75081•267-***-****•


Made crypto-chat web application that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

Controlling signals using NI ELVIS and LabVIEW for motor control and actuator control.

Made filters and sensors that can measure the sensitives of a system using latest Xilinx FPGA’s and LabVIEW.

Done college database project using MYSQL.


Temple University, Philadelphia Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. Award: Dean’s List- Fall 2018.


Temple University, Philadelphia

Lab Research Assistant (August 2017- May 2018)

Autonomous Boat that can navigate through some obstacles. Worked on developing the visual recognition algorithm approaching Roboboat competition 2018. (A system Integration project)

Skills acquired-Autonomous navigation using ROS, Tensorflow, OpenCV. Machine learning on open source neural network like darknet.

Walmart, Hilltown


Sales Associate or cashier (April 2014- December 2017)


Making of maze solving, cheater’s hangman game, file compression software using

Huffman encoding, hash sets, stacks etc. data structures.

Made Crypto chat web application using JavaScript and HTML.

Manipulating FPGA with Verilog programming language. e.g.: Timers, seven segment displays, computer processors (ALU, control Unit).

Database design using MYSQL.

Manipulating microcontrollers with C. e.g.: controlling movement of stepper motor and servo motors etc.

Making basic software games like tic tac toe and playing card games with java and python.

Signal processing such as filtering signals, noise cancellation, image processing using


Designed MATLAB command prompt using MIPS assembly language.

(Codes in GitHub-

Designed 32-bit single cycle MIPS processor using Verilog code in Xilinx ISE.

Made application that controls sensitivity of a system with Xilinx sensors such as Xilinx accelerometer, Xilinx rotary shaft encoder as well as implemented digital filters.

Software implementation for automation of various software tasks using python such as GUI automation, file navigation, extracting strings of any pattern from any size of text files using regular expression in python.

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