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Network Engineer Cisco

Detroit, Michigan, United States
February 20, 2019

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Saketh T

Senior Network Engineer 908-***-****


8+ years of professional experience in Planning, Implementing, Configuring, Troubleshooting of networking system on Cisco devices.

Experience with the escalation problems for Routing, Switching and WAN connectivity issues using ticketing systems like remedy and Magic.

Experience of routing protocols like EIGRP, OSPF and BGP.

Excellent knowledge of TCP/IP protocols IPV-4 and IPV-6.

Experience working on CISCO NEXUS data center infrastructure with 2000, 5000 and 7000, 9000 series switches includes (5548, 7010, 9396, 9572) including CISCO NEXUS Fabric Extender (2248).

Experience working with Cisco Nexus 2248 Fabric Extender and Nexus 5000 series to provide a Flexible Access Solution for datacenter access architecture.

Strong knowledge in HSRP, VRRP redundancy Protocols.

Worked on Cisco 7200, 6500, 3800, 3600, 2800, 2600, 1800 series Routers and Cisco 2900, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500 series switches.

Advanced knowledge in design, installation and configuration of ASA 5520, 5555, 5585-X Administration.

Knowledge of VMware vSphere administration within Cisco Unified Computing System environment.

Juniper SRX and SSG series, Check Point VSX series, Cisco ASA series, Cisco PIX and Palo Alto Firewalls Administration

Knowledge of Checkpoint VSX, routers and switches

Experience in Network LAN/WAN deployment,

Experience with DNS/DHCP/WINS Standardizations and Implementation

Extensive hands-on experience with complex routed LAN and WAN networks, routers and switches.

Hands-on configuration and experience in setting up Cisco routers to perform functions at the Access, Distribution, and Core layers.

Experience in the setup of Access-Lists, and RIP, EIGRP, and tunnel installations.

Proficiency in configuration of VLAN setup on various Cisco Routers and Switches.

Experienced in trouble-shooting both connectivity issues and hardware problems on Cisco based networks.

Hands-on experience in using network stimulator tools like OPNET, SolarWinds Orion.

Knowledge on BIG-IP F5 LTM, GTM Load Balancers for load balancing and traffic management of business application.

Experience in Network Management Tools and sniffers like SNMP, Wireshark and Cisco works.

Experience in physical cabling, IP addressing and subnetting with VLSM, configuring and supporting TCP/IP, DNS, VOIP-Cisco Call Manager installing and configuring proxies.

Access control server configuration for RADIUS & TACACS+.

Hands-on experience using Cisco Virtual Switching System (VSS).

Cisco Router and Switch configuration using Cisco 6509's running VSS.

Knowledge of advanced technologies like Multicasting, MPLS and MPLS-VPN.

Good knowledge on Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP) and Big-IP F5 Load balancers.

Ability to Install, Manage & Troubleshoot Large Networks & Systems Administration on Windows & Linux platforms in Development, Lab & Production Environments.

Sound knowledge of virtual firewalls like checkpoint VSX, IDS, IPS, encryption techniques including virtual systems.

Good knowledge on VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP).

Design, configure, troubleshoot and implement wireless and/or data networking(LAN/WAN) solutions for mid-sized to enterprise-level clients

Conduct Wireless RF Surveys and document results.

Develop comprehensive project-based System Designs, Network Diagrams, Migration Plans, and Test Plans

Effectively communicate with internal Account Executives and potential clients to assess and make solution recommendations

Extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software applications.

Excellent leadership with good written and oral communication. Great team player and able to work under pressure 24x7 duty rotation.

Configuring cisco switches with NX-OS and IOS-XE& implementing VLANs

Work as Layer 3 IP Network Engineer on ASR9k Edge router with IOS-XE Platform in a network lab environment.

Research and apply Cisco IOS-XE images to L3 Catalyst 3650 switches

Supporting and running four Cisco catalyst Switches 4500, 6500, 3650, 3560, 3750 (inter VLAN routing and EIGRP)

Configuration of IPSEC, DMVPN and GRE tunneling technologies.

