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Software/Web/Mobile Developer Data Analyst

Brighton, Massachusetts, United States
February 26, 2019

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Jingyi Tang

** ********* **., *** *** • Allston, MA 02134 • 765-***-****


BOSTON UNIVERSITY • College of Arts and Sciences • Dec 2018 Master of Computer Science • Specialize in Data-Centric Computing PURDUE UNIVERSITY • Polytechnic Institute • May 2017 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology • Concentrate in System Analysis and Design SKILLS

Programming/Scripting Languages

Java, Python, SQL, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Android, C, C++, C#, Swift Frameworks/Tools

Machine Learning, Django, Flask, Git, MongoDB, GNU Assembler EXPERIENCES

IT Development Engineer Intern • Huawei Technologies • Shenzhen • July 2018 to Sep 2018

• Traced down bugs and issued fixes to Non-Volatile Data Storage B+Trees in C++; resolved 90% of the existed problems in the source code; guaranteed all the data structures can be properly tested in terms of their cost of read & write operation and system failure recovery

• Construct detailed testing manuals for all the latest Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) friendly storage trees; increased the efficiency in about 50% for the testing team

• Drafted conclusive reports in Chinese for all NVM friendly storage trees which facilitates the learning speed of other research members in group

Web Developer • IN3 Applications • West Lafayette, IN • Feb 2016 to Oct 2016

• Developed front-end and back-end of the website for “Indiana Local Technical Assistant Program” in PHP and other front-end tools; published the website in fall 2016 which is still in used today

• Reconstruct the functions for website of “Purdue Digital Learning Resource Center”; elaborated on building reusable functions for generating forms and questionnaires; resulting in a 60%-time reduction in future front-end development for the company

• Maintained and assured the normal operations of 4 previous web-projects of the company COURSE PROJECTS

iRobot Create2 Mobile Controller • Advanced Mobile Application Development • Spring 2017

• Conceived the idea of designing an assistive robot for remote teaching and virtual meeting; maximized the strength and skillsets of each teammate as the team leader

• Built and attached a Raspberry Pi with a mini camera on iRobot Create2 model for the purpose of shooting and sending the view of the robot

• Developed an Android application that could receive and display the media source sent from the camera; allowed the App users to control the paired robot Neural Network Training • Artificial Intelligence • Spring 2018

• Implemented simple neural networks with 1 hidden layer to the given datasets for the purpose of gaining better understanding of neural network and the usages of different functions parameters

• Obtained accuracy above 85% on both linear, non-linear and Digital dataset in terms of correctly categorizing the objects; applied “L2 Regularization function” to reduce overfitting

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