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Engineer Manager

Vero Beach, FL
March 06, 2019

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Production Manager with strong leadership skills and the ability to multitask in a complex manufacturing environment. Comfortable with total plant oversight, the design and implementation of strategies to increase productivity and meet company goals. Strong communicator that can effectively communicate with departmental managers to obtain goals.

Forward thinking Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in product design and development, project management, and quality assurance. Skilled in parametric modeling, part numbering matrix’s, data structure, finite element analysis

(FEA) stress testing, adhesive bonding, brazing, soldering, and welding. I have a strong understanding of engineering mechanics, principles, and materials. I demonstrate leadership skills that optimize collaboration between departments to produce high-quality industrial machines and equipment.


2018-2019- FLOAT-ON

Engineer / Production handling manufacturing processes and setting up engineering disciplines. Responsible for ordering daily material needs for new production, daily production sheets for mapping and designing all new production trailers.

Creating production routing sheets.

Creating deadrise templates for layouts

Identifying center of gravity for position on trailer.

Engineering and modeling of all new trailer designs.

Creating templates, title blocks, design data, BOM’s, and working drawings for the production shop floor.

Worked on special military projects for the Navy and Army. 2016-2018 –INTER ORDNANCE

Production Manager in charge of handling manufacturing processes and coordinating production line workers. Responsible for planning orders, daily production needs, recruiting and training staff, and managing supervisors.

Served as field producer to coordinate necessary assembly practices in sub- assembly cells, assembly cells and machining cells. Building AKM247 from raw materials to a complete assembly.

Functional tester validating the behavior of an application being produced.

Operational with managers to apply the company's strategies and objectives.

Train, hire, discharge employees, and resolve workers’ complaints.

Assist assembly team members with product styling, prep and post production needs.

Supervision in the production procedure, drawing up daily production program, and making sure that the production areas are operating and meeting company requirements.

Checking the production procedures and adjusting schedules as required.

Review plans and discuss through to investigate and support employees to increase new products and procedures.

Created standard drawings and templates for manufacturing needs, complete with setup sheets, BOM’s and shop routing.

William Berger

1733 Pointe West Way

Vero Beach, FL 32966

Phone: (772) - 532-4425

Fax: (772) - 584-3989



AKM247 .762 X 39mm




2013 to 2016 – ROSS MIXING, INC.

Mechanical Design Engineer designing mixers and blenders that manufacture food and pharmaceutical industrial products in working with vacuum design, pressure vessels, ASME code calculations, mathematical formulas, pneumatics, temperature, heat, cooling, general exhaust, hazardous sanitary safety, costing analysis, nitrogen, vacuum and fire protection piping.

Designing all equipment needs for production and costing analysis for future growth of products.

Working with customers and sales associates to make the design work for the company and the client.

Creating a 3D software database, moving the company from AutoCAD to Inventor Professional 2014.

Building a product library on all standard units for infrastructure on company standard designs.

Creating cost analysis parameters inside design data for implementing MRP costing reports for all materials consumed.

2010 to 2013 - SONNY'S ENTERPRISES

Lead Manufacturing Engineer designing conveyors, pump stations, In-Bay machines and tunnel layouts and working with consultants in implementing SAP software for company wide integration.

Project Manager overseeing all mechanical engineering projects and engineering staff.

Designing HVAC plans for future car wash sites and working with fire regulations for project implementation.

Designing all piping specifications, piping design standards, piping fabrication, water circulation, for custom car wash installation.

Estimate cost analysis for new product development.

Designing all new prototypes and custom orders for production.

Creating geometric tolerances on machine shop parts, weldment drawings with correct welding symbols and dimensioning for engineering staff to follow. Creating fixtures and jigs for robotic welding on welding robots.

Maintaining file structure, creating categories of equipment with custom I- Properties using Vault Professional.

Implementing an ECN and PAR process for engineering staff, also a company wide custom order process for sales and manufacturing to operate efficiently as a team.

SAP Engineering Team Specialist and Material Master. 75 CUBIC FEET RIBBON






Project Manager of the CAD Systems for an engineering staff on a consulting project.

• Trained engineering staff on Inventor software.

• Developed custom bend tables and K-factors for sheet metal design for projects.

• File structure for engineering data, setting up custom search capabilities in Inventor for future use.

• Worked with engineering staff to reduce the cost and machining time necessary for complex parts in sheet metal design.

• Set up libraries for hardware, electrical, raw materials, and plumbing for easy inserting of components into assemblies.

• Created project files for products made by schemes of part numbering matrix’s that work through Inventor and Vault systems.

• Took all 2D AutoCAD images of machined parts and created Inventor files.

• Calibrated all purchased parts into Inventor part files for assembly models.

• Building assemblies, parts, drawings, and presentation files from the company’s manufactured parts and weldments projecting an accurate bill of materials using Inventor.


Mechanical Designer constructing mechanical drawings for car wash systems

• Parametric modeling for parts and assemblies for all machined parts and drawings calibrated for production line using Inventor.

• Designed new equipment for car wash systems.

• Took products from prototype to production line.

• On-site testing of all new products and finding defaults using FEA stress analysis. Experience and Education

• Experience for over 10 years working as an engineer with fast pace manufacturing.

• Ft Lauderdale Art Institute, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Industrial Design 2000-2004

• Mc Fatter Technical School Davie, Fl. CAD Design 1999-2000. INFINITY SERVICE LINE


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