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Engineer Information Security

Houston, TX
March 04, 2019

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Kamal Hasan

Cellular: +1-832-***-****



Dear Sir / Madam,

I am an IT professional with 28+ years of experience in building heterogeneous networks, project management, infrastructure management and IT advisory within the oil and gas and IT sector. Seeking a position to be part of an institution’s strategic IT team to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technological solutions.

As my CV demonstrates, I have been at the helm of several major projects for all the companies I have served where my specific expertise in the areas of networking, datacentre management, IP telephony, information security and access management have enabled me to make pivotal contributions on all initiatives I have served while in the services of companies such as Kuwait Drilling Co., Oil Sector Service Co., Kuwait Computer Company and Al Aqsa Computer Company in Kuwait.

My key skills include IT operations management, capacity planning, IP telephony network design and management for Smart buildings, wired and wireless network security management, network performance management and disaster recovery management. What deserves a special mention is my expertise in large network management and troubleshooting ensuring smooth services and minimal downtimes. I also hold a litany of professional certifications such as ASE, CCNA, CCNP and CCIE among others. I am also a Certified Ethical Hacker.

I believe my commitment to excellence, experience of working in diverse environments, my knowledge of network systems and protocols give me a unique and informed perspective from which I can contribute significant value to the project execution process and make me a valuable team member.

My attached CV details my experience. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications further.

Best Regards,

Kamal Hasan

Kamal Hasan

Cellular: +1-832-***-****



Secure a rewarding position where my developing skills will allow me to contribute to the goals of your organization while furthering my professional experience.


Dedicated, hard worker, organized team player with a positive attitude.

Detail oriented with excellent analytical, troubleshooting and problem solving abilities.

Sound time management skills, able to establish and meet priorities.

Good communication and interpersonal skills, always courteous and professional.



Bachelor in Information Technologies and computing (Very Good GPA 3.34 out of 4)


Diploma in Computer Maintenance with Honours (A+)

Other Certification:

Accredited System Engineer, Servers. (ASE)

Sales Associate Certificate, Hewlett Packard.

Certified Novell Administrator, Intranet ware 4 & 5. (CNA)

Certified Novell Engineer, Intranet ware 4 & 5. (CNE)

Certified Novell Sales. (CNS)

Microsoft Certified Professional. (MCP)

Microsoft Certified System Engineer, NT4 & 2000. (MCSE).

Certified Cisco Network Associate. (CCNA)

Certified Cisco Network Professional. (CCNP)

3Com Certified Solutions Associate.

Accredited System Engineer, Primary Storage. (ASE Primary Storage)

3Com certified solution Expert.

3Com Certified Networked Telephony Specialist.

Mcafee Desktop Sales Professional (EN)

Mcafee Desktop Technical Professional (EN)

Mcafee Entercept Sales Professional (EN)

Mcafee Entercept Technical Professional (EN)

Mcafee IntruShield Sales Professional (EN)

Mcafee IntruShield Technical Professional (EN)

Mcafee Server Sales Professional (EN)

Mcafee Server Technical Professional (EN)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

PASSED CCIE Security Written Exam



Self Employed & Geeks Onsite

Provide consultation and best design for Wireless, Wired network and datacentre.

Teaching computer networking and security principles, designs and implementation.

Design, and maintain computers networks, printers’, and scanners.

Installation, Securing, Troubleshooting and support for Workstation/Servers network and some cloud services.

Installing and configuring Security cameras (CCTV) systems.

Maintaining Collaboration rooms for audio and video systems.

Implement and support routers, switches and firewalls.

July 2006 – July 2017 Network & Security Analyst Kuwait Drilling Company at Chevron Texaco Kuwait


Project manager for the projects by identifying the project needs, list the cost options, schedule, put the operation plan, estimate the budget, put the design, procure the items then follow up the implementation schedule and the projects.

Design, customize, build, and configure Network systems hardware/software.

Handles and Maintains Servers systems hardware and software.

Consultant for IT. Projects and DATACENTER.

Build, Design, Supporting IP telephony configuration, and Troubleshooting.

Mentor and advisor for the team members.

Monitor, Analyse and manage networks performance and capacity.

Complete paperwork (Building Network Diagrams, Inventories and Installations procedures) and all related administrative functions.

Participate in the review and approval of new systems implementation or development from the security perspective.

Build, Design and Performing daily security monitoring tasks for (Wired and Wireless) networks against hackers, analyzing data and generating security reports to ensure that internal security controls are appropriate and operating as intended

Develop and maintain Information Security Policies, procedures, standards and guidelines based on industry best practices and compliance requirements.

