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Engineer Project

Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
February 24, 2019

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SADEK Yassine

Married, * Kids


+966********* Telecoms Expert with (19) years’ experience in Transmission Networks, Optical Fiber, Microwaves, Radio-Communication, Telecom Infrastructures including Design, Engineering, Installation, Inspecting, Testing, Commissioning, and Acceptance:

(Telecom Infrastructures, Project Management, Project Control, Railway Project, Metro Project, OSP, ISP, OFC, FTTH, ADM, DWDM, Wireless, MW, SDH, CCTV, PIS, PAS, WIFI, Tetra, GSMR, ACID, OBS, Cabling, ELV/Low Current Systems and Synchronization).


April 2018 – Till now : Expert Telecoms with RMTC/ Egis Rail KSA

• Project: Riyadh Metro Project

• Client: Arriyadh Development Authority

• Responsibilities: Design Review, Installation inspection, T&C of Telecom Disciplines: CTN, Tetra, PIS, PAS, ACID, AFC, WIFI, Optical Fibre, OBS, etc.

August 2016 – Mars 2018 : Expert Telecoms with A2i / Thales Portugal

• Design, Engineering and Documentation of Telecoms railway lines (Algeria Rocade Nord, Doha Metro).

• Optical fibre, Transmission, ADM, MW, Cabling, Clock Distribution, etc.

• Solutions, Optimization, Documentation, Training.

November 2015 – July 2016 : Consulting Freelance

• Study, Design, Engineering and project rollout of Optical fibre Infrastructures (Cable, Accessories and Civil Works).

• Study, Design, Engineering and project rollout of Radio networks: MW links, BLR, PDH, SDH, PTP, PtMP.

• FTTX/GPON, BLO, Metro, CET, WDM, Synchronization.

• Audit and Network performances.

• Monitoring and project management

January 2013-April 2015, Expert of Optical Fiber Networks with MEDI Telecom

• Study, Conception, Design, roll out, tests, commissioning and acceptance of optical fiber project in urban and interurban area (ISP, OSP, Civil Work, blowing, laying, splicing and testing of the FO cable)

• Budgeting (Capex, Opex), Purchase Orders and tracking Attachment / Billings.

• Technical evaluation of tenders, suppliers and subcontractors.

• Customers Offers (internal / external customers, industrial areas, etc.)

• Optimization, Bypass and removal solutions, network modifications.

• Co-constructions, Rentals and Infrastructures exchanges with ONCF

• Capacity and FO Exchange with INWI.

• Monitoring of paths rights (urban, interurban, TP, ADM, ONCF, etc.)

• Establishment of partnership agreements, Co-construction, exchange, infrastructure sharing.

July 2012-December 2012, PMO Construction of Telecoms Sites with MEDI Telecom

• Cross-departmental coordination: Acquisition, Construction, Radio, Transmission, Operations and Maintenance

• Monitoring construction sites: Nominal Plan, SAF, Technical Review, Acquisition, Construction, Power, Transmission, Integration and Acceptance

• Reporting, Dashboards, KPIs presented to the steering committee.

• Prioritize projects and secure the high stakes.

• Monitoring the progress of Co-location with INWI and IAM

May 2004-july 2012, National Backbone Network Manager with MEDI Telecom Optical fiber: 5000 Km: Design, Engineering, implementation and acceptance including civil work part, FO supervision. MW Part : 2+0, 3+1 and 4+0 STM1 capacity with NERA(NL 29, Interlink, New evolution : 7, 11 Ghz, Interlink 6 Ghz, city link 18 Ghz) and Alcatel technology (LSY : 7 Ghz, 11 Ghz, USY 18 Ghz). MUX: HUAWEI, OPTIX 10G/2.5G, OSN3500/7500, Marconi MUX MSH41/SH11; Alcatel MUX 1660/1650. DWDM: HUAWEI, Metro6100, OSN6800.

Compressor system: ECI, DTX600, I Gate Pro 4000.

FO supervision: JDSU and Open Idea, RTU and OTU

Synchronization: Oscilloquartz and Inelcom, hierarchal system based one PRC cesium and 8 SSU+GPS.

• Engineering, Project Management, Monitoring, Implementation, Acceptance and Optimization of Optical Fiber, Microwaves, SDH, DWDM, Compression, supervision and synchronization projects.

• CPS preparation, offers evaluation for Optical Fiber, Microwaves, SDH, DWDM, Compression, supervision and synchronization.

• Study, Conception, Design, roll out and acceptance of optical fiber project in urban and interurban area (ISP, OSP, Civil Work, blowing, drawing, splicing and testing of the FO cable)

• Project budgeting, CAPEX&OPEX, costing, expense and control analysis.