Convert Branch WAN links from TDM circuits to MPLS and to convert encryption from IPSec/ GRE to GetVPN

Technical Skills:

Cisco routers

Cisco 7200,2800,2600,3800,3600(ISO -Version 12.0, 12.2)

Cisco Switches:

Cisco Catalyst 6509,6513,3500,5500,5000,2900(IOS- Version 12.4)

Cisco nexus data center switches:

9000, 7000, 5000 (NX- OS version 5.1,5.2)

Load Balancer:

F5 Networks (Big-IP)

WAN Optimization:

Cisco WAAS, PPP Multilink


EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, RIP-2, PBR, Route Filtering, Redistribution,

Summarization, Static Routing


VLAN, VTP, STP, PVST+, RPVST+, Inter VLAN routing &

Multi- Layer Switching, Multicast Operations, Layer 3, Switches, Ether- channels, Transparent Bridging


Net Scout, Genius One and Performance Manager

Features & Services:


AAA Architecture:


Cryptographic Algorithms:

DES, 3DES, RSA, SHA, MD5, Diffie-Hellman Key exchange.


Cisco ASA, Cisco PIX

Other Networking technologies:

TCP/IP, MPLS, VoIP, H.323, VPN, IKE, IPsec

Application Software:

Packet tracer, GNS3.

Operating Systems:

Windows XP/Win 7, Linux.

Network Management tools:

HPNA, BMC Remedy, Proteus, Solar winds (Network Configuration Manager, Network Performance Monitor)

Professional Experience:

Allstate Insurance, Charlotte NC Aug 2018- Present

Sr. Network Engineer


Responsible for design, Implementation and Maintenance of datacenter on CISCO ISR 4300, CISCO 3560.

Migrated legacy Catalyst 6509 distribution switches to Nexus 7700 c7718.

Responsible for configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting of cisco 3650, 4948.

Installed new software releases, system upgrades. Evaluated and installed patches resolved software related problems. Performed system backups and recovery.

Configured Cisco routers provided technical support for the configuration and installation for the customers.

Duties included monitoring network performance using various network tools to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of application and equipment.

Planned migration of servers from traditional Nexus environment to Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

Worked on migration of HP Blade chassis to ACI.

Upgraded HP Procurve switches to cisco 3650’s which support ISE.

Created Interface profile and Interface policy groups on ACI.

Configured Access policies, static bindings, EPG’s, Bridge Domain and VRF.

Worked on remote site switch replacement project where I replaced HP Switch to cisco 3650 along with Access points.

Audited all the VLAN’s and found servers to migrate them to ACI.

Took part in migration of core routers from legacy to Nexus 9508.

Providing Layer-3 redundancy by implementing HSRP in the network.

Expert Level Knowledge about TCP/IP and OSI models.

Configure the layer 2 and layer 3 on Cisco Nexus 7K, 5K, 6500, 3850, 3950, ASR and 2960.

Design and implement networks including physical connections, layer 2 topologies and layer 3 topologies.

Experience in Python scripting.

Created Visio diagrams documentation to give complete picture of network design for each site.

Experience in Configuring, upgrading and verifying the NX-OS operation system.

Worked with engineering team to resolve tickets and troubleshoot L3/L2 problems efficiently.

DST Systems, Kansas City, MO Sept 2017- Jul 2018

Sr. Network Engineer


Worked with Cisco Layer 3 switches 6500, 4948; Cisco Nexus 9396 and 7010 with the use of inter-VLAN routing, 802.1Q trunk, ether channel.

Installation of core Cisco Catalyst 4948 to Nexus 9396.

Worked on TACACS/RADIUS server for VPN user authentication and network devices authentication.

Troubleshooting & implementation of VLAN, STP, MSTP, RSTP, PVST, 802.1Q, DTP, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, LACP, ACL, PAGP, AAA, TACACS, RADIUS, MD5, VTP & SVI.

Experience in L2/L3 protocols like VLAN, STP, VTP, ISL, MPLS, 802.1q and Trunking protocols

Migrated whole datacenter environment from Cisco Catalyst 6500 to Nexus 9K’s and 2K’s.

Installing and configuring Cisco ASA 5520 to ASA 5585-X with Firepower Module.

Migration of Checkpoint to ASA 55XX-X.

Worked extensively in Configuring, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cisco's ASA 5500/PIX security appliance, Failover DMZ zoning & configuring VLANs/Routing/NATing with the firewalls as per design.

Implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting switching tasks such as VLANs, VTP, VLAN Trunking using ISL & 802.1Q, STP, RSTP, PVST+, Ether channel using LACP, Inter-Vlan routing.

Worked on migration of Inter Datacenter routers from ASR 1001 to 1002-X.

Extensive experience with Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, NX-OS Windows client/server operating systems, Linux, Networking technologies, Firewalls.

Hands on experience in configuring Cisco Nexus2232, 2248, 5548, 6001 and 7018(Sup 2E) and worked on nexus protocols VPC, VRF, VDC and FEX Links.

Worked on troubleshooting port issues regarding QSFP, CRC errors, Cable replacements in Production environment.

Providing technical support on Nexus 2000/9000 switches and operating systems (NX-OS) create vpc domain, design single sided vPC, design double sided vPC, design vPC peer-keepalive, vPC peer-link, vPC member ports.

Tier 3 Troubleshooting of Layer 3 issues related to EIGRP, BGP.

Migrated servers connected from Legacy Switch environment to 9K’s.

Involved in planning and design of various environments.

US Foods, Rosemont, IL Jul 2016 – Jul 2017

Sr. Network Engineer


Responsible for configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of dynamic routing protocols: BGP, OSPF & EIGRP (route redistribution, distribute lists, route-maps, offset-lists, prefix lists, route summarization, route-feedback, BGP attributes) on Cisco Routers 7613, 7201 and 3945E.

Experience working on CISCO NEXUS data center infrastructure with 2000, 5000 and 7000 series switches by enabling networked devices to communicate effectively

Hands-on knowledge in configuring cisco 3500, 4500 series switches to implement information sharing and resource allocation for increased productivity.

Working knowledge of frame relay, MPLS services, OSPF, BGP and EIGRP routing protocols, NATing, sub-netting, also including DNS, LDAP, DHCP, http, HTML, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, OSPF, RIP, IPSEC, PPTP, VLAN, WISM, STP (Spanning tree Protocol), RTSP & Multicasting protocols

Helping them to set up point to point OSPF connection on their Cisco and juniper routers like MX, EX, ASR series devices with their current network

Worked on In-Service Software Upgrade Infrastructure which enables user to upgrade between two different Junos OS releases with no disruption on the control plane and with minimal disruption of traffic

Automated network implementations and tasks and designed monitoring tools using python scripting

Configured networks using routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, BGP and manipulated routing updates using route-map, distribute list and administrative distance for on-demand Infrastructure

Work in groups with other engineers to solve customer network complications.

Monitoring tools: Design, implementation, tuning and troubleshooting. Worked on to pre-configure router in data center for new connection as network design structure.

Managing data center and network by using solar winds, NPM, NTA, NCM and F5 load balancer and citrix load balancer

Working on troubleshooting, implementing and configuring new devices and helping them to build new data center and moving devices from one data center to another by moving all devices.

Set up point to point OSPF connection on juniper SRX and SSG series.

Tested JUNOS images on juniper MX router platforms covering various protocols and technologies like OSPF, BGP, LDP, MPLS, Layer3 VPNs

Working on to set up OSPF dynamic routing on Cisco ASA Firewalls by using and following their current network structure.

Monitor, operate and support network security devices such as cisco ASA, juniper and checkpoint VSX firewalls

Experience configuring VPC, VDC and ISSU software upgrade in Nexus 7010.

Installed and configured C6506 switches with VSS configuration as core switches.

Deployed Cisco UCS, Cisco ACI Data Center switches like N9K, N5K, Cisco FI switch 6200 and Cisco 3850 switches, etc.

Deployed VXLAN on the Nexus 9000 to map the physical VLANs to the Virtual Overlay VLANs.

Deployed the Nexus 9000 Application Virtual switch to support network telemetry applications and 9000 Core with VPC and 3172 TOR.

Incorporate Cisco Nexus 9000 NXOS to ACI fabric to work in concert with existing Nexus 7000s and ASRs for Multi-Protocol Label Switching(MPLS)

Working on as security devices Cisco ASA series, checkpoint VSX, juniper SRX & SSG series, Palo Alto firewalls.

Configuring rules and Maintaining checkpoint VSX, Palo Alto Firewalls & Analysis of firewall logs using various tools

Configuring IPSEC VPN (Site-Site to Remote Access) on SRX series firewalls.

