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Software Engineer Manager

Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States
February 28, 2019

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Hai Chau Nguyen

Vernon Hills, Illinois 716-***-****

A Computer Science graduate with 2+ years of full-stack Software Engineering experience and top competitive programmer.


University at Buffalo, New York

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, June 2018

Professional Experience


●Became an elite competitive programmer in a few months of starting, achieved rating equivalent to many IOI medalists.

●Project Euler Hacker - HackerRank, Top 200 in global leaderboard – Profile.

●HackerEarth, Top 250 in global leaderboard - Profile.

●Achieved expert rank at Code Forces after 5 competitions – Div 1 - Profile.

●Achieved 4* rank at Code Chef after 3 competitions – Div 1 - Profile.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER Jan 2014 - June 2016

Independent Contractor

●Developed 15+ web apps and completed 50+ other development projects as a freelance Software Engineer and Web Developer, ranging from full-stack web applications, to scripts for scraping and analyzing data, to digital games and desktop applications.

●Designed, developed, and launched multiple full-stack websites for businesses such as a public hospital, local businesses, utilizing web technologies such as PHP, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL, XAMPP, WordPress and HTML/CSS

●Developed and designed a Facebook quiz application (JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) that accumulated 1000+ hits 3 days after launch.

●Developed an entire curriculum and quiz as a GUI application in Java, which allowed multiple question types, progress saving, and separate users.

●Built a Java application that analyzed chess board layouts, checks, and checkmates.

●Wrote scripts in Python with Scrapy framework to pull live scores from sports games websites, as well as 100k+ other data points used by other engineers as data for their applications.

●Worked under some strict deadlines, with a few projects having less than 24-hour turnaround

●Worked in a number of languages from Java, Python, JavaScript, to functional languages like SML and Haskell.

CO-FOUNDER, LEAD ENGINEER Mar 2016 - June 2017

CLA - Cheluxe language academy

●Founded the Cheluxe Language Academy, an English Learning Institution in Hanoi, Vietnam, that has now served over 5,000 students age 4 - 16 years old, and, after 3 months of opening, had the 3rd highest monthly attendance of all English Learning Institution in the region of 200,000 people.

●Spearheaded development of all organization processes, from working with the government to build necessary buildings, to creating marketing campaigns, to overseeing all employees, ultimately hiring more than 30 employees as the business expanded.

●Developed a full-stack ranking application in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL which was used to keep track of profiles of all students and their rankings and successes, employing a gamification concept to keep students engaged throughout the courses.

●Had a returning student rate of over 80% (students who returned to take more courses).

Other activities

●Chess USCF Class A Player Elo 1900 – Top 0.3%

●Dota Divine Player – Top 0.05.

●Classical Pianist

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