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Mechanical Mechanic

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
7lakh per annum
February 22, 2019

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Dilip Shriram Chauhan

Mechanical Technician

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Looking for a rewarding and challenging career aim in a Mechanical Engineering field that can use my knowledge and skills to add to company's sustainability.

An accomplished and motivated Mechanical Technician with strong practical abilities and experience working in the oil and gas and onshore-offshore industry, who operates calmly and effectively under pressure and to tight deadlines.

Easy going but with a dogged determination to succeed, this down to earth and personable team player works equally well within highly motivated multi-cultural teams as well as independently using initiative, and demonstrates a strong work ethic.

This hardworking, safety conscious professional is resourceful and diligent, committed to ongoing learning and professional development, and will quickly be a major asset to the crew of any forward thinking organization.

ØPlanned Maintenance - Proficient in preventative Maintenance to ensure safe running of all equipment.

ØMechanical Engineering - Good knowledge of mechanical theories, concepts, principles and procedures.

ØTroubleshooting - Proven ability to troubleshoot and resolve many complicated mechanical failures.

ØHealth and Safety - Committed to strict compliance with all Health & Safety legislation & practices.

ØCommissioning - Ability to commission and start Mechanical systems in hazardous environments.




Year of Passing


Diploma in mechanical

Central India institute of management studies

2012 - 2016


STCW – 90 / H.U.E.T./Bosiet

Seatrack marine technical school



Maharashtra Board

2006 - 2008



Maharashtra Board




Maharashtra Board




·Auto Cad

·Ms Office



·1 st Prize in Inter College Volleyball Competition. ( Don Bosco )

·1st Prize in Inter College Tug-of-war Competition. (Don Bosco )


Company :- Sanguine oilfield services

Designation:- Mechanic

Work profile :- Daily routine check of all mechanical equipment carry out troubleshooting on pumps.

Work on BX elevator,fresh water generator, overhauling sewage pump,changing a inlet water bellow flange on main engine,hands on all mechanical equipment on rig.

Date of joining:- 20/October/2018 to 15/January/2019

(DDKG1 drill ship Kakinada East coast)

Company :- offshore international management

Designation:- Mechanic

Work profile :- Daily routine check of all mechanical equipment carry out troubleshooting on pumps changing seals installing blower pumps etc hands service and repair of mechanical equipment.

Date of joining:- 02/August/2018 to 29/August/2018

(West Ariel Seadrill port Khalid shipyard Sharjah)

Company :- Oilfield maintenance services

Designation :- Mechanic

Work profile:- Daily routine check of all mechanical equipment,hands on a batch mixture pump

Changing a mechanical seal at supercharger pump,fuel transfer pump hands on st120 iron roughneck

Daily PM and annual PM on equipments as per RMS schedule,changed all 3cranes inside slew and out side slew bolts.

Date of joining :- 10/June/2018 to 12/July/2018.

(Actinia transocean Mumbai high field)

Company :- Oilfield maintenance services

Designation :- Rig mechanic

Work profile:-Daily routine checks at all mechanical rig equipment, hands on PM and annual maintenace and oil changes as per any problem a rig in operation trouble shoot and repair the equipments.

Date o joining :- 13 april 2018 to 1 may 2018.


Company :- Oilfield maintenance Services

Designation :- Mechanic

Work profile :- Work done on mechanical equipment at ENSCO 107 rig alignments of draw work motors, replacing main hoist brake band stbd and port side of crane,replacing crane caterpillar engine coupling,replacing a main caterpillar engine couplings,worked on engine room ducting actuator and all related mechanical equipments of rig.

Date of joining :- 22 Feb 2018 to 22 March 2018.

(Ensco 107 singapore keppels shipyard)

Company :- oilfield maintenance services

Designation :- Mechanic

Work profile:-work done on IEBHEER CRANE replaced old gear box and installed

hydraulic motors,and connected the hydraulic hoses modified done installed a cooler for gear box overheating and done a load test.

Rebuit a 4.5 tons BEBEE tugoer winches change the main pistos bearings,seals and Oring.

Date of joining:- 04 jan 2018 to 16 jan 2018


Company :- Oilfield international management

Designation:- Mechanic

Work profile:- working on NOV Drawwork 1625p overhauling and mudpump NOV 16P overhauling

hands on all rig mechanical equipments.

Date of joining:- 17 Nov 2017 to 23 Dec 2017.

