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Assistant Microsoft Office

Montreal, QC, Canada
March 04, 2019

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Ziqiao Zhong

Phone Number: 514-***-**** E-mail Address:


Bachelor of Science (specialized biochemistry) Jul. 2017 to Aug. 2020 expected

Concordia University, Montreal, QC


• Certificate of WHMIS 1988

• Certificate of WHMIS 2015

• Certificate of Safe Storage of Hazardous Materials

LanguagesEnglish & Chinese: Written and spoken Japanese & French : Basic daily communication

Computer Skills

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Software Skills: PNMR, Nuts, Logger Pro, Microsoft Office Pragramme

ExperienceChemistry Lab Stock Keeper

Concordia University, Montreal, QC Sep. to Dec. 2017

• Disposed and labeled hazardous chemical wastes under regulation rules

• Followed all safety policies and maintain a clean and orderly work area

• Arranged samples according to numerical order of group numbers

R & D Chemistry Lab Assistant

Concordia University, Montreal, QC Apr. to Aug. 2018

• Investigated for a project about crystal chirality

• Organized and interpreted data with Circular Dichroism spectroscopy

• Performed crystallization and recrystallization with keeping clear data in file

• Applied computer skills of data filing, analysis, and visualization by MS Office

Casher Oct 2014 to Oct 2017

Patisserie Gallia, 78 La Gauchetiere West, Montreal, QC, H2Z 1C1

• Assure the products supply sufficiently

• Identify problems, issues or complaints and propose solutions to management

• Ability to stay focused, pay attention to detail

• Ability to stand for extended periods

Online Translater Nov 2014 to Mar 2015

Excellent verbal and written communications skills, with emphasis on writing and editing

Strong communication skills with a diplomatic demeanor.

Good interpersonal skills, great team player with collaborative approach.

Summer project

Spontaneous Resolution and Chiral Amplification in Cocrystals

Concordia University, Montreal, QC Apr. to Aug. 2018

• Prepared chiral crystal from two achiral compound with amino acid

• Amplified chirality of the chiral cocrystal by Viedma ripening

• Synthesis chiral cocrystal by the mechanochemical method

• Prepared conglomerate crystal as controlling conditions

• Testified the chirality of crystal in solid status

• Sorted conglomerate crystal into different chirality type

Basic Lab Skills

Titration Skills (quantify the amount of elements)

• Titrant standerlization

• Titration with Fajan’s method for determine metal concentration

• Spectrophotometric titration titrates elements in solution

Concentration Measurement under spectrophotometer operation

• determine the solution concentration by kinetics

• obtain cell concentration per units

Operation and diagram analysis



• UV-vis


Investigating the concentration of sample

Measuring the reaction process

Determining the kinetics of the reaction

Identify the identity of sample

Identify the isomer percentage in sample

Sample purification & determine the purity of sample

• melting point/ boiling point

• physical methods

• sublimation

• Liquid-liquid extraction, Liquid-solid extraction

Buffer Preparation


• Column chromatography

• Thin-layer chromatography

• Gel filtration Chromatography

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