Firewall policy configuration on Checkpoint, ASA and Palo Alto Firewalls. Site to site VPN configuration checkpoint firewall ASA and Palo alto Firewalls.

Migrated firewall rules from Cisco ASA to Palo Alto and Checkpoint Firewalls. Remote access VPN configuration and administration on Cisco ASA 5540 firewalls.

Establishing VPN Tunnels using IPSec encryption standards and configuring and implementing site-to-site VPN, Remote VPN.

Providing daily network support for national wide area network consisting of MPLS, VPN and point-to-point site.

Designed & implemented VPN connectivity for customer premise equipment to Cisco VPN 3000 series concentrator.

Experience in site-to-site and remote access VPN solutions. Configured security policies including NAT, PAT, and VPN, Route-maps, Prefix lists and Access Control Lists.

Managing & administering Cisco WSA. Experience Network security concepts and systems including F5, WSA, Palo Alto, ASA.

Responsible for deploying, maintaining, and monitoring Cisco IronPort email and web security appliances (ESA, WSA respectively).

Implemented Infoblox DDI for rendering seamless DNS, DHCP, and IP management services

Troubleshoot all Infoblox DHCP and IPAM issues that may occur.

Configuring NAT onto the Juniper SRX firewalls using Infoblox.

Experience configuring and managing Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) in an enterprise environment.

Hands on experience in F5 load balancers, its methods, implementation and troubleshooting on LTMs and GTMs

Supporting EIGRP and BGP based on the network by resolving level 2 & 3 problems of internal teams & external customers of all locations

Documenting workflow process, managing and implementing standard policy and procedures.

Worked in AWS technologies that support automation using cloud formation to create EC2 instances

Configured and managed tool that auto discovers auto scaling EC2 instances in VPC

Worked with automation tools such as puppet, implementing cookbooks in chef, Jenkins, etc.

Worked on F5 LTM, GTM series like 6400, 6800, 8800 for the corporate applications and their availability.

Hands on Experience testing iRules using Browser(IE), HTTP watch.

Dealt with creating VIP (virtual servers), pools, nodes and applying iRules for the virtual servers like cookie persistency, redirection of the URL.

Migrated multiple sets of F5 LTM devices from version 10.x to version 11.x operating systems.

NiSource, Merrillville, IN Jan 2015 – Jul 2016

Network Engineer


Implementation and Troubleshooting Cisco Routers such as Cisco 1900, 2900, Cisco ASR 1k and Cisco 9k.

Experience working with ASR 9000 series switches with IOS-XR

Experience with migrating from Cisco ASA 8.2 version to Cisco ASA 8.4 Version

Migrated juniper firewalls to Palo Alto network firewalls and carried out troubleshooting and configuration of the same.

Configuring Cisco Switches Such as 4500, 6500, stack switches 3750.

Configuration and Administration of Cisco and Juniper Routers and Switches

Implemented Site-to-Site VPNs over the internet utilizing 3DES, AES/AES-256

Experience with setting up MPLS Layer 3 VPN cloud in data center and working with BGP WAN towards customer

Hands on Experience testing I Rules using Browser (IE), HTTP watch for f5 load balancers.

Configure and Juniper EX and MX series switches and routers

Worked on Network Layer technologies including Routing & Signaling protocols, Layer3 VPN and Multicast

supported by juniper core and edge, MX series routers

Experience working with JUNOS OS on juniper routers and Switches

Configured LDP, OSPF, and BGP for new deployments of core/edge routers (Cisco and juniper).

Implemented antivirus and web filtering on Juniper SRX 240 at the web server

Migrated Juniper EX series switches to Cisco 3500 series and 6500 series switches

Network Redesign for Small Office/Campus Locations. This includes changes to both the voice and data Environment

Created documents for various platforms including Nexus 7k, ASR1k enabling successful deployment of new devices on the network

Experience configuring Virtual Device Context in Nexus 7k series switch.

Experience with configuring Nexus 5000 Fabric Extender (FEX) which acts as a remote line card (module) for the Nexus 7000.

Expertise in VPN configuration, routing, NAT, access-list, security contexts in ASA firewalls.

All-encompassing execution& configuration proficiency of Firewalls, Cisco ASA Appliance ASA 5510.

