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Engineering Software Developer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
February 24, 2019

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Nabila Aziz Shifat

***-**** ***** ******, ********, H2X 2A5, 514-***-****, CAREER OBJECTIVE

Fourth year Electrical Engineering student seeking for a new graduate position. Prepared to relocate to a different location if necessary.


McGill University (Winter 2014-Present)

Bachelor of Engineering, Major Electrical (CGPA: 3.70/4.0) Relevant Courses: Java, Operating Systems, Digital Systems Design, Computer Engineering, Electric Circuits, Electronics, Electrical Measurements Lab, Electromagnetic Waves, Power Engineering, Signals and Systems WORK EXPERIENCES

Citi, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (June 2018 – August 2018, 3 Months) Software Developer Intern at Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) Payments team

• Gained experience in DevOps; Jira, Maven, Bitbucket, TeamCity, uDeploy, and SonarQube.

• Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) pipeline for a project to automate the build and deployment process. As a result, build, unit test, and deployment happens in one click.

• Fixed 80% (around 6000 bugs) of Major, Critical, and Blocker errors for Global Operation Center (GOC) application detected by SonarQube. This improved code practice in our GOC application. Hydro One, Ontario, Canada (September 2016 – August 2017, 12 Months) Standard and New Technology Intern

• Designed and developed security process trackers (lists) and scorecard to meet with the internal NERC CIP

(North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) compliance program using Microsoft SharePoint/Nintex Workflow

• Created automation tools to produce statistical results from various databases using Visual Basic

• Created GUIs which helped the team in generating cyber arc reports and configuration files for routers and switches

• Created flow charts and procedural documents for Security Patch Management

• Assisted in development and production of Transient Cyber Asset (TCA) solution in compliance with NERC CIP Standard

• Performed quality check/assurance on device setting library as one of the deliverables for Hydro One in achieving NERC CIP Standard compliance

• Created and provided support in internal standard development

• Used Meridian and AutoCAD to monitor and build circuit diagrams

• Used PowerPoint to create slides for presentation and presented it during the annual safety conference Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (Summer 2016) Computational Electromagnetics, Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE)

• Worked on High Performance Computational (HPC) electromagnetics to develop efficient parallel and distributed adaptive algorithms for HPC environments to overcome current computational bottlenecks.

• To accurately and efficiently model the electromagnetic fields within sophisticated microstructures of modern engineering device and systems.

Engineering Peer tutoring Services, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (Fall 2015- present) Tutor for Circuits 1, Circuits 2, and Introduction to Computer Engineering, and U0 Math courses

• Working one-to-one or with small group of students

• Leading discussion groups and preparing review sessions to give lectures in a big class before midterms and finals for each course

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (Summer 2015) Broadband Communication Lab, Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE)

• Built a bridge between a multi-parameter medical sensor device and a computer wirelessly using Visual basic and Lua embedded programming language.

• Tested TCP link reliability by sending and receiving information to and from Thingspeak server via Wi-Fi module (ESP8266) and PC



• Programming Languages: Java, Visual Basic, C, Lua, VHDL, MATLAB, MIPS Assembly Language, Bash

• Development Tools: Eclipse CDT, Microsoft Visual Studio, CodeBlocks

• Simulation Tools: LogicWorks, Spim, LTSpice, Meridian, Altium Designer, Altera Quartus II

• Publishing Software: Microsoft SharePoint, Word, Excel (Macros), PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, EndNote

• Operating Systems: Linux, Windows OS, Mac OS

Laboratory Instruments: Circuit Breadboard, Oscilloscope, DC Meters & Measurement, Signal generator Language: Fluent in English, Bengali, and Hindi


Design Project, McGill University (Winter 2018-Fall 2018)

• Evaluated if the implementation of circuits using print electronics on flexible substrates are a viable technology for the future.

• Implemented a Bluetooth system on flexible substrate using LTSpice to simulate and Altium to create footprints, schematics, and layouts of the circuit to be printed using the ink-jet printer system 21 Card Game, McGill University (Fall 2017)

• Developed the 21 Card Game using VHDL on the Altera DE1 board.

• Wrote VHDL descriptions for both combinational and sequential circuits using process blocks.

• Designed user interface using VHDL descriptions to create a Finite State Machine as a controller.

• Conducted both Unit and Integration tests with functional and timing simulations.

• Integrated all the separate modules to form the complete system and tested it on the Altera DE1 board. Computer Engineering Design Project, McGill University (Winter 2016)

• A first stage design or feasibility study of automated underwater mining base system.

• Completed a comprehensive study on probable data structures to be used like arrays, linked lists, hashing, sorting, stacks, queues, trees.

• Address the issues such as Processor Technology, Memory system, Software System, Operating System, Bus, Input/output system and Communication to produce an overall, possible design for a prototype device for 2019.

• Provide brief details of the forecast capabilities of each component of the system and how they will allow the device to achieve its objectives.

Robotics project, McGill University (Fall 2015)

• Developed an autonomous robot capable of finding and manipulating Styrofoam blocks, while navigating within an enclosed area populated with known obstacles randomly placed within an enclosure.

• Programmed the robot using Lejos programming environment for software development on Mindstorms NXT.

• Documented the entire project, managed group meetings, made Gantt charts, kept log of group meetings, conducted research and development and created user manual for the robot. AWARDS

• Richard Brown Scholarship, McGill University (Fall 2015)

• Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE), McGill University (Summer 2015, 2016)

• James McGill Scholarship & International Entrance Award, McGill University (Winter 2014) VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCES

Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), McGill University (Winter 2013- Present)

• Organizing McGill conferences and McGill TechFair

• Team lead in McGill summer send-off organizing team in Bangladesh Bangladesh Student Association, McGill University (Winter 2013 – Present)

• Helped organize BSA annual elections and orientation programs INTERESTS: Technology, Programming, Teaching, Humanitarian activities, Travelling, Socializing, Music, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Chess

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