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Safety Officer Manager

Doha, Qatar
March 04, 2019

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Transferable and Work Visa Available********

Desired Position: HSE Officer


Looking forward to a challenging career as a HSE Professional where the conceptual knowledge acquired by me can be effectively employed with emphasis as development and without compromise on quality.


ØPreventive & Corrective Actions

ØMarket Analysis & Data Collection.

ØContinual Improvement.

ØExcellent Communication.

ØQuality Engineering.

ØMethodology Implementation.

ØTeam Leader /Motivation


ØDiploma In Electrical And Electronic Engineering at Federal polytechnic Owerri in the year 2003

ØBachelor Of Tech. Geology at Federal University Of Science and Technology Owerri in the year 2006


Ø NEBOSH (IGC) International general certificate

Ø IOSH Managing Safely (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)

ØOSHA 132-hour professional certificates

ØOSHA Oil and Gas professional certificates

ØIncident Investigation Reporting

ØLifting and Rigging

ØTraining on excavation and Trench work

ØConfined Space Entry Work

ØPermit to Work System

ØFirst Aids

ØFire Warden

ØLock Out & Tag Out Procedure (LOTO)

ØISO 14001 Environmental Management System


Contractor: J&P, CONSPEL, JPAC JV


Consultant: ASTAD

June. 2017 – Current


Project: Qatar Foundation Football Stadium Construction


ØEnsuring that all the MEP equipment’s are inspected with monthly color code and updated tags before using it on site.

ØMaking sure that the MEP operatives were all trained and their third party certificates are up to date.

ØRegular supervision and inspection of MEP workers involved in their various task to ensure if they are competent enough to carry out their task without injury.

ØMonitoring of Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing ( M.E.P) and assessing hazard and unsafe situations at work

ØCarrying out some trainings to improve the safety consciousness of workers such confine space refreshers course, fall protection training, coshh chemical handling and disposal.

ØGiving tool box talk to the pipe filters to ensure safe system of work before the installation of pipes.

ØMaking sure that all pipework are neatly and adequately supported, without excessive deflection between supports.

ØEnsuring that all pipe hangers and supports are well furnished complete with rods, bolts, locks, nuts, swivels couplings, brackets to allow installation to be free.

ØMaking sure that all the workers work with their full body harness before working at height.

ØMaking sure that all the areas that required scaffold is installed and inspected by a competent scaffold inspector with third party certificate.

ØMaking sure that all the power hand tools are properly color coded and also the ladders are properly inspected before use.

ØMaking sure that proper access is provided was necessary for easy entry to workplace.


Consultant: CDMSmith

June. 2016 – 2017


Project: Construction of Surface Water Drainage System (Al-Rayyan Municipality Area {fps-17})


ØPlanning ensures that health, safety, and environmental requirements for constructing drainage systems are confirmed in accordance with legislative and company requirements.

ØReceived assignment, notification, reporting location, reporting time, and travel instructions.

ØAll radio communications to Incident Communications Center was addressed: "(Incident Name) Communications".

ØReceived briefing from immediate supervisor.

ØAcquire work materials.

ØOrganize, assign, and brief subordinates.

ØComplete forms and reports required of the assigned position and send material through supervisor to Documentation Unit.

ØEnsure continuity using in/out briefings.

ØRespond to demobilization orders.

ØBrief subordinates regarding demobilization.









ØConduct safety induction for new employees.

ØEnsuring COSHH compliance is maintained.

ØMonitor company safety performance at site, recording of near miss, TRC and LTI.

ØConduct daily and weekly tool box talk for workers.

ØRecording and investigating accidents, incidents and near miss.

ØDaily inspection on scaffold and equipment’s to be used by workers.

ØConduct fire mock drill.

ØCarrying out site inspections on site.

ØConduct Risk assessment, establish root causes of incidents to prevent re-occurrence


(Client Halcrow) Lusail City

Project : Land Scape .

Position : Safety officer

Tenure : February, 2014 - February 2015


ØPreparing of Monthly HSE Statistics Report.