Implemented security policies using ACL, Firewall, IPSEC, SSL, VPN, IPS/IDS, AAA (TACACS+ & RADIUS) and deploying GRE Tunnel.

Experience in analyzing security logs generated by Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), firewalls, network flow systems, Anti-Virus, and/or other security logging sources.

Monitor SIEM and IDS/IPS feeds to identify possible enterprise threats. Actively investigate, respond to and remediate security incidents

Worked on Virtual Switching System (VSS) in combination of catalyst 6500 series switches

Network security including NAT/PAT, ACL, and ASA Firewalls.

Replaced aging Checkpoint firewall architecture with new next generation Palo Alto appliances serving as Firewalls and URL and application inspection

Good knowledge with the technologies VPN, WLAN and Multicast.

Well Experienced in configuring protocols HSRP, GLBP, ICMP, IGMP, PPP, PAP, CHAP, and SNMP.

Installation and Configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches 6500, 3750 & 3550 series and configured routing

Protocol OSPF, EIGRP, BGP with Access Control lists implemented as per Network Design Document and

Followed the change process as per IT policy It also includes the configuration of port channel between

Experience with communicating with different with different customers, IT teams in gathering the details for the project.

Experience in Cisco UCS C200 M2 Server.

vBlock up gradation such as VCenter server up gradation, ESXi, UCS blades

Serve as part of a team of network engineers responsible for network upgrade from Cisco Layer 3 Catalyst switches to Juniper Layer 3 EX4200 & EX3200 switches across multiple offices.

Design, implement and administer enterprise network infrastructure utilizing Juniper routers across locations.

Installed dual DS-3 SAN replication WAN with Riverbed Interceptors and 6050 Steelhead appliances to

optimize the traffic

Configuring rules and Maintaining Palo Alto Firewalls & Analysis of firewall logs using various tools

Experience in migration with both Checkpoint and Cisco ASA VPN.

Hands-on experience with converting Checkpoint VPN rules over to the Cisco ASA solution.

Configured, Monitored and Troubleshot Cisco's ASA Security appliances

Switching tasks include VTP, ISL/ 802.1q, IPSec and GRE Tunneling, VLANs, Ether Channel, Trunking, Port \Security, STP and RSTP.

Experience in installing and configuring DNS (BT Diamond), DHCP servers.

Replace branch hardware with new 3900 routers and 2960 switches.

Conversions to BGP WAN routing. Which will be to convert WAN routing from OSPF to BGP (OSPF is used

for local routing only) which involves new wan links.

Convert Branch WAN links from TDM circuits to MPLS and to convert encryption from IPSec/GRE to Get VPN.

Responsible for layer 2 securities which was implemented using a dedicated VLAN ID for all trunk ports,

Setting the user ports to non-trunking, deployed port security when possible for user ports

DesigningF5 solutions/support for migration work of applications and websites from Cisco CSS Load

Balancers to the F5 Big-IP Load Balancers.

Installed and Configured the F5 BIG-IP LTM, configured virtual servers and associate them with pools for

Internal web servers.

Involved in configuring Juniper SSG-140 and Check point firewall

Involved in the TACACS+ implementation.

Enabled STP attack mitigation (BPDU Guard, Root Guard), using MD5 authentication for VTP,

Disabling all unused ports and putting them in unused VLAN and ensuring DHCP attack prevention

Worked on configuration commissioning and upgradation of the MPLS circuits for various branch offices.

Knowledge of modifying and maintaining bluecoat proxy pac files

Managed LAN, WAN and bluecoat proxy servers

Added websites to the URL filtering blocklist in bluecoat proxies.

Responsible for leading and implementing IP network build-outs and provide Tier2/3 operational production support in a mixed Cisco Router/Switch/Wireless, Load balancer, Infoblox, Palo Alto Global Enterprise network.

Entered new network devices In Infoblox, reserved IP in DNS for UPS / Switches for deployment. Made DHCP and DNS changes through infoblox.

Configured DNS entries using Infoblox. Used Infoblox to create and manage newly created DHCP scopes.

Responsible for Enterprise DHCP Server (InfoBlox) and VPN, SSL, and Net Motion Accounts.