• Subcontracting services management and Contract Management.

• Resource planning, management and optimization.

• Technical Support & Problem solving.

• Factory tests, commissioning, acceptance tests and handover to Operation and Maintenance.

• Validation of the invoices and preparation of the PAC/FAC.

• Supervision systems: DCN, addressing and routing.

• Coordination with the operation and maintenance services.

• Management and Provisioning of the Backbone active capacity: E1, E3, STM1, STM4, and Ethernet services.

• Management and Provisioning of the Backbone passive capacity: Fiber Allocation Plan.

• Management and Provisioning Clock Distribution Plan: 2 Mhz, 2 Mbit, SNTP, PTP.

• Provisioning, follow-up, Allocation of SDH frequencies according to ANRT plan, validation of ANRT invoices.

• Interconnection, Co-localization with IAM, INWI, Telefonica, Interxion operators.

• Optimization, changes, modifications of the existing backbone network.

• Site Survey, planning, Engineering and Design of Backbone technical solutions MW and FO.

• Path profile, budget links, performances, frequency planning, interference calculation, survey LOS, technical review, final plan and equipments order.

August 2001-May 2004, Access Transmission Engineer Access Network with MEDI TELECOM

• Study of the nominal cell plan generated by the radio department.

• Development of the CPS and study of the offers.

• Establishment of Transmission Nominal plan, path profile, budget links, frequency planning, interferences calculation, survey LOS, technical review, final plan and equipment order.

• Implementation, rollout, tests, commissioning and acceptance of MW links.

• DCN, Supervision implementation and backup.

• Management and provisioning of the Access capacity, integration, upgrades.

• Coordination with the operation and maintenance.

• Preparation and following the actions plan relative to the implementation of the new BSCS and MSC.

• Optimization: design of Access rings protections, Reduction of the chains, Interconnection of the BSCs area, etc.

• Cancellation of IAM Leased lines.

December 2000-August 2001, : Project Management Engineer with MEDI TELECOM Follow and coordinate the switching and transmission projects:

• Implementation of the new BSC/MSC.

• Implementation of the transmission project: Access, Backbone.

• Implementation of the new BSC/MSC building: CW, Power, site preparation...

• Coordination between Meditel departments and suppliers/Subcontractors for Transmission&Core projects.

September 2000 - December 2000 : Maintenance of IN Platform with Maroc Telecom

February 2000 – Jully 2000 : Final Project Study Engineer with Alex Technology Engineering, Design and Planning of a radio network shared resources MPT1327 and TETRA for professional use. PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS:

• FO Supervision: ARQOS Probe and Netwin of Open Idea.

• Mobinets: Planning Tools, Network documentation, interfacing with NMS.

• WDM_Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS-32 R2.0 – 1350 OMS NR9.1 EML_EXPLOITATION ET MAINTENANCE

• DWDM, Huawei: Architecture, principal, Amplification and applications: Metro6100 and T2000 of Huawei Technology.

• Gigabit Ethernet : principal and applications, Mai 2008

• UMTS Architecture Network R3, R4, R5 and R6.

• SDH New Generation: Principals, Equipments; Evolution; ATM, Ethernet, GFB, VCAT; LCAS.

• ACTERNA Optical Fibre supervision system and management Administration system.

• DWDM, OPTIX 10G, OPTIX 2500+ and IMANAGER T2000, HUAWEI Technology

• I Gate pro 4000 and XDM1OO, ECI technology.

• ADM MSH41C equipment of Marconi and supervisory system MV36 and MV38.

• Interlink 6 Ghz equipment of NERA and supervisory NERA New NMS.

• INELCOM synchronisation equipments and supervision system.

• O&M 9600LSY REL. 1.0 + 9600USY (UHR/UHRC) REL. 2.0; SDH radio: LSY long haul and USY urban: Alcatel Technology.

• GSM Network Planning Transmission.

• NMS of Vsat Spacecom

• GPRS System Survey of Ericsson.

• GSM System Survey of Ericsson.

• « NSS MAROC » Management; Alcatel system switch: GSM, DCS Network. Academic Qualification:

• 1997-2000: Master’s Degree in Engineering: Communications & Electronics: Ecole Mohammadia d' Ingenieurs(EMI), Rabat.

• 1995-1997: Diploma of Higher Education at Maths and Physics: Chouaib Doukkali University, El jadida.

• 1994-1995: Baccalaureate at Mathematics Sciences, high school Baja, Ben Ahmed. LANGUAGES:

Arabic, French, and English: Fluent

Management Skills:

• Prince2


IT Skills:

• Fully IT literate including: MS Office, Internet, AutoCAD, Google earth, Pathloss, Arcview, ARQOS, Mobinet, Planet, Direct, etc.

