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Manager Software Developer

Philadelphia, PA
March 04, 2019

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Angel L. Rodriguez Software Developer 858-***-**** á 1 2 § X Philadelphia, PA




RecipeEase allows the user to create new recipes and view all recipes on the home page. Each recipe has its own individual edit page where the user can edit the name of the recipe, add instructions and add separate ingredients. Recipes have their own hidden ids to make it easier to add and remove data to each. Utilizes - ES6, Webpack, Babel and UUID v.4 Map Attack

Geo-guessing game using the REST Countries and Google Maps APIs to allow the user to view questions randomly generated by REST. Utilizes - JavaScript, Node.js & Express, Google, REST and Fetch APIs Star Shipped

This Rails application is built for shippers to help them organize all of the ships in their fleet, with a user login system using Devise. This was built to further my MVC trinity knowledge and better understand ActiveRecord associations. Utilizes - ROR, Rails UJS, Paperclip and Materialize CSS.

BRB Arcade

Created Frogger-clone using the Phaser3 library for added camera effects and a more intuitive UX. Implemented gamification strategy that randomizes sorting of enemy movement within various loops to enhance difficulty for the user. Utilizes - Phaser3, JavaScript & ROR Username:

Password: guestpass

Doggie Bloggie

Full CRUD blog. Styling is built completely from scratch and uses no libraries for customization. Allows users to create profiles with passwords, new posts and comment on posts. Utilizes - ROR Username: guest

Password: guestpass

React Portfolio Site

Portfolio site built in React.js showcasing projects categorized by language. Utilizes - React.js, ES6 & the Fetch API Word Spin

This app generates random JavaScript terminology. There is logic that gives the user a hint as to what the word is, how many letters are in the word, the number of guesses remaining, letters already used and how many rounds the player won. Utilizes - JavaScript & Materialize Coder Bytes

CRUD site written in Ruby using the Sinatra framework that allows users to setup user accounts, profiles, posts and comments. Utilizes - Ruby, Sinatra & Bootstrap


Password: guestpass

TECH:: JavaScript ES6/ES2015, React.js, JSON, jQuery, ROR, Sinatra, HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, CSS Grid, SQLite3

SOFTWARE:: Git, GitHub, Gitlab, Hugo, Firebase, Bootstrap, Heroku, Materialize



New York Code & Design


July 2018 to Nov.


Certification - Web Development

Completed 720+ hours of the Web Development Intensive Program covering various full-stack technologies and various methodologies including OOP, TDD, pair-programming, AGILE, and SCRUM. Walnut Hill College Sept. 2008 to June 2011

Bachelor of Science - Culinary Arts

Graduated summa cum laude


Nationwide Insurance




Commercial Lines Processor July 2017 to July 2018

Assigned to special projects team to update reference documents in our database that were outdated and required images and modernization of wording.

Reviewed legacy accounts along with inaccurate information and proposed corrections and amendments.

Key Contributions:

Applied root cause problem-solving objectives to target an issue within our origination process that caused a major blockage affecting 1000s of agents within the company. Successfully investigated and targeted the issue by merging with members of the IT department to finally resolve the impediment and speed up the process of communication between departments saving 20% of the time it takes for customers to receive quotes.

Wawa, Inc. Philadelphia, PA

Food & Beverage Manager July 2012 to July 2017

Key Contributions:

Led stores to earn Food Safety Risk Assessments and Business Readiness scores in the top 30%.

Achieved 50% sales increases in express food service gross profits by implementing new merchandising techniques, such as prominently displaying and sampling slow moving products with high profit margins. Appointed as Food Service Efficiency Trainer by Area Manager, tasked with training new managers.

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