Citibank, Jersey City, NJ Oct 2013 – Dec 2014

Network Engineer


Implemented antivirus and web filtering on Juniper SRX 240 at the web server

Dealt with creating VIP (virtual servers), pools, nodes and applying I Rules for the virtual servers

Worked extensively in Configuring, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Cisco's ASA 5585 Security appliance

Configured cisco ASA 5510 firewall to establish logical separation between Legacy network & lab environment.

Performed network monitoring, troubleshooting, implementation and maintenance of juniper and checkpoint firewalls

Migrating the policy from cisco ASA firewalls into Palo-Alto & vice versa.

Implemented Zone Based firewall and Security Rules on the Palo Alto Firewalls

Regularly performed firewall audits around CheckPoint firewall solutions for customers.

Failover DMZ zoning & configuring VLANs/routing/NATing with the firewalls as per the design.

Modified internal infrastructure by adding switches to support server farms and added servers to existing

DMZ environments to support new and existing application platforms.

Experience with converting cisco catalyst 6500 switches to Cisco Nexus in the data Center environment

Associate. Responsible for design, installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN network infrastructure and security using Cisco and juniper routers

Implementation and Configuration (Profiles, I Rules) of F5 Big-IP LTM-3600 load balancers

Routine Administration (Design, Implementation & Operations support) of Citrix, BIG-IP and F5 load balancers

Provided Layer-3 redundancy by implementing HSRP and GLBP for High availability

Experience configuring VPC, VDC and ISSU software upgrade in Nexus 7010

Experience in Configuring, upgrading and verifying NX-OS operation system with OSPF, BGP

Troubleshooting of complex LAN/WAN infrastructure that include routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF & BGP, MPLS

Implemented Access lists and policy mapping on Juniper routers installed in each branch across all the locations.

Worked on external customer wireless network infrastructure

Supported day to day operational needs for customer infrastructure

Support pre-sales wireless network engineering activities

Leverage understanding of LAN/WAN technologies to support, design, and integrate complex wireless LANs

Worked with a team on planning, designing, configurations, deployments and support of LAN/WAN/WLAN infrastructure

Worked with VMware hypervisor and virtualization monitoring tools.

Participated in the evaluation of vendor hardware, software, and wireless communications products

Operational support and troubleshooting of production wireless network issues

Provided technical support case escalation for customer wireless infrastructure

Documentation of advanced enterprise wireless solutions and designs

Wireless design and validation, including RF site surveys of complex indoor and outdoor deployments

Supported internal wireless network infrastructure operational requirements

Maintaining Checkpoint security policies including NAT, VPN and Secure Remote access

Experience working with ASR 9000 series switches and routers with IOS-XR

Experience with deploying PIM Sparse-mode/Dense-mode multicasting in Campus locations.

Design, implement and administer enterprise network infrastructure utilizing Juniper routers across locations.

TMG Health, Jessup, PA Apr 2011 – Oct 2013

Network Engineer


Experience in software development using python scripting.

Experience in working with cisco ASA firewalls.

Implement Cisco IOS Firewall IDS using 2600 series router.

Configuring VLAN, Spanning tree, VSTP, SNMP on EX series switches.

Configured and debugged policy-based routing for special traffic, route filtering with route maps, route redistribution.

Configured VLAN Trucking 802.1Q, STP, and Port Security on Catalyst 6500 switches.

Performed OSPF, BGP routing protocol administration.

Worked on F5 load balancers and ASA firewalls.

Router memory & IOS upgrade with TFTP.

Network Assessment and Documentation (including technical, operational, and economic assessment).

Responsible for designing and implementation of customers network infrastructure.

Help negotiate hardware, software, and circuit contracts for customers.

Redesign customers office copper and fiber cable plant for scalability.

Build and maintain Visio documentations for Clients.

Was Responsible for service request tickets generated by the helpdesk in all phases such as troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, patches, fixes, and all around technical support.

Ensured network, system and data availability and integrity through preventative maintenance and upgrade.

Reliance Communications, Mumbai, India Aug 2009 – Mar 2011

Network Assistant


Support for new store rollout, circuit and wan installations.

Configured and supported multiple remote site installations.

IP Address management using IPAM.

Maintain and troubleshoot Hub and spoke frame relay with EIGRP.

Installation & configuration of ISDN BRI/PRI circuits.

Implement port security on Cisco switches.

Responsible for monitoring & operations of all data network related products and services.

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