(Bombay high yellow gate dock)

Company :- Oilfield maintenance Service

Designation :- Mechanic

Work profile :- working with ENSCO-108 as a mechanic hand on overhauling Lewco varco 2215 mudpump,Draw work motors alignment,kommey bottle installing and all related mechanical work on rig equipments.

Date of joining :- 23 aungust 2017 to 09 October 2017.

(Singapore keffel shipyard)

Company :- Oilfield Maintenace Services.

Designation :- Mechanic

Work profile :- working with JACK BATES Transocean Semisubmersible Rig. As a Swat team Mechanic. hands on Anchor winches,watermaker,mudpump,fire damb valve koomy unit,heat exchanger,cooller all related rig equipments.

Date of Joining :-13January 2017 to 20 April2017.

(Kakinada east coast)

Company :-Oilfield Maintenace Services

Designation :-Mechanic

Work profile :- work with ENSCO-67 Malaysia Johor port.Work changed all Noggles of Barite and Cement tank

Dismantle and Change the seals of Easy Torque and re asembled work on Shaleshaker changed the motors and springs.removed a 6nos gate knife vale rebuilt and assemble changed the fuel and water separator filter from Emergency Engine work on Kommy unit change the nitrogen bottle and filled a nitrogen on all on ST120 on rig floor change the hydraulic valve.Done all overauling maintenace work on offshore and on shore mechanical services.

Date of joining :- 5 October 2016 to 28 october 2016.

(Malaysia Johor port)

Company :- Oilfield Maintenace services

Designation :-Mechanic

Work profile :-Work with ENSCO-67 Malaysia Johor on NOV mudpump checked a allingment and clearance of all 3bearings and bullgear shaft clearance and allingment checked taken a Backlash clearance of bullgear with pinion shaft changed a seal of Ponyrod checked a belt of mudpump and changed the belt of pump after work on NOV Drawwork taken all shaft clearance checked a bearing clearance reinstall a break linkage work on Aggitator checked all clearance of coupling work on tuggor reinstall a new cable change a small manual crance cables both side starboat and portside Done all overauling maintenace and mechanical services.

Date of joining :- 1september2016 to 29september2016

(Malaysia Johor port)

Company :- Oilfield Maintenace services

Designation:- Mechanic

Work profile:- Work with MAIN PASS - 1 Shelf Drilling Bahrain as a mechanic work on NOV Drawworks overaul maintenace,NOV Mudpump change a ponny rod cross slide plate both side, work on Rotary table change a coupling and change a gear box,work on Crane instal a new Caterpillar engine in port crane changing a Hoses line from manifold to engine changed a pump on cranes,work on shellshaker motor Rebuilt and install,change a shellshaker compressor pump,work on CAD unit rebuilt a Tripplex pump change a seal of pump,change a guages of unit and pnuematic presure pump changes fill a Nitrogen in kommey bottle,qork on BOP crane reinstall.Done all Rig mechanical overauling maintenace and service.

Date of joining :- 22 April 2016 to 13 june 2016.

(Bahrain Asry Shipyard)

Company:- Oilfield Maintenace services


Work profile:-Work with TRIDENT-2 shelf Dilling as a mechanic work on GD Mudpump model PZ11,GD Draw works,shellsheker,Agitator;watermaker,butterfly valve,supercharger pump,Bildgepump,catterpillar engine,allingment of almago.Done all Rig mechanical equipments overauling maintenace and service.

Date of joining :- 22November2015 to 28january2016

(Trident 2 Bombay High yellow gate)

Company:- kanthwal services (I) Pvt ltd.

Designation :- Lead mechanical maintenance technician.

Work profile:- currently working with kanthwal services in Siemens Baggage handling system in T2 international airport Mumbai.hand on conveyor systems inclined and declined conveyors,corrousal conveyor,VHU automatic shorting conveyor,merge and curved conveyor,daily checking a gear motors and bearing shafts and all conveyor as per maintenace schedule and do by checklist.

Date of joining :- 20june2015 to 20Novemer2015

Company:- OCS services (I) pvt ltd.

Designation:- Mechanic

Work profile:- Currently worked with GSF Explorer Drill Ship. On Board Duty. work on PRS, changing a motor of mud pump, figure board replacing, work on RLA of top drive, changing a cylinder of top dive, changed a damage arm of PRS, hoses replacing of PRS.

Date of joining:-23rdNovember 2014 to 11th December 2014

Company:- OCS services (I) pvt ltd.

