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Seattle, WA
March 04, 2019

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• Developed my interdisciplinary knowledge in comparative modeling and docking procedures through the Schrodinger software (Maestro 9.4) and its tools like Prime, PrimeX, Glide, LigPrep, QikProp, SiteMap, QSite, Impact, MacroModel, Desmond and Jaguar.

• Enhanced the quantitative strengths to solve technical problems, advance scientific breakthroughs and support innovative assay development. TECHNIQUES HANDLED

Basic techniques in Microbiology

• Microbiological work. (Plating, Isolation, Stock preparation, Staining, Growth curve study)

• Fermentation (Media preparation, Sterilization, Sampling, Vessel cleaning Plating, Isolation, Stock preparation, Staining, Growth curve study).

Basic Biochemical Techniques

• Isolation of Nucleic Acids from various sources

• Blotting

• Chromatography

• Solution preparations

• Statistics (Basic calculations)

• Electrophoresis (Agarose gel & SDS PAGE)

• Restriction digestion & Restriction ligation

• PCR techniques (RT PCR)

• Western Blot


1. Structural and Functional Analysis of Butyryl Cholinesterase Mutants using Schrodinger’s Software (Maestro 9.4) at Avinashilingam University, India Objective of this research is to build the three-dimensional model of Butyryl Cholinesterase (BChE), investigate the influence of mutation on the overall structure of the BChE and its binding potency with the Organophosphorus compounds. The analysis of BChE is chosen due to its three different enzymatic activities: esterase, aryl acylamidase and peptidase. Esteric activity is more important in scavenging of organophosphate, some drugs and inhibitors. Hence, BChE is pharmacologically and toxicologically important. A comprehensive analysis of five single variant of BChE namely F56I, Y61C, P65S, D98H and N124Y was carried out. The mutants were modeled using 3O9M as template. The modeled structures were validated using Ramachandran Plot. The modeled structures were analyzed for active site residues and confirmation of the catalytic site was done. From the Molecular Docking studies, the interaction of Organophosphorus compounds with wild BChE showed better binding than the mutant forms. However, the mutant forms showed good Glide score value indicating the ability of mutant forms to interact and metabolize Organophosphorus compounds. Research Techniques:

Homology Modelling

Target selection and Template Alignment

Model building and evaluation

Verification of Protein

Model validation by Ligand docking

Bioinformatics software’s and tools used:

Molecular Visualization Software: Rasmol, Swisspdb viewer.

Alignment Tools: BLAST, PSI-BLAST, ClustalW, and Fasta.

Databases: NCBI, GenBank, Swiss-Prot, EMBL, PDB, DDBJ.

Sequence Retrieval Tools: Entrez, SRS.

Secondary Structure Prediction: GOR4, SOPMA, Prof

Packages: Biology workbench, EX-pasy.

2. Extraction of DNA from Isolated Soil Bacterium and invitro anti-oxidative role of the Organic Extract at Avinashilingam University, India

• Identified the Phytochemical constituents and Invitro Antioxidative Role of the Organic extract using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)of Alkaline, Phenolic and Flavonoids

• Assessed the Invitro Anti-Oxidative Potentials of Leaf Extracts using: o 1,1 Diphenyl-2-Picryl Hydrazyl (DPPH) Assay (Mensor et al., 2001) o Nitric-Oxide Radical Scavenging Assay (Green et al., 1982) o Hydrogen Peroxide Scavenging Assay (Rush et al., 1989)

• Protein pattern of aqueous leaf extracts was found using Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE)


“Structural and Functional Analysis of Butyryl Cholinesterase Mutants” in the conference on “Recent Advances in Computational Drug Design-2013” organized by Indian institute of Science and Schrodinger held at Indian Institute of Science Campus, India.

Attended Workshop on “Biotechnology and the Cloning Techniques” at Government College of Technology in the year or 2008.


Master of Science in Bioinformatics in the year 2014 - Avinashilingam University, India.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in the year 2012 - Avinashilingam University, India.


Undergoing certified training in Genomic Data Science(Next generation sequencing)


“Clinical Laboratory Training” in Pioneer Diagnostic Laboratory Private Limited and gained good practical knowledge. (May 2014)

Undergone training program in Production Dynamics of Industrial Enzymes: Optimization of Enzyme Activity and its Application in Textile Industry completed at RndBio, The BioSolutions Company, India. (June 2013)

Certified training program in Medical Coding at Professional Info Tech, India (Nov 2013)

Training in Plant Tissue Culture Techniques at Flora Agro Biotech Research Center, India

(June 2013)


Volunteered as a Mentor in Beswick Elementary School, California (Jan 2016- March 2016)

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