ØInstructing and directing workers on safe Working system.

ØMaking sure that workers on site are properly kitted with required PPE.

ØAccident and Incident record Report.

ØPreparing of Weekly Site Safety Report.

ØEmbarking on daily site safety inspection tour.

ØPreparation of weekly permit to work

ØKeeping PPE register

ØKeeping toilet cleaning Register.

ØActive supervision and monitoring of workers always in the site.

ØReview of risk assessment in any case of accident or near miss. And officially every six months.

ØOrganizing safety mock drills every six months to remind the workers of their Necessary procedure in the case of any emergency.

ØProvision of all the signage and emergency contact number in every part of the Site to make sure that all the workers no the emergency contact in d case of accident.


M.S Construction Company, DUBAI

Position: Safety Officer

Tenure: January, 2010 – December, 2013


ØOver all responsible to the Management at site level for any advice on HSE. Provide HSE leadership and technical expertise to company and sub contactor’s personnel to continuously improve HSE.

ØConducting Health and safety Inspections, Audits to ensure compliance with Company’s Coordinating and attending HSE Meeting, Operational meeting, Top Management meeting and actively participating in decision making to improve safe working conditions / practices to achieve optimum safety standards.

ØPreparation and implementation of project specific HSE plans to ensure safe working practices and adequate emergency response. Establish and monitor an emergency rescue/response plan and periodic drills / training in case of an emergency preparation and updating overall staff’s HSE Matrix.

ØDiscuss HSE issues every day through daily meeting to promote and enhance HSE performance. Facilitate and use the regular Safety and Communications Meetings to reinforce everyone’s HSE commitments and behaviors.

ØCarryout daily site inspections and advice for corrective actions and conducting safety audits on the company’s operation to ensure safe methods of work with staff to monitor and improve health and safety standards in their workplaces. Strict enforcement of Company HSE Policy.

ØProvide monthly report to the Top Management and report any short fall to the appropriate authority with proper justification and recommendations. Strict implementation of permits to Work system.

ØFoster a strong health, safety and environmental protection culture to the entire team always looking for opportunities to raise the level of HSE awareness.

ØEnsure accident-reporting system is in operation and used effectively. Investigate all incidents including near misses and establish cause and corrective action to avoid further recurrence.

ØMaintain accurate safety statistics of accidents, Incidents and near misses. Review and upgrade standards and procedure in the work environments focusing on continue improvements to eliminate and prevent injury or decease.

ØProvide monthly report to the Top Management. Organizing and conducting periodic drill and report any short fall to the appropriate authority with proper justification and recommendations. Strict implementation of permits to work system.

ØEnsure that company procedures relating to HSE are followed, lifting tools, tackles and equipment’s checked periodically by the competent person with high degree of supervision and that all lifting tackles/ equipment’s certificates are maintained.

ØPromoting, motivating, and maintaining a standard of health, safety and environment awareness at the work site and the camp area by conducting safety meeting, in house training and competitions.

ØCarry out regular inspection on all vehicles and equipment, workshop, site locations, camp inspections, First aid box inspection, Fire extinguishers Inspection, PPE inspection, Lifting Tools & Equipment inspection, Store Inspection, Yard Inspection etc.

ØInvolving in Accident Investigation team, Handling Emergencies, Performing a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Inspection of Hazardous Condition.

ØHaving a thorough knowledge of HSE practices and procedures and ability to use the knowledge to prevent unsafe acts and apply professional judgments within this framework. Monitor work permits shall be obtained prior to any work commencing and work shall be carried out in accordance with specific measures itemized on the permit.

ØConducting weekly and monthly HSE meeting and quarterly corporate HSE meeting, Emergency Mock drills, Fire drills, rescue drills at site level along with client’s representatives. Recommends disciplinary action to HSE violators who unnecessarily expose themselves and other personnel to injury or property damage.