• Working knowledge: SAP, Linux, UNIX, C, etc.

Career Highlights:

• Preparation of Optical Fiber Cable installation documentation : Active and Passive part for Doha Metro (4 lines, 86Km)

• Design of optical fiber network for the connection of GSM-R sites, railway stations, Clocks, ADM, CCTV. For the Algeria railway (3 lines, 300Km).

• Study, design of a passive network based on optical fibre cable: video protection and traffic management of 540 camera sites and 250 traffic controllers.

• Planning, Study, Design, CPS, evaluation, Implementation, Roll Out and acceptance of ADM, DWDM, MW, synchronization and Optical Fiber projects.

• 440 Km Optical Fibre Cable 72 FO on 1 PEHD Fès-Béni Mellal, Fès-Azrou and Al Hoceima-Nador : Planning and deployment

• 300 km Optical Fibre Cable 72 FO buried on El Jadida-Safi et Safi-Essaouira : Planning and deployment

• OFC Supervision System ARQOS and NETWIN of Open Idea: Supervision of more than 5000 Km OFC.

• Extension of Transmission Projects: ADM, DWDM, OTN, MW, Synchronization, OFC deployment.

• 72 Km Optical Fibre Cable 72 FO buried Tanger-Tétouan-M’diq terminated on Huawei ADM OSN7500 with STM64 Ring protection.

• 215 Km Optical Fibre Cable line via the Railway and the national road: Settat-Khouribga-Oued Zem-Beni Mellal terminated on Huawei ADMs with STM64 MSP1+1.

• The DWDM implementation based on Huawei Metro 6100 (40 lambda, 10G) on Casablanca-Rabat-Tanger, Rabat-Meknes-Fes, Fes-Taza-Taourirt, Taourirt-Beni Ensar.

• The IRU FO lines with Finetis for the backup of existing OFC link: Marrakech-Agadir, Tanger-Tetouan, Casablanca-Rabat- Tanger, Rabat-Fes and Casablanca-Marrakeh using Huawei ADM with MSP 1+1 protection.

• Redeployment and Optimisation of the MW link between Fes-Beni Mella and Fes-Taounate with 3+1/4+0 STM1.

• Design and Roll-out of The MW links Marrakech-Ourzazate and Kouribga-Beni Mellal based on 8/6 Ghz NERA New Evolution and Huawei ADM.

• 130 Km Optical Fibre Cable line following the national road Taourirt-Béni Ensar : Planning and deployment.

• 1004 KM Optical Fibre Cable lines following the Railway (ONCF): Casa--Rabat, Casa—Marrakech, Salé—Tanger--Tétouan and Rabat—Meknès—Fès 2 OFC with 4 PEHD: Design, Planning and Deployment.

• Supervision of national optical network; based on 8 Acterna RTUs, 2 OTUs: Planning, Design and Roll-out.

• Study, design and Deployment of The National Backbone optical network; based on HUAWEI Metro 10G and 2.5G.

• The Compression system I Gate Pro Salé—Tanger 4:1 STM1, ECI Technology.

• The MW Marrakech—Agadir Link based on 7 NERA Interlink and 5 Marconi MSH41 ADMs.

• Co-localisation project and Infrastructure sharing with IAM in Meknés, Marrakech, Casa, Kénitra and Agadir.

• Preparation of the Méditelecom tender describing the forecast for the transmission part to supply to the second fixe network license in Morocco. Wined with a big success.

• Synchronization network hierarchal system based one (1) PRC cesium and 8 SSU+GPS.

• SDH MW Rings in Marrakech and Agadir based on 18 Ghz frequency with 2+0 capacity and MSH11, MSH41 ADMs.

• Alcatel LSY SDH Link Fes-Khnifra-Benimellal/2+0; Rabat-Tanger-Tétouan/3+1 with the necessary Alcatel ADMs.

• Design, Site Survey, Order, Implementation, acceptance and GSM site Integration of Phase 7&8 Siemens Transmission Access part: 175 SRAL Links.

• Siemens Transmission Access Phase 6 Design and planification: 60 SRAL Link, 24 SAGEM Links.

• Re-amenagement of Transmission Access Part for the North and South Area: technology separation, traffic rerouting and supervision.

• IAM Leased line cancellation: 100 Leased lines cancelled using Own Meditel solutions.

• Implementation of transmission BSC area with line protection in the north and south area.

• Implementation of 9 V-sat Links for the isolates sites with Memotec Optimization.

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