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Design Engineer Mechanical

Melbourne, Florida, United States
February 21, 2019

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Caleb Delp


**** ******** ** ********* ** 32940


Mechanical Engineering student experienced in mechanical design and analysis that is motivated to be a successful member of an Engineering team. Strives to be a key contributor that is dependable and works well with team members to solve complex issues quickly and efficiently.


Certified Mechanical Designer

Project Planning

Mechanical Design

Aero Design

Clear Communicator

Leadership Skills


Adapts quickly

Strives in team environments

Problem solving

Broad knowledge of Design and Analysis software

Emphasizes good team collaboration

Detail Oriented


·University of Central Florida Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering 2016-2019

·Eastern Florida State College Associate of Arts Degree 2012-2014



o Capstone Design Project

Collaborated with team members to establish roles and responsibilities.

Found a common problem that all members wanted to resolve using an UAV.

Designed and modeled the UAV in 3D using CAD software

Created detailed part models for all subsystems that allowed for real life assembly to be done using the software.

Conducted individual analysis for the wings, landing gear, propellers, tail section, and fuselage.

Implemented an electric propulsion system into the design known as Distributed Electric Propulsion.

Optimized design using ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS, NX, and xflr5,minimizing the amount of power the aircraft requires to fly and increasing flight time.

Analysis included FEA, CFD, and FEM

oCAD and Engineering Design Practice Courses

Modeled parts assigned in class in preparation for CSWA Exam

Became well versed in SOLIDWORKS and obtained CSWA

Created own 3D Model of a robotic arm possessing 6 Degrees of Freedom

Analyzed robotic arm using SOLIDWORKS Motion Anaylysis

Lab Experience

oProductive team member in multiple diverse lab groups

Conducted challenging lab experiments.

Trouble shoot issues with lab equipment and lab setup

Obtained experimental data using data acquisition equipment and adjacent software, specifically LabView

Successfully transferred data from lab experiments into official reports and commented on all aspects of the lab

Performed uncertainty analysis to ensure the experimental results were reliable

Compared experimental results to theoretical values


oMechanical Design certification (CSWA)

oExperience in MatLab and MatCad

oExperience in ANSYS

oExperienced in XFOIL and xflr5.

oExperienced in SOLIDWORKS


·Delivery Driver/ Sales Fiberglass FL Inc. Jan. 2015- Present

·Tire Grade Lead Assistant Liberty Tire Recycling Sept. 2011 – April 2012

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