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Developer Sql

Marietta, Georgia, United States
February 22, 2019

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A: 3311 Shadowood PKWY SE, Atlanta, GA 30339


Oracle certified professional PL/SQL developer with 7 years of programming experience as an Oracle PL/SQL, Unix Developer in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business Applications using the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and HP UNIX platform.

Prepared scripts to ensure proper data access, manipulation and reporting functions with R programming languages.

Used basic R Graphics and GGplot2 package for Data visualization

Knowledgeable Oracle developer skilled in data collection, analysis and management. Works well under pressure and consistently meets deadlines and targets while delivering high quality work.

Experience in virtual private databases by implementing fine grained access control by creating packages and session-based application contexts.

Good knowledge on using Oracle supplied packages such as DBMS_TRACE, DBMS_HKPROF, DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE, DBMS_SCHEDULER etc.

Experience in Oracle supplied packages, Dynamic SQL, Records and PL/SQL Tables. Loaded data into Oracle tables using SQL Loader.

Experience in dealing with LOB objects types and effectively using DBMS_LOB package.

Developed complex database objects like Stored procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL.

Good knowledge of key Oracle performance related features such as query optimizer, Execution plans and Indexes. Experience with performance tuning for Oracle RDBMS using Explain plan and HINTS.

2 years of experience in developing and supporting ETL framework in Informatica.

Created korn shell scripts for file validations and invoking SQL scripts and schedule them using control-M and Autosys.

Hands on experience on Java 1.8 development using IntelliJ IDE.

Implement DevOps CI/CD methodology by using Sonar Cube for performing automatic code reviews on the calculations and coding standards used in the code, GitHub for version control of the code and Jenkins tools for code build of the project.

Experience executing in Agile team using scrum.

Quick learner and up-to-date with industry trends. Excellent written and oral communications and team player.

Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and strong ability to perform as part of a team.


Syntel Inc - Oracle PL/SQL Developer & R Programmer

Atlanta, GA • 11/2016 - 09/2017

Chennai, India • 10/2017 - 09/2018

Worked on SQL Loader to load data from flat files obtained from various upstream systems every day. Created and modified several UNIX shell scripts according to the changing needs of the project and client requirements.

Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning and application tuning using various tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL TRACE, TKPROF and AUTOTRACE.

Extensively involved in using hints to direct the optimizer to choose an optimum query explain plan.

Used R supplied packages such as ggplot2 for creating histograms, scatter-plot and box-plots using RStudio IDE.

Used bulk collections for better performance and easy retrieval of data, by reducing context switching between SQL and PL/SQL engines.

Created PL/SQL scripts to extract the data from the operational database into simple flat text files using UTL_FILE package.

Developed PL/SQL triggers and master tables for automation creation of primary keys. Created PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and packages for moving the data from staging area to data mart.

Created scripts to create new tables, views and queries for new enhancement in the application using TOAD. Created indexes on the tables for faster retrieval of the data to enhance database performance.

Extensively used the advanced features of PL/SQL like records, Tables Object types and dynamic SQL.

Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.

Collaborated with developers and performance engineers to enhance supportability and identify performance bottlenecks.

Environment: Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, SQL.

LOADER, SQL PLUS, TOAD, GitHub, Jenkins, HP-UNIX shell scripting, Squirrel 3.6, RTC, Quality Center and ETL Testing tool.

Humana Inc, Syntel Inc, KY - Oracle Developer and Lead

Louisville, KY 11/2015 - 10/2016

Design and Development of EDW (Enterprise Data Ware house) Application using Unix, Oracle.

Create, design, code, debug, maintain, test, implement and validate applications and collaborate and communicate with appropriate parties.

Analyze existing applications or formulate logic for new applications, devise logic procedures, prepare flowcharting, perform coding and debug programs.

Monitoring the execution plan for long running query in PL/SQL Developer and optimize it by usage of hints and modifying the query accordingly.

Monitoring the Informatica work flows in the Work flow Monitor and fixing the job abends.

Developed Advance PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers, functions, Indexes and Collections to implement business logic using SQL Navigator.

Generated server-side PL/SQL scripts for data manipulation and validation and materialized views for remote instances.

Involved in ETL code using PL/SQL in order to meet requirements for Extract, transformation, cleansing and loading of data from source to target data structures.

Handling production support issues and resolving in errors in quick time.

Worked closely with database engineers and architects to maintain integrity and stability of database.

Environment: Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, SQL.

LOADER, SQL PLUS, TOAD, HP-UNIX shell scripting, eTP, Clarity, Oracle 12C, Unix, Putty, $Universe.

John Hancock, Syntel Inc - Oracle Developer

Chennai, India • 10/2011 - 10/2015

Coordinated with the front-end design team to provide them with the necessary stored procedures and packages and the necessary insight into the data.

Involved in requirement Analysis, Test Design, Test Preparation, Test Execution, Defect Management, and Management Reporting for the project.

Created scripts to create new tables, views, queries for new enhancement in the application using TOAD.

Involved in data loading using PL/SQL and SQL.

Loader calling UNIX scripts to download and manipulate files.

Analyzing the business requirement document and developing the code using UNIX shell scripting and performing unit testing.

Develop programs using SQR and call them through UNIX shell scripts.

Code walkthrough and deployment in different environments.

Used PVCS as program version control tool for the various versions of the modules developed.

Handling production support issues and resolving in errors in quick time.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL.

Plus, TOAD, SQL.

Loader, SQL Developer, Shell Scripts, HP-UNIX shell scripting, Windows XP, SQR and PVCS.


Platforms: Windows, Unix

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, R, SQR, Excel VBA, C#.NET and C

Databases: Oracle 12C, Oracle 11G and MS Access

Tools: TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, RStudio, Informatica, GitHub, SVN, PVCS, PPM, Control M, CA WA, $Universe, Beyond Compare, Jenkins.

Environments: Windows and Unix, Main Frame

Scripting: Unix Shell Scripting

Design Documentation: Microsoft PowerPoint


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

May 2011

Bachelor of Technology: Computer Science and Engineering

GPA: 3.6/4.0


Oracle Certified Professional PL/SQL Developer

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