Perform root cause analysis on failures.

May 1994 – June 2006 Senior Network & Security Engineer



Project manager for the projects by identifying the project needs, list the cost options, schedule the operation plan, estimate the budget, put the design, procure the items then follow up the implementation and the completion.

Design, customize, build, and configure computer systems hardware/software.

Build, Design, and maintain networks as well as networks security.

Acting Presale, Determine and respond to customer needs and preferences.

Team leader and Mentor for the new team members.

Provide onsite support as the second level of support.

Complete paperwork and all related administrative functions.

Build, Design and Performing daily security monitoring tasks for (Wired and Wireless) networks, analyzing data and generating security issues to ensure that internal security controls are appropriate and operating as intended

Build and Design and Implement IP telephony and networks securities for the Smart buildings.

1989 - 1994 Computer Engineer



Handle Responsibilities of the customer support.

Install, configure and maintain PC hardware and software (from the oldest XT PCs until the latest in PCs manufacturing technology including Novell 3.X operating system, Hubs and Bus topology cabling with Coax cables.

Completed work on gaming systems including home entertainment systems, printers’ tape backup drives, monitors, and scanners.

Handles troubleshooting and support for customers and bus network systems.


HP & (Compaq) Products:

Full support for Compaq & HP Servers and Workstations Intel-based.

Full service and support for all networks and Communication products.

Primary SAN storage and Secondary SAN Storage (SCSI & Fibre) including hardware and software installation.

Clustering solutions, redundancy and fault tolerance.

Management and Monitoring utilities provided fully.

Network Products:

Design, installation, consultancy and full service and support for:

3COM: Hubs, routers, switches, wireless (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g&n) solutions, and 3COM NBX (Voice over IP telephony).

HP SAN and Network Switches.

Cisco: Radius and Tacacs Authentication servers’ routers, firewalls, Switches and wireless (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g) and Nexus data Switches.

D-Link: Routers, Switches, and Wireless (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g).

Linksys: Routers, Switches, and Wireless (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g).

Redline: Broadband Wireless WiMAX Products.

Juniper: Routers, Switches, Secure Access, Firewalls.

Some Knowledge in SCADA systems and networks.

Routing Protocols:

Very good experience with RIPV1&2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and good knowledge in BGP, excellent experience in IP addressing & Submitting, Route summarization, & redistributing, Access Lists, IPX protocol, HSRP, Filtering Routes, Route Map, Compression, Queuing, MPLS and experience in VPN site to site.


Cabling for RING, COAX, UTP, STP, SCSI and fibre optic Cables.

Security Products:

Design, configure and install network security for CHECKPOINT firewall, GAUNTLET firewall, PIX & ASA firewalls and 3COM firewalls with some experience on MS ISA firewall. Also having experience all type of antiviruses & Cisco IPS/IDS.

Network Operating Systems:

Experience in Microsoft operating system servers (NT4 – 2012) including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, Migration and design for:

Active Directory servers. (AD)

Domain naming servers. (DNS)

Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)

Microsoft Exchange ( Version 4 – 2013)

Internet Information Services (IIS), FTP & Web servers

Proxy Servers.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Remote Access servers with Radius & TACACS

File sharing and DFS servers.

Other Skills:

Some innovativeness in various areas including simple alarm system, radar, interference machines and method for transporting of energy through free space with no waveguides.

Experience in logic design and layout of electrical circuit boards .

Experience with mechanical systems such as motor drive mechanisms car electrical and mechanics.

Low voltage electricity layout and connectivity.


Business Analysis Training, 2016.

Junos Pulse Secure access 2013

Introduction to the Junos OS, 2013

Junos Routing essentials., 2013

Advanced Juniper Networks IPSEC VPN Implementations, 2013.

Integrating Juniper Networks Firewall/IPSec VPN products into high-performance networks, 2013

CPDEP for IT Phase 1-5, 2006.

3Com WAN routers specialist, 2005.

Ethical Hacking training ECH 2005

Training on 3com Networked Business Exchange IP telephony, 2004

Training for Compaq ASE Primary Storage, 2002.

Gauntlet Firewall and Security, 2002.

3Com Training on LAN Switches, 2001.

Microsoft Office.

Compaq Training Courses (ASE), 2000.

Netware 4.11 to Netware 5 Update, 1999.

Compaq Training Courses (ASE), 1999.

Team Building Workshops, 1998.

Compaq Training Courses (ACT), 1998.

Building Intranets with Intranet ware, 1998.

Administering Microsoft NT 4.0, 1997.

Netware Novell 3.1X,1993-1995

REFERENCES: Will be available upon request.

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