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Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Python, SAS, SQL

Montreal, QC, Canada
March 06, 2019

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Jason(Sisheng) Zhao

**** *** ********, *** ***, Montreal, QC, Canada



Sept. 2017-Now Master of Mathematics - Actuarial Science (Thesis-based) Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada

2013-2017 Bachelor of Economic Statistics

Anhui University (AHU), Hefei, China

GPA: 3.789 (Undergraduate)


CHN National Encouragement Scholarship for academic year 2013-2014 AHU Outstanding Students Scholarship for academic year 2015-2016 AHU Academic Learning Excellence Scholarship for academic year 2016-2017 Concordia Merit Scholarship for academic year 2018-2019 Concordia Research Support Scholarship for academic year 2018-2019 QUALIFICATION AND KEY COURSES

Jul.13 2018


Passed the SOA-P (Probability) (Score:9/10)

Statistical Learning (Machine Learning), Probability, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistics, Mathematical Modelling, Bayesian Statistics, etc. PROJECT EXPERIENCE

Nov. 2018 (Data Analysis) What Factors Will Influence the Cold Call Result – by using SAS

• Data Cleaning

• Use PROC TTEST, PROC ANOVA and PROC CORR to check the relationships between the result and factors (job, sex, age, call duration, yearly balance, marital status, etc.)

• Put related factors in logistic regression and check assumptions of logistic regression

• Check the outliers and interaction term

• Get a logistic regression model and find factors like HighBalance, LongCallDuration, etc will increase sales; CarLoan and ManyContacts will decrease sales Apr. 2018 (Machine Learning) Classifying the Email as Spam or Ham – by using R and Python

• The objective is to try different classification models to define an email as spam or not

• Use Word Cloud to find frequent variables in the Spam of the training dataset -- 57 independent variables, which are the part of words in the email that match a given word

(ie. “re”, “our”, “hp”, etc.) and the punctuation characters (ie. exclamation points, semi- colons, dollar signs, etc.)

• Use these variables and train different models (KNN, Neural Network, Random Forests, Decision Tree, LDA, QDA, etc.)

• Use the testing dataset to check the accuracy rate of these models

• The Random Forests is the most successful model, with accuracy rate of 95.83% WORK EXPERIENCE

Aug. 2018- Jan.

2019 (6 months)

May. 2018-Oct.

Sep. 2017-Now

Statistical Data Analyst in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

• Use Excel, VBA and Python to do Data analysis and Prediction.

• Use SQL to govern aviation data and Participate in the verification and validation of reported data and assist in the development of electronic tools to accelerate the verification and verification process.

• Contribute to the development of business analysis tools and the automation of monthly air traffic monitor.

Financial Intern in the Sun Life Financial

• Use SAS to do Data Analysis

• Financial Service and Financial Planning

Teaching Assistant in Concordia University

• Marker of STAT 461 (Statistical Simulation), STAT 360 (Linear Models), MATH 252

(Linear Algebra),

• Tutorial of MATH 205 (Differential & Integral Calculus), MATH 202 (Algebra), MATH 201 (Elementary Functions)

• Tutor of MATH 200-209 (Basic Mathematics) in the Math Help Center Jun. 2016-Sep. Intern in the Guoyuan Securities (China)

• Open accounts and consulting services


Jan. 2016


Feb. 2015

Honorable Mention in the 2016 MCM/ICM (Mathematical Contest in Modeling) Outstanding Volunteer

The second prize in the national level and the first prize in Anhui Province in the 4th National College Student Arts Show with our show, Flower-drum Lantern EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

Jul. 2015-Sep.


Teaching Support in the Poor Area (Huoshan Village in China)

• Brought a wide range of books to local students

• Taught students English and Science

• Helped them to develop good learning and living habits Voluntary Services

• Joined the Animal Protection Society to take care of homeless animals and help them to find new owners

• Volunteered in job fairs organized by the Anhui University COMPUTER SKILLS

Excel, VBA, R, Python, SAS, SQL and SPSS

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