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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
70000 use / year
June 21, 2019

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Desired job Mechanical Engineer in Brake Industry Age: 38

Contact info Phones: +55-031-*********

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Education Post Graduation: Automotive Engineering - UFSC Conclusion year: 2012 Languages Portuguese: English: Italian:

Mother tongue Advanced Fluent

Work Experiences

Graduation: Mechanical Engineering - PUC/MG Conclusion year: 2007 Address Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil

Marital status Married, two daugther

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Country / Location


Projects/Main Activities

01/2017 till now.


Brake Foundation Specialist

Latin America (LATAM) Foundation Brake responsible for entire design. Main activities: Feature analysis, sizing, standardization, DFMEA's, test plan definition and result analysis.

Components under my responsibility: Brake calipers (front and rear) and disc heat shields.

Last challenges:

* Developing ways to eliminate or, at least, reduce brake noise levels, safety., rotors, rear brakes, drums, linnings, EPB's (Electronic

parking brakes)

* Developing a low drag caliper, from a current component, to reduce fuel consumption. It was possible to reduce the brake drag from average 3,7Nm to 0,73Nm with punctual changes, as adopting pad retraction clips and tuning the caliper seal groove chamfer. Other components, as brake booster and rear drum brake were also changed to recover the previous pedal feeling.

Mechanical Technician High School: Polimig Ensino Tcénico - MG Conclusion year: 1998 Professional target Work in Brake Industry as an engineer, performing tasks to improve sytem performance and lead technical development in a team work environment, taking advantage of my 10 year experience in a world car maker player.

Personal target Giving to my family the best life condition I can provide, in my homeland or abroad, all done with hard working, ethics and obstination in results seeking.


* Creating a Brake Caliper and Pads "Virtual Shelf", with a global benchmarking analysis of best technical solution, quality indicators, weigth, standardization, cost and time to market. The target of this study was to define the best compromise, according to the pillars above, to choose calipers and pads for vehicle of each segment. mass and costs, and

improve car

with the european and asian coleagues, with deep technical discussions and focused on cost reduction opportunities.

Before I was in charge of development, sizing, drawing management, design changing, test plan definition and respective result analisys, for brake and command system of New Uno, New Palio, New Fiorino, New Siena, Punto, Linea, Doblò, 500 and Ducato. Some challenging tasks solved: Linning adesion on Punto rear brakes, intermitent failure on wheel speed sensor, Continental MK70 ABS central instalation on New Palio, brake booster with integrated fluid reservoir of New Palio/New Uno development. Period 09/2005 - 06/2008


Country / Location Brazil - BELO HORIZONTE

Position Maintenance Analist

Projects/Main Activities Critical analysis of maintenance KPI's, assembling and start up of new to the project;

Planner of big maintenance stops, with hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical tasks; Inspection plan manegement and up date;

Maintenance budget manegement and follow up;

Experience with TPM, FMEA, 5S and SAP.

Period 12/2000 - 08/2005


Country / Location Brazil - BELO HORIZONTE

Position Maintenance mechanical officer

Projects/Main Activities Mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics tasks; preventive and preditive maintenance planning; Continous maintenance group leader, responsible for oil leakage average reducing from 32000 liters/month to 2500 liters/month;

Period 06/2008 - 08/2015


Country / Location Brazil - BETIM

Position Brakes and Commands Project Chief

Projects/Main Activities Responsible for devoloping all components of brakes and command system, for MOBI model, ensuring the performance, quality and cost levels defined in the beggining of project. Each delivery must be done untill it specific timeline milestone, defined by the vehicle Platform.

Participation on X3U Task Force in Italy from 13/01/2015 to 10/04/2015, when were done the initial model studies for X3U, X3S, X3H and X3P models. Very close contact FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES - FCA GROUP - REGION LATAM Period 09/2015 - 01/2017


Position Command System Specialist

Projects/Main Activities LATAM Command system responsible for entire design. Main activities: feature analysis, sizing, standardization, DFMEA's, test plan definition and result analysis.

Components under my responsibility: Pedal boxes, handbrake levers, parking brake cables and brake piping.

Last challenges:

* Developing a local releasable hybrid pedal box (plastic + metal), in order to reduce mass and costs, and improve car safety.

* Developing an off-axis hand brake lever, to reach Style targets without losses on lever performances or assemblability.



industrial equipments




Period 02/1995 - 11/1998

Level & Branch of Study Mechanical Technician High School Institute POLIMIG ENSINO TÉCNICO - BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil Description Technical course of MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN Computer skills compet. Word : Advanced Excel : Advanced PowerPoint : Advanced Mobility National: Yes

Other Information

Teaching job Playing the role of tutor of new coleagues in all work experiences. International: Yes

Charity activities As a part of the local church team to get donation to people in poor social condition. Personal activities Salt water aquarium. The target is to create a most similar environment to some sea fishes and coral structures.


Period 10/2010 - 06/2012

Level & Branch of Study Post Graduation - Automotive Engineering Institute UFSC - Betim, Brazil

Description Post Graduation in Automotive Engineering, with emphasis on brake noise mitigation. My final course project was to develop a procedure to try to identify possible noise sources on brake system in design time, to prevent noise occourence in virtual environment, and take actions to avoid the issues before the physical samples construction.

Period 08/2002 - 06/2007

Level & Branch of Study Graduation - Mechanical Engineering Institute PONTIFÍCIA UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA DE MINAS GERAIS - BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil

Description Graduation of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, with emphasis on hydraulic system. My final course project was to develop the hydraulic system to a crane, from initial sizing to detailed design.

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