ØRecord analysis information of injuries, damage and production loss, assess accident trends and review over all safety performance. Carry out site survey to see only safe work method are in operation that health safety requirement are being observed and welfare first aid facilities are adequate and properly maintain.

Petro dynamics Oil & Gas Servicing Company, Nigeria.

Position: Safety Officer

Tenure: January 2007 - August 2009


Co-Ordinate and Monitor All Health, Safety and Environmental Activities to Ensure Agreed Safety and Loss Prevention Standards Are Fully Implemented And Properly Followed.

Provide HSE Management System Support To The Integrated Operations Project.

Co-Ordinate the Cross-Divisional Management of HSE With Regard To the Project.

Manage the Activities of the Integrated Operations HSE Specialists Assigned To Rig Sites.

Perform Work In Accordance To Baker Hughes HSE Policies And Procedures.

Implement And Endorse Baker Hughes ''Keys To Success'' And ''Core Value'' Strategies.

Facilitate The Implementation Of HSE Systems.

Provide Information, Advice And Support To All Levels Of Project Staff Regarding Health, Safety And Environmental Legislation, Practices And Procedures.

Promote, With Management, A Safety Culture Within The Workplace, Ensuring That All Levels Of Employees Are Aware, Accept And Understand Their Responsibilities With Regard To Health, Safety And Environmental Issues.

Encourage Shared Learning, Consistency, And Good Practice In Terms Of HSE Throughout The Project.

Support HSE Initiatives as Defined by Production quest HSE.

Interface With Customers And Sub-Contractors On HSE Issues

Ensure That Site Inspections And Risk / Impacts Assessments Are Carried Out On A Regular Basis For HSE And That Remedial Action Is Taken On Any Non-Compliance.

Monitor The HSE Component Of The ''First Alert'' Incident Reporting System, Ensuring That All Employees Are Aware Of The Duty To Report All Incidents, Accidents And Near Misses.

Conduct Training Or Ensure Training Is Conducted In Accordance With Hazards, Identified Via The Risk Assessments Carried Out And To Comply With Legislative, Client And Internal Requirements.

Recommend Activities And Changes To Promote Best Practice, Eliminate Or Reduce Actual And Potential Losses.

Make Representation At Relevant Meetings, Client And Cross Divisional.

Ensure Integrity Of Management System Documentation And Records.

Facilitate The Provision Of HSE System Training

Analyse Legal, Business And Client Requirements To Determine Suitable HSE Standards.

Recommend Activities And Changes To Eliminate Or Reduce Actual And Potential Losses

Other Duties / Tasks as Deemed Required By the Project Manager and Integrated Operations HSE Manager.

Act As The Firm/Client Representative On HSE Matters For Coordinating And Conducting Weekly Site Inspections.

Attend Weekly Comprehensive Company Progress Client Meeting.

Undertake Daily HSE Inspection Ensuring Follow- Up And Rectification Of Detected Irregularities And Report Same To Senior Operation Manager.

Review The HSE Manual And All Health,Safety And Environment Related Documentation,Including Method Of Statements,Work Permit Procedures And Safety Equipment Requisition To Ensure Compliance With Establish Standards And Update All Firm/Clients Established Policies To Support HSE Programs.

Assist In The Preparation Of Firms/Clients Specific HSE Operating Procedures To Ensure Contract Obligations Are Met.

Review Scope Of Work Completed From HSE Perspective, To Identify Trends And Possible Exposure To Problems.

Reporting Directly To The Engineering/Operation Manager On HSE Matters Such As Job/Project Hazard Analysis, Hazard Control Plan/Hazard Management Plan (HSE-Ms Plan) Weekly/Monthly Cashes Statistical Report/ Meeting, Emergency Respond Control Plan, Security Plan And General Enforcement On Safety Rules, Regulations And Precaution On Site Both Onshore And Offshore.


Win98, WinXP, Win7, Win10, MS Word, Excel.


Age: 35 Yrs.

Sex: Male.

Marital Status: Married.

Nationality: Nigerian.

Availability: Immediately


Available on request.

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