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Detailer, Piping Designer, Drafter, AutoCad, Microstation, Autoplant

San Jose, CA, 95136
March 04, 2019

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Union City, Ca. 94587

408-***-**** cell





Piping Designer for 10+ yrs. in Petroleum Chemical and Power Plant (Fossil, Cogen & Nuclear.

Process Safety engineer / Designer at Procter and Gamble - Ventura, ca.

Sheet metal Designer for two yrs. and Tool & Die Designer for one yr.

Production Material and Quality Control at California Corp. - Whittier, Ca


Knowledge of AutoCad2004/2006/2012 with Auto Plant 3D Model and Cad Worx.

Micro station 95, Office 2007 with Power Point., Words etc.

Power-Trak at GE (by Black & Beach)

SolidWorks, Pro-E / Wildfire - parts & assembly and Sheet Metal.


At this time during my off time I decided to go to De Anza College to update my

AutoCad, SolidWork, and get back my CadWorx and re-train myself On-Line from Webinar to present.

And work with UBER.

AQUA METAL – June 2017 to July 2017 – Alameda, Ca.

Checking As-Built Piping and P&ID create construction Drawings.

Using Autodesk 3D plant model

SPARTAN Tech Services/Chevron – July 2014 to Dec 2014 – Bakersfield, Ca.

Field Support Designer – Oil & Gas Cymric Gauge Setting Automation upgrade

Project. Duties include modifying piping and as-built P&ID check using Cadworx14

And Autocad14.

PTS Staffing Solutions – Mar 2013 to Aug2013- assign as Sr. Piping Designer at PHILLIPS66 Refinery in Carson, Los Angeles, California. Duties at present includes adding

Manifold on Slop and vent line on ten (10) wells. Creating Demo and Construction

Drawings using MicrostationVi8

PROCESS UNLIMITED Nov 2013 to Mar 2014 at Bakersfield, Ca.

Sr piping Designer - Duties includes Checking Piping, Skim Tanks and Pumps and Slop Tanks and Pumps using CadWORX14/AutoCad14 3D Model.

BECHTEL - Nov 2006 - Dec 3, 2011

Senior Designer - Assigned at WTP Vitrification Project for Department of Energy at Hanford, Washington. Layout piping in 3D Model using Plant Space.

Checking Isometric piping, matching P&ID, Spec., 3D Model and interference.

Area worked are Pre-Treatment and High -Level Waste.

ETG / EGS / FLUOR - Mar 2006 - Nov 2006

Senior Piping - Developed an additional 42" DCU Flare and Utility lines at Tesoro Refinery, Martinez, California using AutoCad2006

Superb Design / Carter Burgess - Oct 2005 - Jan 2006

Piping Designer - Design and Layout of Foxboro Cogeneration Plant located at Victorville, California Using AutoCad2005.

ESI & KENETIC - Feb to Oct 2005

Designer - office at 370 N Widget Lane, Walnut Creek, Ca.

Piping Design and details for various project such as Aerojet Chemical Fine Project, Gatorade Plant and Genentech using Autocad2002 and 2006.

APS (Arizona Power System) - Nov 2003 - Dec 2004 W. Peoria, Phoenix, Arizona.

Piping Designer - Assigned in upgrading the Cholla, Four Corners and West Phoenix Power Plant. System like Lube Oil, underground general water and sodium hypochlorite.

Refinement of Scrubber Unit 1&2, using AutoCad2002 with Bentley Auto-Plant / Ribes for both piping and P&ID.

De Anza College - Jan 2002 - Nov 2003 - Steven Creek, Cupertino, California

Classes taken to update and expand in manufacturing high tech software such as SolidWorks, Pro-E/ Wildfire, (parts, sheet metal, assembly). N/C machine and master cam.

TECNIP - Feb to Nov 2001 - Clayton Rd., suite. 1490, Concord, California.