Designation:- Mechanic

Work profile:- Worked with MGH Hulme semisubmersible Rig. Hands on mechanical components on rig

Like Mud pump, hydra racker lower arm, main arm, upper arm, upper trolley, changing a breaks of lower and upper hydra racker,doing a maintenance work dismantling and assembly a new parts on mechanical components of rig. changing a bearing and hydraulic hoses etc. changing a crane actuator and all mechanical work related.

Date of joining:- 4th November 2014 to 21ST November 2014.

Company:- OCS services (I) pvt ltd.

Designation:- Assistant Mechanic

Work profile:- Worked with Transocean DDKG1 drill ship. Hands on mechanical components on rig, Like Mud pump, hydra racker lower arm, main arm, upper arm, upper trolley, changing a breaks of lower and upper hydra racker,doing a maintenance work dismantling and assembly a new parts on mechanical components of rig. changing a bearing and hydraulic hoses etc. and all mechanical work related.

Done a 42 days on rig . and sailing India to south Africa on DDKG1.

Date of joining:- 29TH July 2014 to 8TH Sep 2014

(South africa port Elizabeth)

Company: - Suman Engineering.

Designation: - Mechanical Fitter.

Work Profile: - My job is to work on Pharma Machineries. Hands on handling cutter blades assembly on grinding machine, gear assembly, motors assembly, shafts and bearing and we have to assemble of all fabrication frame works, gear assembly on base of machine like Blender, Tipper, Lifter, etc.. Daily planning of work. Day to day planning of work with engineers.

Daily work reporting to engineers.

Marking, Drilling, Fitting, Tapping, Grinding, arc welding observing the drawing as per the Layout of machine designs & parts of machine all related work with mechanical fitter & assembly.n

Date of Joining: - 5th Nov 2012 to 15july.2014

Company: - Metal power analytical (i) pvt. Ltd.

Designation: - Mechanical Fitter

Work Profile: - My job is to work on machines like METAVISION Spectrometer,2 in 1G Spectrometer machine & Pedestal(Trolley).

METAVISION Spectrometer.

On chassis first mechanical work marking with the jig on chassis. Cover fitting on chassis, when done than started mechanical component fitting on chassis when mechanical assembly done than forward to electronic department with QC report of mechanical assembly.

2 in 1G Spectrometer Machine.

Chassis drilling tapping grinding at all edges of chassis cover fitting of 2 in 1G.1hpMotor mounting, motor pulley fitting, shaft fitting on fixed disk with bearing assembly,0.5motor mounting with diamond cup wheel for 60degree electrode pointing, when done mechanical assembly than starting a electrical assembly with machine harness. Lastly screen painting and sticker applied when done than offer to QA-QC.

Pedestal (trolley)

Fabrication work on pedestal assembly’s of pedestal than disassembly for painting when done

than assembly for QAQC.

Lastly maintenance and all related jobs of mechanical & fabricator fitter jobs in company.

Also maintained paper work of related machineries such as day to day work on board of our department QA-QC paper work, store paper work & dispatch paper work.

Date of Joining: - 14th Aug 2010 to 10th Oct 2012.

Company: - Transocean DWF rig virgotech marine engineering Service.

Designation: - Painter and Roustabout

Work Profile: - My work on DWF rig as a painter 28 Days on / off. And done Boot Camp training from Transocean in surakhsa marine at nalasopara for 15 days.

Date of Joining: - 16th May 2009 to 1st feb 2010

Company: - Pacific marine service.

Designation: - Assistant Fitter.

Work Profile: - My work in pacific marine service in as a assistant fitter maintenance throughout on ship in Dockyard and J.N.P.T. we have to do fabrication work on ship. Work on blower and all related work of fitter and do maintenance also.

Date of Joining: - 18th Sept, 2008 to 22nd Feb, 2009


·BOSIET 2017


·Assertive Attitude

·Performing well under tight deadlines

·Belief in Team Work

·Quick Learner & Reliable

·Determined & Creative

·Friendly with upbeat attitude


·Travelling, interacting with new people & Listening Music.



Room No.1,Philips Pereira Chawl,

SafedPool, Sakinaka,



Date of Birth: 2nd November 1986

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Indian

Height: 5” 7’

Weight: 72kg

Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Guajarati.

I consider myself familiar with Mechnicial Engineering and quality control aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in a team.

I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

Date : (Dilip Shriram Chauhan)

Place : Mumbai Signatureof Applicant

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