Sr. Piping Designer assigned at UDS/TOSCO Refinery for piping modification adding Filter/Coalesces equipment for environmental protection, Aqueous Ammonia storage. This all for #2 Reformer and proposed develop design solution

SCR - Selected Catalyst Reduction. Piping tie-in, Isometric, material take-off, field verification using AutuCad14/2000.

TECHNIPOWER - June 2000 - Jan 2001 - 2727 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, Ca.

Plumbing Estimator / Designer using AutoCad.14 & 2000 and Spreadsheet assigned at Redwood City, California. Duties also include field verification of as built-in and out of clean room to revise P&ID with or w/o gown.

Integrated Design System - Jan - May 2000, Santa Clara, Ca. Piping Designer - Semi Conductor project such as Novellus and LSI and LSI. Developed schematic and flow diagram on Chemical Bunker, Bay 3 Intel Exact,

Bay 3 Sequel Tool, Bulk u2 gas pad, etc. Detail of LSI Guardian #9 DI piping etc.,

Using AutoCad14 and 2000.

CDI Cad Services - 1997 - 1997, Santa Clara, California

Senior Piping Designer - Assigned to work Gen. Electric for Taiwan Lung-men BWR Nuclear Power Plant. Duties includes piping layout of system such as Leak Detection and monitoring system, RHR, Main Steam etc., using AutoCad13/14,

In 3D using Sun Power Trak.

IPC System Engineering Inc. - 1997, Ventura, California

Process Safety / Piping Designer - Assigned to work at Procter and Gamble

Pulp and Paper Industry. Completed training and exams as Process Safety Engineer. Develop Process Safety Recommendation on various equipment and Safety Devices, such as tanks, pumps, relief valve, Rapture disk, etc. included are change request - P&ID process safety field verification. Involve in layout of piping and relief valve changes at Sacramento branch using AutoCad13 with Pro-Iso. Note: Safety, Prevention of fire and explosion are the main objective of Process Safety.

PROSOFT Development Inc - 1996 -1997, Buenaventura Park, California

Intensive MCSE training.

Mini System & Associate Inc. - 1994 - 1996 Bellevue, Washington

Senior Piping Designer - Assigned to IDC / INTEL Project at Portland, Oregon

A) Walker Siltronixs Fab2 building design and layout of tank, pumps, and piping at waste collection pit using AutoCad1

B) Intel DIB project - layout of Specialty Waste system - Sw, nMP, Ethtyl Glycol,

And C4 lead, and Tin, from lateral collection to main to solvent waste

Collection room. Piping layout, Isometric and Material take-off are develop

Using AutuCad12. In 3Dmodel using Auto-plant (Bentley PDS/EDA)

MarTech International, Inc. - 1993 -1994, Covina, California

Senior Designer -Assign at UNOCAL Chemical Plant in Kennewick, Washington.

Duties: Successfully transfer Tank, Pumps, Heat Exchanger, and reroute

Piping In Washington. Improve pipe support and piping for construction,

Maintenance and operation

FLUOR Daniel 1993, Irvine, California

Piping Designer - Develop Piping for Hanford Vitrification Project. includes,

plan isometric, and bill of materials


*International Staffing Co., - Sr. Piping Designer - M. W. Kellogg, Houston, Texas

Front End Project

*C & H - Sr. Piping Designer - UNOCAL, Texaco, and Arco -

Piping layout of Tank Farm, Nitric Acid Plant, DCU & SRU Project.

*Ralph M. Parson - Sr. Designer - UNOCAL Project - SRU & DCU Unit.

Vessel Orientation, K.O. drum, and piping layout.

*Bechtel - Sr. Piping Designer - Checking, piping layout, Vessel orientation.

Plot Plan, Equipment location, and piping for San Onofre and Korean

Nuclear plant

*C. F. Braun – Petro-Chem - Phillipps66, Mobil Oil, Shell Oil, and Amoco.

* Ben Holt - Mammoth Pacific Geothermal Power plant.


BSME Mapua institute of Technology, Manila, Philippine

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